Broken-Hearted Ones…

Broken-hearted ones, know that if they have passed it is only to another realm or dimension. They are still whole and real and alive in spirit. They are with you all the way, at all times. They are with you, loving you, helping you heal your heart. Sadness is only temporary. It will not last and you will be reunited and can be right now if you reach out and ask them for love. Love surrounds you in so many ways in all ways. Beloved who have had their hearts broken by the anguish of losing someone in the physical – Fear Not! All your loved ones, all your ancestors are full of love. Full of love for you. They are crystal light if you were to see them with the eyes you have. You feel them even if you don’t believe yourself. They are here! Full of love for you, for others. You are loved completely and fully. They love you, dear ones. They are here and you can reach out to them. They are here full of love. Dry your eyes and open your heart. The burden of separation will not keep you from them. Release it and let love come through. Let love come to you from them and take that love with all your heart because it is meant for you. There’s more, plenty more where that came from. You who are brokenhearted, feel their love to heal your heart. Love is meant for that and is boundless. Boundless love of those all around you.

Love is yours.

Love is all around you.

You are loved.

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