Let Go

Today I want to tell you a story. It’s a story about love. Love is everything. It is everywhere. You are loved more than you know. From before your birth this time. From before all your births. We go back with you to the infinite beginning and will be with you to the end. Even though there’s no end! End of this life maybe. But always with you. You have a long history and you don’t know it all because your carnal mind would be too overwhelmed with all of it. So that’s ok you don’t remember it all. Some say that because you can’t remember it, it must not be true, but you don’t remember when you were a baby or toddler mostly. Those times were preverbal. You think in language now, and so can’t remember or express what you remember when a baby. Same is true of other lives. What remains as memory is feeling. Feeling connects you to everything. Buddhists. Buddhism doesn’t disconnect you from feeling but allows you not to hang on to those feelings so you can have more experiences. Be sure that what I’m telling you is for you and for others. Others who are ready to hear. Each is on their own path and your path and their path is not the same. You want to save people, everybody, from suffering but it is not always helpful, for some have to experience suffering and pain to learn about themselves. Yes, saving others who have been hurt by other souls is what you do but sometimes that is their path and you cannot save them from their path. You see? You can offer kind words and solace and pray for them and help in ways you can, but you cannot save them from their path. Just as you cannot be saved from your path. Stop trying to be a saver or saviour. You are not meant for that. You decided to be something someone else this time. You want to make up for things you’ve done in your past. Long ago. Long past lives, but the past doesn’t exist, does it? No, not in the way you think. Only in feeling and feelings change. Let go of them. You see? Let go of the past, you cannot save them from themselves. Them Selves. They are on a path of learning just like you. It looks different because of choices. We all make choices. Well, all of you make choices. Spirit is spirit and we have always been and always will be, but we make different choices which is hard to explain right now. Take care of your health. No more processed foods. No more dairy. These are things you’ve told yourself but as you grow spiritually, you see they are becoming more important. Don’t let that food get in your way of growing. This body needs to last a lot longer. So take care of it. You don’t need pot or alcohol. You have meditation to help you. You already have proof, your tummy stomach is much better because you meditated and choose to follow the path you set out on for this life. You solar plexus, the center of your soul, your connection was hurting and now you can see how much better. Go all the way now and take care of your body, your tummy and other parts. Use your chakras to help you in your path, your journey. Use them as tools to your spirit. But they have to be clean, cleaner than they are now. You are worried about how to get to your job. Don’t worry so much about that. Worry gets you nowhere, you see? You are accused of worrying too much and it is true but not necessarily in the way you’ve been accused of. Let go. We will keep saying it to you. Let go. Let go. Let go. See that’s what worry is not – letting go. Worry, worry, worry is the opposite of letting go, letting flow. Flow will be what you are heading toward. Sure, share this idea because lots of people souls are caught up in worry. Let go. Let go. Let go. Don’t worry about [can’t read] for your job. Your work is inside you, not out then there. Today, concentrate on letting go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Flow like a river. Like the song that just came into your head. Let it flow like a river. Let your life flow. That’s your path, darling. You see we love you and want to offer what’s good, what’s best for you and when you open up to your life and ask us to help, we know, we can see where you’re hurting and what you need to feel our love. The love all around you. All the things we talk about are to help you feel love. Light pours in and light is the carrier wave of love. It is the translator. The translation of supreme boundless endless love. Your heart is a prism, a jewel, that reflects and refracts light. Light is love. You connect to Indra’s Net. You are part of Indra’s Net and you are the jewel that reflects all other jewels that reflect all jewels and all other jewels, and you also refract. You break the light down into the many colors that are white light and then pull all colors back into white light. You. You are doing that. It is too big for you to see it all at once right now because this life is too dense but when you finally let go of the body you are in, you’ll see it all, not just the fraction you grasp and try to translate into words. So much bigger. You’re going to enjoy it. You’ll really like it once it happens and for now you keep connecting to us, to Mother Earth, who loves you so much as do we. She gives you so much and she knows you are grateful for all She shares. We are all in this together. We are loving and being loved and helping each other. Write what you can for others. Not everything will be for them but what you put out there will resound for some, maybe even just one and maybe that one is you! That’s ok, that’s good. But also know that some of this is meant for others who happen upon it, who are looking for a sign and this writing will help them find their way on their own path. We are working together on this, so don’t lose hope that this helps someone. If no one else, it is for you, dearheart. For you, precious one, all our love. You are loved.

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