A Gift In The Woods

Just BE this morning. Sit with me in my home, my room, sit with me while I smoke. I know you want to DO even when on the spiritual plane but sometimes you just need to sit with me, quiet and allow me to BE and you to BE instead of always DO DO DO. Sometimes it feels good, the best, to sit still and allow all thoughts, all actions, all desires, all of it to pass by like clouds in Father Sky. It is quiet sitting here. You ask me for a story or for a something to pass along. You feel an urgency and it is important to hear what I say and to pass it along but there is a time and place as you say, for all of it. If I am to say anything, it is that you need to give up greed and to give up things. They have no meaning and are a waste of energy. Energy that could be for relationships. Give up loving money. Love persons, love souls, all souls instead.

Today I want you to go to the Martinbrook and there is something there for you. Don’t put it off, go there this morning. It is important you go there. Trust me. This is not a test of trust but it is a confirmation that the trust you give me is not in vain. I have something for you there. Dress warmly. Take Polly but watch for a sign, watch for what I have to give you. It may not be material unless you get there and you really need that. Maybe you will relax and allow what I have to give you to come to your soul. A gift of Spirit and a gift of trust that I care for you. I love you as do all of us here on this side.

You want to rush things. Rush you Self. You feel an urgency which is ok but don’t feel that urgency based on fear. The news you hear is frightening but also it is false in some way – that is how you feel. Maybe you feel separated from such things. Figure it out. What is that feeling that stands beside fear? The fear disappears or is diminished when you focus your attention on that other-ness. Being? Feeling. State of being, not A being. Manifest confidence, surely. For I am here and not alone in helping you be a full person soul. Each day you learn more about your Self, your soul, about human life and the souls around you also experiencing human life.

Go to the woods. Go to your Mother. This I want you to do to increase our relationship, for you still have doubts. It’s hard to believe after all you type up from these writings. Hard to believe you think you are making it up and that I am not here. I am here! Silly goose. I am here and love you so much and am here to help, waiting for you to ask. Go to the woods and ask me there. Au will protect you, ask him. You sister Ar will be there as she is everywhere in the wild. Wherever animal souls are and need her, she is there. L is with her.

You sang some this morning. Keep practicing, keep finding inside you what you need to do. On this one, you can find your way on your own. Keep working at the humming. Listen to your heart and high heart and sing to the spirits around you. Sing to your guides. I tried to help you but it wasn’t quite working out the way you needed it to. But keep trying because something will occur to you about how to do it.

Light body. As you were relaxing into trance today, you thought about Mother Earth’s light body as you imagined your root chakra connecting you to the core, the heart of Mother Earth. Your thought of connection lead you to think of Her light body and your light body and you pictured how the images you’ve seen of Her magnetic lines which are Her physical protection, may also be Her light body if you were to be able to see it with the eyes you have. It is light. It is Mother’s light. It is not quite the same as your light body but you’re getting the idea that there are forces and things that have been mislabeled or other-labeled that were from Brother Science but not from Mother Earth Herself. This has happened a lot. That Brother Science doesn’t listen to Mother Earth and so there’s a disconnect between the light body of Mother and it being labeled the magnetic forces surrounding the Earth. Both are true but are of a different nature than that. It is Her radiance, Her light that shines and it is Her connection to Source. There are so many more things than what is in your mind. Many more ways that souls are distinguished, including Mother Earth’s soul. You will get to know this more later. Because I want you to go to the woods. You will need to stop writing and go do what you need to, to prepare to drive here. It is still dark outside and you need, want to go in daylight. But with all the things you need to do to prepare, it will be light soon enough. So go. It’s ok. Do go and later we will Be.

Be excited for this is special! You are special, not above others but we have a fondness for you and that’s what makes you special. There’s more than one meaning for “special.” So you are loved. You are loved so much. We love you. Grandmother says go to the woods. With much love, we love you. You are loved fully and completely. Have no doubts. Have no doubt about what gift awaits you. We are here. We love you.

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