Hard Souls To Love

You thank me for the turkey feather. I know you love turkeys. To watch them in the wild, in the woods, along the edges of fields and you feel a kinship with them. Just like you do an unwanted or unwelcome vulture. Though you should know that not everyone hates vultures. There are many who love them as you do. Where else would that written information about them come from? You see? When you read something new or unusual like you did about vultures, you need to remember that there is a person behind the writing. A person who wanted or wants to express appreciation for who a turkey, or a vulture, or any other creature soul, is. To love them like others love the eagle, the bluebird, the cockatiel. It is all love. Love Love Love. I keep coming back to that to open your heart and to open the hearts of any who read this writing and are open to hearing it. Some souls will be activated by hearing about love of such souls as vultures. You see?

Every soul has a different activation point or points. I should say points because activation is not a one-and-done activity. It is ongoing, active, as in active-ation. So if they have an inkling of joy when they read about or see a creature not so well-liked by others, this may activate them and they then read even more or they attract those creatures to them and so they start to see them in their physical lives everywhere. If they like vultures, they look up in the sky and see them. Remember how you were driving with C on the back roads and in the road was a vulture? A huge bird. Not so pretty as a lyrebird or a cardinal but beautiful in its efficiency, in its fulfillment of its soul path. It does what some call the ugly work of removing the dead from roadways but they are more than that. They’re the sanitation workers of the wild. They release the elements by helping break up the physical bodies no longer used by souls and helping atoms release themselves from old bonds. Bonds of work for a certain soul. The vulture helps atoms and elements release. Release – it’s a big job but someone has to do it.

That’s the thing about animal souls, they don’t need to worry about whether they are walking their path. They just do it. They are not cursed with culture as are those in human bodies. They let it flow. Just flow. No conscious mess. Ha ha! consciousness – conscious mess! A little humor for you. I know you like puns. So back to fulfilling a path. Those souls occupying animal or “more than human” as Robin Wall Kimmerer has taught you, they have lessons too but they have agreed to be helpers for others. Helpers as asked. The vulture, your kitty Fae, Polly, Ruby, Uma, the dairy cows you see in the field or barn – they have agreed to play a role in helping other souls feel love. It is easy to see it when you live with cats and dogs, to feel their love and to love them. When you see cows or other farm animals, your love expands to include even more souls. Souls you don’t know intimately like you do your cats and dogs. Then your love extends even further to the wild and further to others, other souls who occupy human lives.

These are the hardest souls to love – at least for you in this lifetime – because you disagree with them. Not all, but those addicted to greed, you have a very difficult time loving them. But remember what you thought of yesterday on your walk – that no one thinks of themselves as a bad person, they only think the other person is bad. Which is what causes so many issues. Instead of seeing those “bad” people, see them as the same as you – a soul learning, sometimes struggling, only wanting love – you must see them as yourself. As one soul who is not yet done learning and makes mistakes and sometimes needs forgiveness. Well maybe not sometimes – maybe always needs forgiveness. As hard as it is to see how that “hated” politician is simply a soul who is in the midst of learning – like you – you need to feel that in your heart. It is an unpopular thing to feel and utter. To say it aloud brings a focus to you and you are still learning to be your own soul and to believe in your Self, in your intuition in hearing me and believing me.

Yesterday was not a test. It was a lesson for you, one that brings you closer to believing in your Self, in your abilities to hear me or other guides. A big step for you but also a big step, a big leap, in terms of shedding doubt and putting on a cloak of belief. The cloak of surety. You will need more steps, more learning, especially when other souls challenge you and or you are oversensitive to their criticism. You need to be stronger before it is not an issue for you, but you have helpers! You have me, Au, other guides and souls who will be there. You can use the power of flower. The power of flower essences. SR mentioned this and it will help you too. No, not a crutch. But the spirits who are in the flowers give their energy to you and when you get the flower essence from a good source, those souls have added their own energy to making it available to you. So look into that and get a flower essence or two.

Like yesterday, you can hear me and are thinking is she telling me or is it my ego? Would you let go of that? I hate being harsh with you but you need to be sure that you hear me. That it is me you are hearing. You already know that Mother Earth’s crystals, her stone children – Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite and Kyanite and the others – help you. You can feel the tingle in your hands as you hold Sodalite and Charoite. How is that not real? An indication of power, soul power mixed with spirit power. Be sure of that. Just as you can be sure that it is me telling you about flower essence. Ok. Good. Get some. Yes, maybe someday we will make our own but you are still a ways away from that kind of power, that kind of focus and it also may not be for you. Choices, remember, make the future.

You don’t want to talk about eating but you must deal with it. You are leaking energy when you eat without thinking. Without feeling what gifts Mother Earth has given for this physical body to remain yours in this lifetime. Be more feeling for all that has been given. It is time for you to stop and confront those feelings you are trying to swallow, to eat. You don’t like thinking about it because you have deep shame around eating. But it is another lesson. So let’s dig a little into this. Not now, you are saying, but at some point you will have to face what you are doing in this physical life that is a push back on a soul lesson. We will need to work with it. With that energy but we don’t have to do it right now. It is a lesson that is for this lifetime and one that also is carried over from other lifetimes. I bring this up because I can feel that you are hungry and want to stop. We have talked a lot today and you have learned a lesson from yesterday. So today, order a flower essence. Oversensitivity.

Love others with all your green and golden heart. You are loved by Mother Earth, by me, by guides and spirits all around you. There are so many! Love others as you are loved. Don’t walk their path but love them. Give all that glorious love energy you have to them. There’s plenty more to share. Love, Love, Love! All you need is Love! Abundant Love! We love you!

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