Ego, Schmego

The world is waking slowly like the opening of a lily – a water lily or lotus. The Buddhists, with their imagery of the lotus, were on to something. It is a flower of a thousand petals and they unfold softly, quietly, slowly, a certain precision and deliberateness without force. That is the world now. You see time and timing only from the brief density that you are in. We see it an an un-density happening, undoing the density that binds minds and souls get lost in what glory there is on Earth yet lose sight of each other and Mother Earth. The only planet you have. There is no planet B as the bumper sticker says.

So while some go with the theory that your DNA is changing [and it is], all souls will eventually come to their own theory just like they come to the “heaven” they bring up in their minds. Sometimes, like you, they take some time to use their imagination. Sometimes they go by what their cultural programming tells them. The culture tells them to choose a religion. The religion tells them to choose or to believe in the afterlife as chosen for them. Sure, there’s wiggle room in each of those pre-chosen religious “heavens” and some people souls will not say they want to deviate from a strict religion-chosen view, but most souls do. Whether early on in their lives, or later, or as they are at the in-between at the crossroads, they choose to feel their own soul’s belief, not that which was dictated to them.

For souls who believe in the idea that there is no return to Earth or to any other dense experience, then its likely they won’t return – their choice. But others who believe in the return of the soul to experience more of what this density is, they will come back and depending on what they choose, they may work on different issues or take a break, have a human life of “ease” although that’s relative. A soul in this density has no easy life, not compared to pure existence in Source. But some choose to see each life as “easy” when that soul goes with the flow and pays attention to lessons to learn and learns them. Because all lessons point back to Love.

Love is easy. Really! Love can flow easily when a soul chooses, so no matter the circumstances, a soul can choose to let go of ego and flow. Ego is still necessary because it helps a soul find direction and it keeps the body alive. But the amnesia sets in and the soul forgets that the ego is only a tool for learning. In your time it is like how some people souls feel that their phone is all, it is everything, it is their whole world, their life, and stop looking around them. The ego is like that phone. It is the only world by which some souls function. The ego doesn’t want lessons, it is only a tool.

Just like a hammer doesn’t need lessons to drive a nail. It is only a tool. At least according to ego itself! Ego don’t need no stinking badges; don’t need no stinking lessons! You are afraid that this reference might be racist and we apologize for that. Not to you but to anyone who has seen that movie and knows of what we speak [The Lost Treasure of the Sierra Madre]. It is simply a movie reference. We love you! We love you all! See? This is part of your awakening in this time. To see that reference as racist as you say, is to see that it hurts other souls when they identify with the people souls in a movie and then a phrase or term is used to denigrate, to find them less worthy. It is also an awakening that those who suffer from this stereotyping that they are able to – instead of shame – let that go and feel themselves as whole persons. Whole souls as they are. There is an awakening that banishes shame. That is, a soul has a clearer understanding that the shame they are told to feel is powerless over them. They let it go.

Ego holds on to shame. It collects it as if it were true. The ego holds on to every feeling put upon it and also gives out feelings to others. So if the ego is told and chooses to hear and believe it is shameful, it will hold onto shame. It may also place shame onto other souls. Such as a parent who feels shame. A parent’s ego has held onto it, continuing to generate it, and then pushing it on to the child. The ego of a child holds onto shame. You see? Ego is a tool not a person or soul. It is a useful tool for its rightful work but is is not a soul. It cannot love. Love is from the soul. A hammer cannot love pounding things [as far as we know], a person soul can love to pound things with a hammer. The hammer is only useful when used as the tool it is. An ego is only useful when used as the tool it is.

That is why as you awaken to the soul, you find Love everywhere, and you will be able to discern ego from soul. You can ask yourself – is what I am feeling or about to say or do – is it from love? Is it based on what my soul says or am I relying on a tool? On my ego? Just like a person soul is stuck believing all of life is in their phone, they must look up to see the world around them. To see Mother Earth and all Her children, to see souls, to see Love everywhere, for it is everywhere. When the person soul looks up from the ego, there’s a pause before there is a realization that ego is just a tool and that soul is who one is, who you are, who all persons on Earth are. Love is the energy that illuminates and animates souls, not ego. Put ego in the right place, make it a worthwhile tool, not life, not love, not Love. It is not soul.

Remember that when some other soul hurts you. The hurt may be coming from ego and not soul. At a soul level, you know that K loves you and C as souls. J loves you but her mind is not clear. So don’t let ego speak for you. Don’t let ego make the decision to be angry. That there may be other circumstances that affected K and her decision is still for you to find out. But even then, you must not use ego to see K as a soul worth Love and as loving. Don’t allow ego to pass judgement when not all is known. Use your love soul to soul, and be loving in your interactions with her, with J and with C who has been hurt the most. But again, it is ego not soul-based love. You cannot do much about it except to send C as much love as you can. You cannot walk her path but you can shower her with your love. So do so. Take time right now.

It is time to stop for now. We love you! We love you so so much, loved one! We love you!

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