Let Love Awaken

This morning you wanted to talk with me about the death of people souls who have difference in skin color. You watched a show last night that opened your heart even more to the great injustices, as you name them, to people humans souls who travel this world in dark skin. You felt the hurt you believe they feel and although the depth of your sense of that is not the depth of grief they experience, it triggered in you something you want to ask me. And so this morning, you asked Why? How? How could humans or souls do that to other souls? Do they not know how precious each soul is? How much love that soul has within them and all around them? This brings out anger in you because you cannot see any reasoning for it. You feel that some people have lost their minds, or gone over to some imagined “dark side.”

All human life is precious because the souls occupying those lives are who we all are. When a human soul does violence against another whether to inflict pain or to kill, it is beause that soul is experiencing what Lee Harris said is “soul amnesia.” It is true, the soul who commits violence and death has lost their hearts, not their minds. They have lost their connection to all other souls. You want to go with “white people need to stop white violence” and that is true. From a spiritual angle, when you as a soul allowed and allow violence to be perpetuated, you are showing your own amnesia. Your own disconnection to all other souls. The violence you saw on that show was real, not a drama. It is what souls who occupy bodies that are different colors than your white skin, what they experience for most of their lifetime experiences. Yes, when they die, the human body that is they, returns to Source and are released from the suffering. But while they occupy human bodies and while this overwhelming tendency toward soul amnesia exists, so will the suffering continue. You have thought about what one commentator said in the show that for souls in black or brown bodies, they try to find ways to stop or appease those who can and will do violence against them, at will, they are not in a position to stop violent ones. Yes, it may keep them safe in those bodies for a while but at any point we, you, your culture, the society in which you are living, experiencing life, at any point we can inflict pain, suffering, and death and on a cultural level, there are no repercussions. On a soul level, there are consequences for killing the human experience of a soul.

A little while ago you and I had a discussion about taking the lives of animal souls and how that is not right. The same is true for those souls in human bodies and no excuse can be made for taking life away from another soul. It is not right. No circumstances makes that so. No justification, no amount of showing otherwise that a soul “deserved” to have a human body taken away. Killing – murder – is not right. The soul who perpetrates such an act – you want to believe that they suffer as they return too – but I cannot tell you what happens to them but they are not judged as you world wants them to be. They do not suffer as you want them to. You, in your mind, because of the anger you feel, you want them to experience some kind of “hell.” Even though you understand that hell doesn’t exist. You want to return them to a state of suffering. That like deserves like. But it doesn’t happen that way.

This is why you, Susan, must work in this lifetime, in the human body you occupy to stop violence against other souls. It won’t be as simple as when you stopped using dairy products or eating meat. But it does have the same roots – the belief that no life can be taken from a soul. For it not only causes more suffering in those souls who remain in human form or in animal form, but it breaks the continuity of life. It damages the energy of the world. Violence puts a dent in life and although life does continue because Love is stronger, it doesn’t allow for forward progress. It keeps souls from reaching full potential, both for those harmed and for those doing the harming.

The soul amnesia, we, you, all, experience is at the root of this violence and you as a soul are awakening from your soul amnesia and now have responsibility to use your talents and the gifts from Source and Spirit given to you, to awaken other souls. That is what your purpose in this lifetime includes. You are to help awaken other souls, to pull them from their amnesia of the soul. So they can see that on their path there is no place for violence, for hatred, for they only harm themselves because we are one. We are all together. We are all of Source. We are all the same at that level.

That is not to imply that we are all expressing our souls as one without difference, without consciousness. We are not the Borg, not one mind, but we are souls and made of love. You must work with that knowledge. It is your soul responsibility to make the realization happen. You are not doing this alone. Marianne Williamson, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, MLK Jr., Green Tara, Quan Yin and so so so many more souls carnate and incarnate are needed and can be of help in waking others from their walking amnesia. Violence can end and you may not witness it in your current lifetime but as the Earth is birthed anew, more souls will awaken and recognize that they are experiencing life as a soul and that there is no separation at a soul level and that this should also be true at a human experience level.

Even in all your imaginings, you may not come close to what life on Mother Earth will be like when the majority of souls sawken. The energy of love will be something to experience. You desire more human lifetimes so you can be part of this new time on Mother Earth but no matter where you are as a soul – carnate or incarnate – you will experience the Love. It will happen. It is assured. But until that new world, your job as a soul undertaking your own awakening is to bring along other souls so they also awaken. And in awakening , they see through their soul eyes instead of their limited ego eyes. Understanding them Selves better, they will turn to love and if not love right away, then the intermediate step of contemplation before acting. This will be accomplished by reflecting on where the anger comes from inside them and to see that anger will harden into hate.

Even though it is unrealistic or irrational, hate exists. Only at the soul level can such feeling or feelings be faced and then energy dissolved, turned over to Mother Earth for transmutation. This will happen, this will come about. But in your moment as an awakening soul, as one coming into remembering your vows, your purpose, what you set out to do, this is your mission, your task – stop violence by souls against other souls. Stop violence of souls against other souls! You have the love and the power inside you and must not be afraid to let it out. You feel overwhelmed with the thought of doing it. But remember that you do not do this alone. There are other awakened and awakening souls who also have given themselves the responsibility to stop violence and use love to change the world. To bring about the new world. You know them when you hear them, read of them, believe in the souls they channel, feel them. You and they are all part of the great Net of Indra.

You imagined earlier, you visualized how Indra’s Net was drawn tighter, closer around Mother Earth, that the connections between all souls grew more numerous, the bonds stronger. Keep that image in your thoughts and meditations for it needs to happen. The Net needs to have more awakened souls as connectors and it is vital that the Net be drawn closer. Picture in your mind and heart how the glowing light of connections increasing and becoming more brilliant with love energy. New connections springing up all over.

This will be a dark winter. A dark winter for many. It will be difficult. It will mean suffering but you must continue to believe in the birth of the new world. A change in your country’s politics will not “fix” things. There is no going back, you cannot go backward to some perceived better time. There is no past and there is no future. There is only here and now. You are captive of the here and now. This is the density of which you are a part. Your experience is here now, as it is the experience of every other soul. The winter will be dark and for some it will bring on contemplation that will allow them to choose awakening. For others, it will bring in more fear. You must resist the fear inside you now dormant because you feel safe, but it is still there.

The dark winter can be a blessing as you know. Not everyone will have that experience. Some will seek greater violence as a way to try to control their world but they will not be in control for very long. I cannot say when things change for it is up to the awakened ones to make choices that change things. Just as you as a soul see your responsibility to all other souls, that was a choice you made before birth this time and now that you are seeing your Self as a soul and continuing to learn, which is continuing to awaken, you know and feel in your heart that you must speak out against violence. That you must use your talents and power to put love energy into the world, to uncover Love as tons of hate and other energies have been piled upon it.

Uncover love. Give love away. Give love to other souls not just those souls who you feel closest to, but to all souls. The Love you give to others, to other souls, is an energy they can use to wake up. It’s like caffeine or – remember the nodules of love-fixing bacteria that you imagine? Send out those nodules! Send them out to the men and women souls in the “police academy” so that they see that violence harms all souls. So that they experience peace and love. You are thinking once again how this sounds hokey but it is not. You will need some convincing but I ask that you trust me.

Send out your nodules of love to those young souls who are thinking of law enforcement as a career and send the message that violence has no place. Send nodules of love to those making laws, turn their heads away from staring at the flame of greed. Turn their heads toward love. The belief you hold in the energy of love, the possibilities you imagine for peace and love, all are real. When you imagine love, you bring it into the world. It is you who needs to see it in your heart and mind’s eye, make love happen. Make love happen. You have that power. You are capable of bringing more love into this world.

And you are smart, clever and can think and feel your way into how you will best do this. It is your mission, your soul mission, to bring love into this world that so desperately needs it. Rebalance the world. All souls are depending on it including Mother Earth. You must think of all souls no matter their outward human bodies. You must feel love for them. This will come easily for those who you feel close to and those who agree with you but for those who don’t agree, for those filled with hate and violence, this will be more difficult task. But not impossible!

Show love. Show love to all souls. This is a lesson for you. This is a task, a challenge, but you are Love in bodily form. Your soul is pure love. All other souls are pure love, no matter how much crap is piled on top of it, no matter the seemingly impenetrable crust of hate and fear, under it all is a soul of pure love. Love that soul. It will sound hokey to some others but you know and feel it strongly in your heart that, at a spiritual level, this is what you must do. Love all souls easy or hard as it will be for you.

You must put Love out in the world. You must challenge other souls who give in to their own fear and hate and remind them of love. You will figure out how to do this. But don’t be afraid to do it. It is necessary and urgent. Urgent in the sense that you can’t put it off until you feel “ready,” until you have “perfected” it. You must take the leap as you have done so often, well, maybe not SO often, but as you have done before – put love out there. Put love out there. Put love out there.

Time to stop writing. Meditate throughout your day on love. Send that energy into the world and beyond. Join other souls and spirits all around you in putting love out there. Believe in your ability when joined with others, will make this happen. Imagine your love energy combining with all other souls who are also putting out love energy and see how light travels along Indra’s Net, see how it runs like electricity along the lines from soul to soul! You are part of a giant family of souls doing this work. You feel them and they feel you. You are love and so are they. You are love. We love you as a soul awakening. As a soul capable of this work. We are here to help you. To back you up. To give you the push to do the work. We share our wisdom and our love. This is our gift, a gift to you that was given to us. Love.

Let love be the ruler of our hearts, to measure how we are doing. Let love. Be love. You are loved!

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