The Circle of Grandmothers

Today I took you from the farm to the cave of the grandmothers. It was time to meet all of them, for it is time to write and learn of the Sacred Feminine that arises now. You saw before you the women of the circle although their faces were not clear to you in the dim light of the cave and the fire. These are the women of the circle – the sacred circle – who bring power to the feminine on earth right now.

You also have the 13 grandmothers who represent the feminine power in human form and now you are in the company of the other grandmothers who have existed since time began, who have seen their power hidden under a bushel. Who now rise to release the light, to release the Yin, to rebalance the world.

Brother Fire keeps them warm but it is the sisters who speak, the ones gathered around the fire are the ones who will be there to help the souls now present, and all the guides and spirits, to bring forth the Sacred Feminine – the needed element, the needed power to reset the balance. It is time now, for Mother Earth – Pachamama – is beginning labor, feeling pains of birthing. The new balance of the way of things is beginning. The contractions have started.

You and so many other awakened souls are the midwives of this new era, this new world, this rebalancing of the order of things. There will be much resistance and you, in this lifetime, will only see a glimpse. It will take time in your earth terms to complete the birth. Mother Earth’s life depends on what you give of yourself to help Her bring forth new life, balanced life, you and so many others.

In your mind, you carry this image of just a few others but that is not quite right. Expand your perception of how many souls are with you and you with them. Can you imagine ten? Can you imagine what one hundred of you looks like? Can you imagine a thousand? One hundred thousand? One million souls? More? This is now how many souls are working toward the same goal.

But it still takes you effort to awaken other souls. Time for you to put it out there in much greater ways. We will help. Do not be afraid. Do not dismiss this task. It is real as are we. This is the sacred fire you have been brought to. You see the grandmothers gathered here. We have all been where you are and chose to be more, to work the power we have. Just as you will learn to use your power to help rebalance the world. This work is the most important you will do in this lifetime.

You have done some of this work in other lives and that is why you have an affinity for it and – this is all said with love – for you, you need a bit of a push. Not a hard push but one filled with belief in you and what you are able to accomplish. It is not for the weak, this work, that is why you are chosen. Because no matter what you’ve told yourself for so long, you have power to put forth. Power to rebalance what has gone out of balance.

You are fearful that this power will go to your head as you would say, that ego will take over. But that is simply your excuse not to do the work. Your fear and doubt are still holding you back. Know you will not be alone. Why do you think you were brought here to the sacred fire? To see the grandmothers sitting around? If your ego tries to take over the power, we will be present to remind you that you are doing sacred work, the work you set out to do, the promise you made for this time, for this life.

You were brought into this time because your soul is at a point where you can use your power to add to that of others and together, along with us, we will all birth – midwife – all of us, a new world of balanced energies. There is no turning back, the labor pains are real. This is no false labor, the day of reckoning will be upon us. That sounds like something you heard on TV or read or somehow have it in your head – reckoning – is used to strike fear into into many people souls, their hearts, but reckoning could mean the day of turning towards something new when the old no longer works, no longer fits. Look it up. See what reckoning means. You’ll find a deeper meaning than what you have experienced others saying. For instead of using it to bring about unity, it has been used to subdue the spirit and souls. It has been used to control, to have power over. But no more. The wheel turns and the cart moves on the wheel and power is given back to souls. Souls are awakening to power, power of love, power of Source – that which we hold in common. Right now that power is to be used to help Mother Earth to birth a New World.

Mother Earth is rising in her own power, her own consciousness, and the world upon Her is going to change. Souls will see how their power can help all go beyond the threat of destruction and annihilation to a new world and our place on Mother Earth where we are in unity and harmony with Her. Your mind takes you to a place where this idea is found to be hokey, foo-foo, new-agey, and whatever pejorative term has been used to dismiss it. But if you believe – and you must work to overcome your programming to do this – then the words balance, harmony, New World, together, love, will ring true not only for you but for all souls. You must not shy away from those words, you must take back their sacredness, take back the power they hold.

Don’t shy away from this work. You are a writer, a worder, a soul who is tasked by your Self with seeing these words with new eyes. Reclaiming old meanings and adding new ones. This is your job. Your bigger, more important job. This is the work of your life and it is the work you do with us and with souls now carnate on Mother Earth. It is the work of Mother Herself.

We are all working on this. We are all working on this together. We are all together. We are all in this together, to balance the world power or energy. To balance. Not for Yin to take over, although many will feel that way and resist. They feel that to have balance is to have Yang diminished, but this is not true. It only feels that Yang is diminished because Yin has been suppressed for so long. To have balance will upset some people souls. They will resist but just like a child cannot stay in the womb forever and so cannot resist the birth, these souls will be forced to leave the womb.

Force is a strong word but it does show that those souls resisting now will not be able to resist forever. Balance is the nature of the Universe, of Mother Earth Herself and so balance will come about. It may not be complete in your current lifetime but you help set in motion the action of rebalance, you and others like you, like us, for although you see a circle of grandmothers sitting around this fire, we are not alone. Behind us, around us, are all the spirits and other guides in this with us. As well as all the souls who are waiting to be guides, souls in training, or for whatever learning they need to do outside of being carnate.

There’s a lot of work for all souls to do around here, too. No one is complete or if they are complete, they return completely to Source. This is hard for you to grasp at the moment but it is true. The work is always upon us and that is good because we need each other. We need all those who have learned different lessons to help us through our own lessons. Just like I am helping you. The stories I share, the home I show you – all of these images, soul experiences, and flights of your soul – these are all part of what I experienced or am experiencing and I share with you because you have opened yourself to me. I am your guide and I am relying on you to do your part as a learner.

So take what I say as truth and follow my instructions when they are needed. At times I know I sound harsh but for you this is how you hear best. You know how deeply you are loved but you sometimes put off what needs to be done. You know that about yourself so having me to push you a little harder is what you need. So that’s what I do. I will never push you harder than what I believe you could do, but I believe you can do it. That is another reason why you are with C. She also pushes you sometimes when she sees you are fearful but can do it. She is like me that way. She sees the potential in you as do I. She sees how you are your own enemy when it comes to doing something important and this is what I am here to do a spiritual level. You need us to reassure you that you can do what you set out to do.

You also have all the women gathered here around this campfire, around Brother Fire – not to worship Brother Fire – but to be with each other and be supported by Brother Fire. They have power and they share it with you. You tell their story or reclaim the stories written about them. Loose the power of story and you will reach so many souls.

You have a fear, just a small one, that putting out your vulnerabilities online in your writing will make you less powerful but the opposite is true. For laying out what you feel, where you’ve been in your life, what things you have done wrong but also what you have done to help others, is important to their understanding. For in your truth-telling about you, others will see themselves or they will be awakened to their own experiences in their lives and this will help them overcome the shadows of shame and guilt. So far you have not spoken of all your shame but you have spoken of some. You may be telling more in the future if it will help others. I will guide you. I promise to guide you and to be there for any repercussions in the world and life you live. But even if you purge those memories and experiences, you are still loved completely and fully. Always remember that. Always put yourself in touch with our love because it is always there.

One other thing, give credit to other souls who have put out work that has activated and inspired you. Together in this, right? And when you name those who have helped spark something in you, it gives other souls resources to turn to their path. Can you name a few for others? I see you have some in your mind – Kyle Gray, Colette Baron Reid, Bracha Goldsmith, Jane Yolen, Mike Dooley, and the woman who channels. Last name of Bacon. You can add names as you recall them. Make a list somewhere for others.

It is approaching time to stop. You’ve had a great leap today and you feel the pull of it on your solar plexus. This is no accident or coincidence. It is something that your physical body feels when the spirit is pulled into conjunction with other souls and spirits. It is the activation of a new level in you. The will is the action center. The solar plexus is the center of the will – Will power – power of will. That is why you felt such a strong pull. Yes! You are paying attention to the spiritual side of your life and feel it on the physical level.

You have also felt energy course through you when surrounded by those other souls who are your sisters. You thought you were having a-fib but so many times you have experienced a-fib and they could find no reason for it. It is because it is energy-centered not physical. It was your soul speaking, your higher self that was shouting. All those tests and nothing as to the cause. Hmm. Makes you wonder. But wonder no longer, for when there is no physical manifestation, it is spiritual. Your higher self, your soul, has been speaking to you for a long time and there were times with higher self resorted to shouting and your physical heart responded to your heart chakra being “boinged” as if it were being struck like a bell, to ring, to vibrate so you would wake up. Wake up!

You’re not ready to let go of taking the medication because your fear has built up. Maybe someday but not now. Look to spiritual causes for those physical issues which seem to have no physical origins. Brother Science is pretty good at “fixing” physical or carnate life but not so much – yet! – of matching spirit with body causes or life. That will happen and your work now will contribute to that.

So be happy because your work will make that happen! Not you alone but you with so many others. This is good. This is fantastic. Take pride, if you will, in knowing you helped others in this way. You won’t see it in this lifetime but you will benefit from it when you return for another round. That much I can tell you will happen. Be happy for yourself!

You have more work to do and so let’s stop for today. Put time into typing and getting your work out there. We will work on getting people souls to read it and for some it will be the activation they need. So keep at it! You are growing so much and we love you. We are so happy for you for discovering your soul purpose, for walking your path, you are doing good, great! Keep it up. Know we are here, know that the circle of grandmothers trusts you and is looking forward to telling you stories to share with others. There’s lots to be talked about! We love you! We love you so much!

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