Grandmother Tiri’s Story Leads to Other Things

This is the story of Grandmother Tiri. She’s not like the physical-bodied grandmothers. She was a nun in a very early time of our recorded history. She had no children but she cared for the other nuns, especially the younger ones, as if she were their mother or grandmother. They lived together for protection and to have quiet time to reflect and pray without the distraction, the worry, the needs of children. Were they christians like the way you think of christians now? No. They were open to other ideas, other ways of being in touch with a higher power, higher self, and they always practiced the contemplation of the heart.

They believed that there was a person named Jesus but he was much bigger than what was written about him. Remember that the written lines have been interpretations of events. Each person who witnessed an event or wrote about it thereafter, filtered the actual event, the energy of the event from his or her perspective. Perspective is a filter or filters that develop and some are ingrained over a lifetime. So it was when those who witnessed the energy in the body of the one named Jesus. Jesus is a job title as much as an embodiment.

We too are embodiments of energy, of light. Our Light bodies shine brightly, beyond the physical dimensions of our bodies, earthy bodies. We are light. We are Light. Light of Source, of Universe, of Love. So were all the souls who were in that time of opening and awakening around the Loving One. He was not the only loving soul at that time but he got a lot of attention! He activated many around him just by his words and the energy he shared.

Others, upon being activated by him, were inspired, their energy vibrating at a higher frequency and this is how things got going at that time. Others were also activators and for anyone open to it at that time, including you, were given a gift of energy and this energy vibrated in one’s body so that love Love love could be shared and spread throughout the world as it was known at that time. But Love was in the world in many places during that time. It was just that in physical form, souls were separated by physical density. You know it as cultures who weren’t in touch with each other because they believed the physical world was all there was when it came to making contact with others.

But, you ask, how did some souls know that there might exist other people souls? They felt it by which we mean they connected to the higher self or Source, which many could not name by any other name than that known as god. Other names too, but the point is that they felt it and when they encountered other people souls they were frustrated at trying to transfer that loving energy to others. There were big language and cultural barriers. Just like you have now. When they could not get another group to understand the light and love and activation of energy, they turned to ritual.

Ritual became the thing because they believed repetition would be the way to get those other souls to think the way they did. Soon the love and light got buried under ritual and then egos stepped in, taking power from people souls – even those who felt loving presence around them, who believed in other dimensions (which have always been present). But, again, the ego, afraid of freedom of spirit, put the kibosh on any attempt to get to the light and the love buried in ritual.

Today, in your time, many souls are finding that buried treasure and are liberating that energy from smothering ritual. The move toward welcoming all thoughts of how to love are ways that light shines now. More like the way that souls were activated at the time of the soul in the body of the man with the title of Jesus. He was light but so are we, so are all of you. There is nothing that is not light. Light is a vibration and what Brother Science has shown us is that vibration is the signature of energy.

Vibrations can be low to high, in the words of your language, but don’t confuse this with some false hierarchy – higher-archy – all must be present for one to know what is what, to discern low vibration, it must be compared to high vibration, right? So why “should” all souls try to achieve high vibration? Think of it more as expanding your repertoire of vibrations. Just like a singer exercises her vocal chords to make them stronger and to stretch so that the sound range is greater, so too when you as a soul reach for higher vibrations, you expand your range.

It does not mean you lose the “lower” range, but you expand possibilities of singing in different vibrations – think of it as octaves if you like. You increase the octaves in which you can sing. You start out with the vibration you set yourself to have when entering this lifetime. For some souls maybe they explore the lower range of vibrations and that’s all they do when in a particular lifetime. Some souls already know the lower vibrations and what they want to do is increase their knowledge, their range of octaves. So they spend time seeing what the higher vibrations do for them.

This doesn’t seem to answer the question you have about why all souls would want to go to the higher frequency. The higher frequencies have more souls, more vibrations. The more souls a soul encounters, the more vibrations come into harmony and this is the achievement all are going for – harmony. You still don’t understand so let’s revisit it at another time. For now know that you, all souls, seek to increase their range of frequencies or vibrations that are produced from the energy of soul source. Source of all souls, of all light, it is Love.

Choice – the (or one) answer to your question. To create harmony, some souls will choose a lower frequency or vibration in order to provide that sound to the overall harmony, but another soul could instead choose a different vibration or frequency as long as that soul has “stretched” and reached that higher vibration. Like singing – if a soul has only sung in the lowest range, when it comes time to raise the pitch of the harmony to a higher frequency or vibration, that soul may not be able to participate or to give their energy to the harmony because they haven’t practiced reaching that higher note, the higher frequency. On the other hand, a soul that has known lower frequencies and stretched to higher frequencies can sing more notes, can sing more because they can go high and low, having experienced a greater range.

Does that make sense? Some things you will need to visit again and again from different angles, both from your mind and from your heart. Some of what you are experiencing is a desire to use language to explain something that is new to you and may be to other souls. But keep listening to us and we will continue to offer analogies so you can find a handhold and grasp the greater meaning. Remember though, that the real, true understanding will be when it is lodged in your heart.

You are wanting to stop for a while and we understand your needs. Hunger, thirst, the need for time to contemplate what we’ve told you, a need to integrate this with knowledge coming from other souls at other vibrations. You are headed toward freedom! Liberation beyond the confines of your mind and imagination and from the chains of your culture. More to come…

The grandmothers pat Mother Earth as they sit in their council circle. Tiri the Nun stepped forward but her story became a much larger lesson, so who knows if that is all she wants to say. Maybe she’ll come back to you to say more. Until you write for us again, we love you. We know that many things weigh on your mind but we see that you are learning a new “trick” – a new method by which to return to your heart – to stop and say “May this be for the highest good for all (or of all).” This will be a good practice for you. Keep it up. Keep your heart open and listen. Do not fear or doubt. No fear, for Au protects you, along with a number of other angels and loving spirits. Mother Earth loves you. We love you. Isn’t Earth School fun? You are a good student. We love you!

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