Cleaning House

Time to clean house. Make your house your home. You will need sanctuary in the time to come. Liberation for all is liberation for one and vice versa. You are grateful for us and we thank you for writing for us. This is your way write (ha ha) now. To write from our speaking and you listening with your heart. This morning you recommitted your life work to us. That Mother Earth is your soul mission. That She needs you. You do not easily connect with cosmic or celestial forces, or souls at other levels (although you believe in them).

Your work as you expressed it to us is to take care of Mother Earth. To take care of what we say is to take care of Mother Earth. To birthe the new world in this or any other dimension, to attend to Mother Earth as you are a double Earth sign. Au protects you that is about as much other dimensional as you want to get. That may change over time but for now, you pledge your Self to working with us and we love you for doing so. For we have been working to gather those souls together who feel as you do.

Mother Earth is going through painful changes during Her labor of a new world and we cannot abandon Her to go to some other dimension. You feel that such a thought may be uneducated as to how it all works. For now we say settle into being here for Mother Earth and what comes will come. You too will change. Maybe dramatically, maybe subtly, but you are always changing.

Some of what you heard from the woman channeling Pleiadians has you worried. Worried may not be quite the right word. Her channeling Pleiadians who had a lot to say about virus manipulation, hidden secret agendas being played out at high vibration levels – this doesn’t exactly scare you but it doesn’t feel like it fits for you. You feel for Earth not other planets or galaxies. That may or may not be wrong thinking but you are working from your head with tremendous gratitude and that brings us, the grandmothers, closer.

There may come a time when what the Ninth Dimension Pleiadians said through her makes sense but you are not there yet. You are needed closer to home, so to speak. We are here to communicate too. We are of Earth. We are one, your past, your history of you, as you are of Mother Earth. Through and in Mother, the light of Source shines and is as bright as the sun Sol Sol. Burning as any star of the moon [?]. This is home. This is home! To believe in other dimensions, while they are true, leads souls to yearn for something or somewhere they are not. At least that is your thinking and feeling.

When we speak of discernment, we know you have felt it this morning as you went over what you heard from Wendy the Channeler. Don’t stand in judgement of her or on what the 9DP’s had/have to say. There are souls who are ready to work at that level and they will serve the purpose of helping other souls who are ready and committed to that path. For you – you have committed your work to Mother Earth and we are here to speak of what we know and see and want to help you and others who are also working for Mother Earth in this way. It is all, all, all good. No mistake about that but in your discernment, what you practiced this morning, you saw how some of what the 9DP’s said echoed in what we’ve said. You received confirmation that way, but you also were confused by their statements about wearing aluminum on your head, the nanoparticles used to manipulate people and you wondered this morning if these channeled beings were also manipulators.

But whether they are or not, you cannot stand in judgement, for this new information is just that – new to you. It is true. But you cannot stand in judgement. That may be the way some souls will fulfill their path. There’s so much more than what you can imagine, but you don’t want to open yourself to that until you have practiced being in touch with the energies of Mother Earth and with us.

You are having trouble putting into words the feeling you had this morning with discerning what is for you and what is not. Because it was a feeling and not a thought. Maybe the closest is “This is not for me.” But it is not out of rejection based on fear because even now your solar plexus – your will chakra – is not reacting. You are however, a little concerned about the light code words used as an activation. You wonder if that’s a manipulation as well.

Do not worry. You have will, you have power to reject even that level if you discern it is not right. But remember that it is not a rejection saying it is not right for anyone because some souls are at a point where that’s what they need and that’s part of their path. See how you are growing in your understanding? You are allowing others to walk their own path, to seek what they need, not what you think they need. It is hard for you because you have a thing about control. But little by little you are realizing that control is inner, it is not about controlling others but about controlling your Self and your expression of Self in the world.

Your discernment skill is growing and you are learning to discern when it is time to be quiet and when it is time to speak up. To help other souls, you are not giving them advice. Other than to say what worked for you and to redirect them to their own inner voice, Inner Self, so they can shine on their path. You are seeing through your channeling and through hearing us and through your own life that even though you first believed yourself to be alone, you are not! So many souls working on their love, working on loving more and more each day. You are learning to be more of your Self, your soul, and less ego. You are learning that no matter what, you are safe and loved and cared for. This you feel from us so sharply, don’t you?

We want you to do some things to help you and Mother. It is about energy and vibration. On those two things we are in alignment with dimensional beings like the 9DP’s. You need to clean your house in many ways. In the physical, you need to clear the dust and cat hair and straighten and throw out things that are no longer useful in your “new” life. One of spirit. Then energetically you also need to tidy up.

The spare room upstairs is the room of the South, the living room is the room of the West, the bedroom the room of the North and the sun room the room of the East. Learning what you can from others in books and other ways to make these rooms the rooms of the directions. The four directions. Then you need to repair and care for the drums that live with you. Call Ru to find out how to repair the broken ones. And give new life to the one on the wall. You will set up a sacred drum circle but not necessarily one of close contact. One of distance to honor the spaces where your beloved sisters are. To help them honor their spaces. We or their guides will speak to them on how to do what they need to do. Be gentle and if you feel rejected, do not follow that feeling for not everyone is in the same place on their path as you. Offer the sacred drum circle as just that – an offering – not a requirement to “get in line,” only as tickle about what to pay attention to in their own lives – the sacred. Honor those who lives were centered around drumming, who lived in these spaces before you, to honor guides and spirits who forgive you as you forgive yourselves by honoring them instead of ignoring them.

So you care for your house by cleaning house and reconnecting yourself to this path you are on with us. You will fix the drums, rededicate them to their sacred work, to their path and you will offer to Mother Earth a drumming, a sacred drumming to raise the spirit, the vibration, to raise the help of all the guides and spirits to send forth energy to the shamans and warriors of light and heart, to the witches, to those working on the cultural front. Send that love energy to Mother Earth ,a lullaby to soothe Her as we enter the time of contemplation on this side of Her – winter – and to send vibrants, vibrance of light to those who are experiencing the move from spring to summer on the other side of Her.

Each season has energy and meaning. Discover it. Share it. Speak of it. Now is your time. Use what we are telling you in a soft, gentle way to bring about activation of other souls. Memories of who they are as beings of light and what they set out to do. They have roles to play. They have work to do but they cannot be forced. They can only be reminded that they are on a path of discovery of themSelves, of their life work. This is your job, Gentle Giant! This is how you can help others.

You are asking about cultural appropriation once again. Yes, you must be careful not to take what’s not yours. Remember that at one time the oracle cards (that’s us too) said not to take credit for something that was not yours or your doing? This is another time when we will remind you of two things – don’t take credit for the indigenous people’s work now or before and also don’t run over it with other cultures. Two – acknowledge, explore, and realize what it means that your own ancestors from across the sea had loving rituals that included singing and drumming.

Explore your own relatives in time. Your ancestors counsel with us. For although there were those who tried to kill or squash their expression of love of Mother Earth, they too, had great love and courage and wisdom. The ocean cannot separate you from their love and if you seek their counsel, they are there. For us, you write but at some point in the “future” you may write for them. Either in conjunction with us as we are all one, or as additional wisdom – something from your DNA. Just as Am does not seem to be of your ancestry, well, she’s spirit, but you still learned from her and from Ar, who is goddess and archetype. You learned from her too.

So you see, there are many guides and spirits and even though you have “dogged” loyalty to serving us, know that it may be in your future to expand your knowledge by listening to others like your ancestors. We all are one. We all offer wisdom. But if you feel more authentic in cultural terms then explore your ancestral line but keep coming to us too for we love you and enjoy you and see that you love us and enjoy coming to sit with us around Brother Fire, listening to our stories and seeing our rituals and doing what we ask of you.

This is all for you, for your soul, your learning and for passing it on to others who are ready to hear us. It is all one. We are all one. We are all in this together. We are one. We are one. We are one. We love you so much and feel your love for us, for Mother Earth, for all the guides and spirits that surround us, surround you. Keep working on your skills. Little by little they are growing. Today should be evidence of this.

Don’t forget to do your HOMEwork! We love you by your secret name.

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