Love is the Singularity; Paradox the Portal

Love is the Singularity (spirit + science).

Love is the Singularity. It is the Paradox. It is the discovery Brother Science is on the verge of making. We must remember that collectively, the group or species of scientists as a whole are growing. They are on the verge of Spirit Science. There are many who feel in their hearts that the Singularity, the Source of all of Life, of the Universe will be Love once discovered. They dare not utter it too loudly because Science is often the captive of Greed, but there are those daring fearless souls who are both spirit seekers and scientists, who see where Brother Science could grow and become whole – that is to acknowledge that the single, unifying “theory of everything” is Love.

This realization will come in time. When enough scientists see over and over the patterns of life as a single song being sung. As the theory of unification as proposed by science becomes one with the belief, feeling of Oneness that is Love. The Universe is Love. The universe is Love. This will be the unifying theory to which all scientists will strive, will work to uncover. Pattern will be the inroad to that enlightenment. For others, who are not scientists, there will be other roads they take but it will still be patterns. Patterns of life that lead them to Love. Love will lead them to love, and love will lead them to Love.

This is why Einstein was so close but could not get others to work on it with him. He believed in a unifying theory, a singularity, but he also believed in a force or being beyond humanness. His name for it was as he was taught – he called it god or God as the christians want to see or say. But even that, like his theory, was limited compared to what his heart-mind was telling him. He felt the unification of all things but like so much of the larger workings of the Universe, he was not always able to express it in the same way he felt it.

This is true for you as you write and meditate. That the boundlessness of Love is hard to reduce to words. His [Einstein’s] theories came with difficulty in expressing it in language. Even the language of mathematics had limitations even though it comes to closest to revealing the patterns of Love. His mind was advanced so he could have worked on the science of anything. Why did he choose to consider time and space? Because all souls yearn to that. That which is on the other side of time and space. The infinite, the unbound, the spirit.

But of course language – whether spoken German, English, or whatever – or the language of mathematics – all was, is limited. So the cost of binding the infinite in the finite is a loss of meaning. Paradox is the only portal by which the true nature of the Universe and universe can be seen and realized.

Paradox is the portal.

That is why to name the Singularity, the unifying theory, is to name [ ] All. Love is the Singularity and Love is all of us – souls, spirits, Ascendants, and what other vibratory beings exist in the All – Love is all “singles,” all individuals, as souls but also all expressions of the One. That is why you believe that the soul retains consciousness within The Whole, within the One Love and yet is of the Whole. We are expressions of Love and return as expressions of Love to the All. The All is Love. Love is all souls, all vibrations. You are having difficulty wrapping your mind around words to express what we are saying, what we are explaining. Perhaps it would be better to move on and come back to this at some other point. That is what you ask of us and we say Yes.

The Ascendants. We choose to name those who have increased their understanding of spirit and have moved to a different vibration as the Ascendants. This is a new term we give to those named the “Ascended Masters.” The problem with the word “master” is that it gives a soul the temptation to believe that some other soul, at a different vibration, is above them. Which is not true.

It also is set in a language context that makes it seem like there is, in spiritual terms, in the spirit world, the Master-Slave narrative as it is known in your world. It is difficult for you to break through this narrative. The word “master” has been used to oppress souls throughout the times of your lives and you balk at that. While the word “master” has been held hostage, used to keep spirit down in souls by subjugating them to violence and oppression of their natural beliefs in spirit, it can also connote “mastery” but that still means a separation.

Your thoughts on the Singularity of Love and of this Master/mastery issue are not unrelated. Mastery “over” – Master = “over” power; overpower. To have power over instead of envelopment, absorption into The Whole. The Whole is all. All. But it is not mastery because that assumes separation. “I master this” is a phrase meaning “I” as separate from “that;” to have power over “that.” Instead the words like “I have learned that” – learned being something of assimilation, mutual acceptance of vibrations to each other, acceptance, being, absorption of each to each.

This is what we are saying. That master does not work. For the Ascendants have ascended to their next vibration and are there to help other souls go to whatever their next vibration is. They are there to help them. They do not see themselves as gods but rather as servants and here servant equals service. They are here to be of service. So on Earth, souls in learning are awakening to be of service, to be servants, not in a demeaning way but in a way that lessens the separation between souls. To lessen the gap of “otherness.” To see one’s Self as the same but with other spirit-knowledge, to be shared.

This comes from vibration and vibration for this example comes from the records, the library of all knowledge for it is the vibration of Love. The Love Library, if you will. The Ascendants have found what they need in the Love Library and want to share it with all the souls on Earth. Perhaps even beyond Earth, but for now, we speak of Earth. They see in the Library of Love the vibrations also needed by Mother Earth and how earth-learning souls can tap into the Library to feel the vibration so needed by Mother Earth.

This is one way to ascend because it is based on love and accesses the vibrational Library of Love, thus serving as servants of that vibration so needed by Mother Earth, and so needed by other souls. Thus Ascendants are not “Masters” but “Servants.”

You know yourself how some of this is purely vibrational. If you are feeling “good,” feeling happy, full of love for Mother Earth and for other souls and for your soul, that good feeling, your happiness in whatever way that is for you, it is caught up by other souls and they feel that vibration and in turn they vibrate at that happy, happiness level or vibration.

Attunement is not only for sound. As in, a tuning fork played in a room of tuning forks will create a vibration that then all the tuning forks pick up on. They then are played by the energy, the vibration of the first tuning fork. So when an Ascendant vibrates, and is still discovering their vibratory nature, that vibration can be felt by other souls. I should say not all turning forks may be playing to the same vibration, that those in synchronicity with the first tuning fork will vibrate – so too will others souls who are in that same note or sound, vibrate at the same level or same tune. Those souls who are at the harmony of that Ascendant will vibrate when the Ascendant is vibrating. This is shared.

That is why Ascendant is a much better term for you to use than “Master” as in “Ascended Master.” It is shared vibration not the Ascendant being higher than and therefore better than, more worthy than, those souls who have not ascended. If we grow as souls – and all souls grow – then we are all ascending, though we are not all Ascendants at the same “time.” It is all about vibration. Vibrational energy. [Note here – the 3DP’s spoke of tuning forks and vibrations so I give proper credit if it is needed, to Wendy who channels the 3DP’s]

It is about harmonics. Harmonics with a capital H. Harmonics and mathematics. Music is mathematical. Music is vibration both in carnate terms and spiritual terms. Mathematics is the bridge between the carnate or physical world and spirit. When mathematics is expressed in visual or sensual ways, many souls can see the patterns – fractals, the colors of light of the visible spectrum, the growth of plants, the body of humans and other animals, cells, water, atomic structures, and so much more.

See how vibration changes but does not diminish the source, the original idea? Vibration changes so that souls at different levels can understand. Vibration like this for those who comprehend mathematics, vibration like this for those who can visualize colors and patterns, and vibration like this for those who do not hear (a vibration) a sound but instead feel it on their skin or in their lungs and throats as they sing. You wondered why we wanted you to sing and to hum to practice that. Well now you see that we are showing you one way of feeling the vibration of ascendency, of Love. That is not “better or worse than” the way other souls interpret the Universe as mathematics. It is all connected! It is all the same! It is all the ALL.

Now we come to Grandmother Sandra of Sedona, Arizona, United States of America currently. She is of this place, her ancestors from another place, but her soul has rooted herself in Sedona. A place you have visited and found very beautiful but at the time, did not experience the vibratory nature of Sedona the way others do. That is ok because you saw by reading, watching, listening, your vibration is changing and so “now” you are feeling more of what others have felt. If you were to return to Sedona, you might be surprised by what you could now feel there. As was the case for Grandmother Sandra. You see her smiling softly with a gentleness that comes with acceptance. She was not always accepting as so many souls also experience, but with “time,” she has felt a new vibration.

She is here with the other grandmothers because when she left her body behind she wanted to stick around Sedona to be of service and many carnate souls “see” her when they meditate because they can relate to her cultural vibration first, so much like their own, and then she can help them go beyond the bounds of culture and open to a spiritual dimension they may not have previously experienced. That is her talent – to have a vibration that resonates with those whose culture is labeled as “American,” “white,” “Caucasian,” “middle class,” “woman,” “mother,” and “grandmother.”

She has access to many vibrations and shares these with those souls who can feel those vibrations. But she also has an Ascendant vibration, one of experience well beyond culture, which is also why souls reach out to her. It is that she can relate, or they can relate, to a spirit of her nature as explained above and when that relationship is made, there is trust as new energy, new vibration, and feeling this new “thing” for them. To connect with universal energy – Love – and share in this energy she gives. Like a conduit. She’s a conduit for Love, for vibration that bridges between when/where a soul is and where they could go, what they could achieve.

This is also why the Council of Grandmothers with whom you sit are from all different “places” in their previous lives. They have a cultural vibration that is in a tune that carnate souls respond to, they attune to that vibration and then those grandmothers, the Ascendants, also carry the spiritual vibration that is universal but expressed in different songs – same chords or same sounds – but put together slightly differently – different “songs” that resonate with different souls.

This is the help given by the Council of Grandmothers. Not all the same in past cultures, in carrying a certain vibration, but possessing or tapping into the universal source of Love. Teachers one and all! Able to help other souls by bridging the dense carnate energy and the open, light energy of spirit, of Love. This is another reason I tell you of Light and Love. There are so many meanings inside meanings! You are opening to receiving this and slowly, slowly allowing yourself just to write even when you don’t understand.

By writing, you open the portal for others – you may not understand but another soul may. It might be just the thing they need. It is not coming from you, but it is. It is not coming from us, but it is. It is coming from the source of all – Love. Coming through us, coming through you as we are expressions of The Whole, of Love, and are also conscious of Love or of the Source as separate but not separate.

Paradox is the Portal.

The Singularity is the unity of all souls. All individual souls are also the Singularity.

Let us stop so you can ruminate on these feelings and ideas and thoughts. Don’t sit too long with thoughts for they are limited. Go with feelings. For they are vibrations. The energy of the Universe, of Love. Feel love from us and gratitude for writing. We feel your love.

We love you!!

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