Imagine Honoring All – Earth, Air, Fire, Water…

So this morning you were a little distracted because you were imagining a creative project for Halloween (Samhain) – the witches’ New Year, the eve of Dia De Los Muertos. The time of spirit loosening. The Veil lifting. The time when – for those who do not readily acknowledge their own spirit, own soul – we bring the spirit to them. To remind them of something other than money or candy or school or work. To allow them to imagine there exists another place or reality. To imagine themselves there.

You are very creative and you imagined yourself as a tree and what all it would take to make a costume to become a tree. The grandmothers smile and giggle at your creativity. Not laughing at you, for they too are creative beings. We all are. Some use creativity in other ways. You have seen my pots, my baskets, my home. This too is creativity.

Mother Earth is a creative force in the universe and She is creating and recreating all the time. She takes used energy and transforms it into useful energy once again. All in the name of Love. Your home is your creative spark too. But you must share its spark with C as she is as creative as you are and you have more outlets for your creativity because you allow yourself more. But stop thinking about walking her path for her. You cannot. She must make decisions about the time she has here. She decides how to express her creativity. You have many tools for you. You allow yourself to imagine many things and allow yourself to execute them, to bring them into this world. Allow her the freedom, do not interject your thoughts onto the situation. This is the way you will love her today. You have other means of expressing your heart, your creativity. Let it be hers today.

Cleaning will be your priority today. Upstairs and then downstairs. It is your time of nesting. It is time for you to prepare for anything to come. What’s to come? Choices are to come! We’re not trying to be facetious or flippant. We have no reason to do that. But it is a reminder that all your choices combined with other souls’ choices are what produces the future.

You have made a choice to follow your heart along this spiritual path. There are many, many others who are doing the same. Ram Dass is coming into your mind. Why? Perhaps he is an example of love, of choosing a path others didn’t believe in. You don’t want to follow him exactly because it means giving yourself over to a being or image of love that is outwardly male-based and that is not where your soul and your learning are right now. It is all ok. It is all fine because his soul wanted to follow that path and it spoke to many other souls.

You are following your path and all you can do is speak and write of your path, so if another soul is in the right frame of mind or is seeking something for their soul, you offer a tiny spark. Some will take it and build a blazing fire of their lives with it. Some will feel its warmth and choose not to nourish the spark. Again, all of it is ok – your offer and their acceptance. It all unfolds as it was meant. Not that things are destined. That is not what we mean. It is that “timing” happens differently, but not as destiny. Words are very limited in explaining this.

For example, you set out before being born into this particular life, to do certain things, to learn lessons in Earth school. You have followed many of the lessons you set out to learn. You have skipped some too and so they will come back to you to see if you want to take them on in this lifetime or some other. Some are very difficult for you to learn and so you keep putting them off. Ignoring what you hear from loving spirits around you that these difficult lessons will free your soul and help you feel a new vibration, a greater vibration to add to your own harmony as a soul.

Sometimes you overcome fear and doubt and leap into the lesson. Sometimes you put it off for a little while in this lifetime or for some other carnate time. These are all choices. All choices all souls make all the time. A universe filled with choices and choices about other souls’ choices. Chain reactions and actions. Decisions by individual souls and by soul families and by larger groupings of souls.

Soul is vibration. So all known things carnate, things in your universe, are known by their vibration to us but as “solid” things to you. But really it is all vibration, vibrational nature of all things, of all time and space is occurring to you. You can see small glimpses of it. See your Self as a vibration. See other people souls, animals, trees, mountains, rivers, water, rain, grass, birds, viruses, insects, clouds, all all all of those carnate material “things” are really vibrations. Vibrational energy.

Which is why more than ever you are open to the vibration of crystals. The rock children of Mother Earth. Now we pause because you have it in your mind something C said yesterday that sparked in you a recognition that Mother Earth has much of Her body in the form of crystals, taken often without permission or in ways that do not honor Her. This has lead you to thinking with your brain-mind and heart-mind about how the crystals who live with you, how they were harvested and it is true that some were harvested with greedy hands. Some with respect.

But all of them – unless you have harvested yourself – have unknown histories. So find time to honor them. Find time to have a ceremony for the elements. They are souls and part of Mother. They are made from the elements as are you. You are one with them. Honor them. Bring them into a loving home. A loving place to do their work, to follow their path despite the history they experienced. This is very important for you as you are learning to honor “living” beings, honor those souls who are of Mother Earth but are on a different wavelength than you.

You see the mountain and honor it, well, see the crystal as a soul, as a part of Mother Earth, as you are, as is the mountain. The sand. The boulder in the river. The fossil. The smooth rocks you gathered from Lake Ontario and Lake Huron and countless other places. Honor these souls – crystals, rocks, fossils, elemental earth and Mother Earth. Your life is one of honor – honor for other beings, other souls, include the elementals – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. It is all in your lesson. It is all in your purview to honor them.

You honor trees and the trees are in the soil. The soil is elemental earth. So you too are to honor quartz and metamorphic rock and carbon and whatever other elements are present in the soil besides the humus and living beings as insects and seed and grasses and so on.

We started our speaking of creativity and moved on to honoring others who are souls like people souls and animal souls. You are creative so you will come up with very creative ways to honor the beings, the souls with whom you enjoy this life. This is a lesson for you – to imagine ways to thank Mother Earth and thank Source, to honor your kindred in all their forms – earth, air, fire, water.

Earth Air Fire Water.

You have the ability to do this work and to do so not as a chore but with a loving attitude. A loving heart. For what is given to you is given with love and love is the vibration that has many harmonic energies within it. You are of the harmony. You will love your rocks! They will love you as do we. We love your openness, your open heart to listen to us. You are a blessing and are blessed.

We love you!

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