Don’t Hold Back, Bright Shining One!

You need to get your work out there, our work. What we have given you. You now have quite a bit in purple ink! Now is the time to start your website, as you call it. Time for the energies you have to do another step in your process. Use your creative talents along with the support we give, to make the work be in the world. No more holding on to it. No more fear and doubt. Allow things to happen. Learn from mistakes.

Cougar, Mountain Lion, Catamount, these are all names of she who you see around the edges, in the shadows. Her name is patience and you must have patience with yourself. She waits for the right time but does not always get what she’s after. She makes mistakes but she does not give up or become fearful. If that were so, she and her babies would starve! So, like the cougar, you will need to put yourself, your stuff, your writing which is from us, out there in the world. Do not put too many expectations on it. Allow it to seep into other souls’ awareness and those who need these words will hear it. Our words will be heard, other souls will hear it and as we have said many times, those who need activation will be activated.

You need to get those words out there. So concentrate on that. All that you give will come back to you as a gift. One of the Laws of the Universe. There is also – As Above, So Below. You’ve heard that one many times from different souls and guides.

You are wondering about seeing the spots and lights, as you call them, last night as you slept. That was Golden Light pouring in on you, strengthening you for the time to come. To give you courage and fortitude and willpower and to keep you from exhaustion. Use the crystals you now possess to help you on your way to the new place of soul you’re going.

Your health needs improvement. Ask for help. Seek out the flower vibrations. Art. Do your art. The mandalas of meaning for you, for others. Seek out the stones that will be painted, that offer themselves to be painted with mandalas, the symbols that can help others. This could be a new avenue of expression and income if you will it to be so. Again, do not put high expectations on it, use the flower essences, their vibrations will protect you from your own let down if you are rejected. Use their vibrations to strengthen you.

Do not stop when at first no one seems to know what you offer. You have much to offer and are needed now. That is why you must bring forward your talents. Not just in one way but in the many ways you express them. They are all linked back to the spiritual, metaphysical side of you, of Life. Mother Earth needs more allies speaking the truth about her, about the Destroyers. About the greedy ones who remain asleep for they are happiest that way even though it does not feel like a full life to them. They will not be satisfied with that way. For only when awake can one truly feel alive in this life and then fulfill their purpose.

You are asking now about how some believe your president is fulfilling his purpose of awakening souls to what they do not want. That is true but for other souls who are asleep and/or amnesiac to their soul purpose, they need to be awakened so their talents can be redirected to unity instead of separation. See all souls are powerful, beautiful because they are all, they are. They all are just. It’s just that some have hidden their light under a bushel (as the old christian saying goes). And when they come out of their amnesiac state, they have so many talents to share. Things that will benefit Mother Earth. Things that will benefit other souls.

If you believe all souls have talents as you do, you know that even those you see as greedy and in amnesia have talents too and need to have something that awakens them. This will happen. You must be as patient as the cougar. She sits and waits. You too, can put yourself out into the world and patiently wait for a return. You feel an urgency and it is true that there is an urgency, for the window (as you call it) is only open for a short time and that time is now. If souls have missed this window, another will come but it won’t be during this lifetime for them. It may be many lifetimes, some of which may not be here on Earth since She is moving on to Her own change. Not necessarily destiny but She is changing Her vibration and some souls will not be able to vibrate at the same level She is at.

You have awakened but not to your full self yet. When you go the next steps on your path, when all fear and doubt leave you, you will be that much closer to being the bright sparkling Soul self that we know you are. It is as if you have awakened but are still groggy. Still a little out of it. But keep believing in yourself to hear us and follow our guidance. This is the message we have for you. You have talents to be put to use to help other souls. Be not afraid. Be not afraid of using them. If you make a mistake, so what? Not a big deal. You can recover from it. You have so many helpers around you. So many vibratory bodies of light around you.

You are surrounded by love, by light. The lights last night and the Golden Glow were real, were for you. It was a gift to help you because we see you are on the verge of letting yourself go to a higher vibration. You hold back with fear of how you will be perceived by those closest to you. Do not forget how close we are! We are closer than any carnate soul! We know your soul. We know your thoughts. We feel your vibration and love you so much. All! All! All! That you are! Even if you do not love all the parts of yourself yet, we love all of you. All parts of you.

Hard for you to see that we know, but believe us when we say we have great affection for you. Two aspects of love that you haven’t had much of or at least you think you haven’t had much of it, at least the outward expression in the world for you and everything you need. But that is why we keep telling you how much we adore you, we have great affection for you. We love you! You see your soul is having flaws. But we do not see any flaws. We see a whole soul, bright and shiny. Brighter than the sun. Powerful vibrations and a very giving nature. Very loving soul. Bright with light in love. Love is all. Love Is You. Love is all. You are all. You are all. You are loved. You are loved. Feel it completely and know we will never reject you. Let go of that fear. Count on us. We are your family. Let all the love that you are shine brightly for others. See how kind and loving and generous other souls are and model yourself after them. You have many examples. Don’t hold back. You have much to give and now is the time to give it!

No need to hold back. Let love come through you from the heavens, the cosmos, from the Consciousness of All Souls, from Source. Let all the love you feel from us and other souls come through you. There is plenty of love to go around. Plenty because it is infinite, so you get more the more you give it out! No stopping on this path, no stopping the forward progress you have made for your light is ignited and burning bright. We are here. We are here to support you and help you.

Try to imagine getting rejected by those closest to you. It hurts but we are always here for you so you can turn to us and we will fill your soul, your life, with Love. Capital L Love, for it is unending and we can do that for you. Fill you up over and over again when you feel defeated, rejected, deflated. Keep your eyes on the prize. Hold on. Hold on. You are singing this song because you feel it yourself but on a different level. The soul level. The cougar level.

So what do you say? Ready to put yourself out there even more? You can do it. We love you so much. We love you bigger than the biggest thing you could think of. We are so full of love. We are bursting with it. We tell each other to watch this soul – she is moving along her path and love is coming through her!

Keep going! We say to you keep going! So happy that you are working with us. Each day we practice, you practice, mostly, and learn to listen. Never doubt it is coming from us and coming from Love. Love pours through you. So shine, sister, shine! So wonderful. Such a beautiful light. Let go of all doubt about who you are, bright soul!

For this is who you are – Love – you are bright soul! You! You are loved. Let it flow to others if they need it to awaken to their own full loving souls. They will feel it and the spark will light their way, get them moving on their path, just as you were given a spark to get you going. You are no different from other souls. So consider that it happened for you and the same could happen for them. You may not even be around for you to see the outcome of that spark but it is there and will continue to burn, glowing, and others will use it to spark and spark and spark! So much love out there, here, and everywhere. Wake up people! Wake up amnesiacs! Wake from your sleepwalking and see love wrap around you like a warm blanket, for love is everywhere. It is all things. It is all relationships. It is all situations. It is all. All of everything. All of everything!

Plan it out if that makes you feel better. But remember that waiting to feel well-prepared, to feel safe is sometimes a cover up for fear and doubt. Let go and let the Love shine through you. You can do it with and without mistakes. You are the only one to see mistakes. We only see you, your bright shining soul.

No, that job is not for you. It will be a distraction. You still want to apply because you have not integrated your job with your soul. That is okay. We love you and this is one of your learning experiences. You are a whole soul, a shining bright light and you are uncovering that light at the speed with which you are able. Have confidence in yourself and confidence in us as your confidants and guides. Why do you think we are called guides? Because we guide!

You are so beautiful. You are a darling to us. We have great affection for you and see you as whole, as a bright light. Let go of all the crap you carry around about who you are not. That has no place here, none of that. Bright soul, darling girl, darling soul, you are so beautiful and shining. Believe in yourself as much as we do. You could do no wrong when you are shining your light for it is out of love. Let love lead you. We are love, we will lead you. Go now, go with love, go with Love. Let love loose in the world. Let your light be a beacon.

We love you! We love you so much!

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