I Am Kali

I am Kali.

Dark Goddess of Destruction but also of Creation, of Rebirth.

I strip away and cut away that which is no longer useful. Old thought patterns you have do not serve you. I cut them for you but you must not let them grow back, for something new must come forth from you. See me in my darkness. See my sword I hold against your neck. This is my power but I could not harm you. It is to awaken in you the power of me that is in you. That you possess. The power over your own destiny. Your own path. The power of your imagination.

You want a birth of a new world? A new Earth? Then you must kill your old ways and let Earth grow in a new way. This too is on your path. Do not be fooled by what they have said of me. You have no fear of me, so I am fierce. You need Fierce. You need my blade sharp as glass. Strong is iron. To cut through the tangle you have in your thoughts. They are like vines growing across your path meant to trip you up but you have my power in you to destroy them, to annihilate your thoughts if you allow fierceness to come forward.

You think that this is not love or Love but I am a mother goddess too. I birth life but I protect it. I am Kali. I am protector. Lion, cougar, tiger, bear, wolverine, Tasmanian Devil. I am them all and more. I am many-armed and farseeing. I protect my children, my loved ones. You are my loved one. I slash for you, but it is only to show you your own strength. You have me in you to protect yourself from energy, vibrations that do not serve you.

Old thoughts, old labels. You want to stop using food to let out anger? To be grounded in something other than food? Then use me, use the power I give you. This power of Kali. Fierce I am! Dark I am! I will destroy for justice when needed. Slash away all that must go by the wayside. No more and no regrets. No Looking Back! For you must watch over you, as I do. Kali in you must come forth. For you have a long wide path and you stray one side to the other. And it does not serve you or others.

I am Destroyer but I am selective. I only destroy that which does not serve. Feel my power in you to take care of you. To guard you. To lead you back to yourself when you stray and go into the Shadows Of You, the doubt and the fear. You do not want that job nor do you want to apply. So why would you? Why go for that, go that route, use that energy? What point are you trying to prove? What does it matter what others think? It is none of your business as you have said to yourself. You do not need to do it. Stand up for yourself now and say that you will not do it. You will go your way. You will use your will and be like Kali. Do you see me?

Use my sword to slice through that which binds you. Your own fears and doubts as to your own power. You cannot ignore your Kali for she will not be ignored. Take the power, possess it. Possess the Kali, the Destroyer, for from the ashes will rise that which is meant to rise – true protective mother power.

Love is fierce and is gentle. It is cutting to those who would steal it or hide it. This is not you – letting others take the love in you that is meant for you. Your love of you. That is what I am here to say to you. I am your anger too. Do not be afraid of me for I am Kali and I never destroy out of anger only out of protection and I always know where the truth lies in the ashes to be reunited, revived for the sake of the world, all worlds. For the world in you and in others. The worlds that are bigger than how you are seen.

I am Kali who destroys to make way for Truth. For fierce love. I protect. I serve Love too. I am the Bold one, the Fierce One, the Angry One but from Love I protect you as does your angel. I am goddess like your angel but in an Earth way. I come from your womb. You come from my womb. You must break from all cultural chains and habits and beliefs and stand full of me on your own. You feel me?

You see me? I stand, feet wide apart. Legs tense in a posture to fight. But only to protect, to burn the old out of you. To put the real you forward. No longer doubtful or timid. You with your own path, I go before you and will come when you call, when you are tired and feel that you are falling back to old ways. When you feel that the vines that stop you from being the Fierce One are overtaking you, I am there. I will cut those vines. I will live in your heart.

See me, dark, darker than any skin of humans you have seen. Dark like ashes, like coals after a blazing fire. I rise from those ashes, the coals still smoldering in me as me. I am Kali and I protect you from the smothering culture around you. All around and old.

In other times you called upon me and I am still here. I am still in you. Call me forth now and any time, for I will serve you when you serve Love. I will be there to cut, to slash away that which no longer serves you. Your sadness, depression, is one of the vines choking the life out of you. You blame yourself and though you are responsible for your choices, you also have forgotten of me in you. I am Kali. Destroyer of old ways. Destroyer of all vines of binding. Binding you to things which keep you locked in the ways around you. You are free when you feel me in your bones. I am your power. Feel me in your gut. Your will. Your Center. I am your power to be the person who is a free soul. Open yourself to who you are – a fierce protector of you. Be fierce! Protect yourself. I am in you and you are Kali, here to protect you from all thoughts which trap you, trip you up on your path. That hold you back from what you imagined. You no longer need to hold back. Use your power for you. This serves all. This serves the souls around you. For your light shines through.

Look at me, see my bright eyes, my red tongue. These are the lights in me as goddess. You shine bright. You must make sure to have your power with you at all times to guard you. I am Kali in you. No longer silent. No longer standing back and waiting. You need me now and I come forth. I am Kali and I protect you. Do you see me? I am not outside of you, I am you. When you serve me, you serve yourself. You are the guardian of you. Do you feel me? Do you get it? You are dark skinned, black skinned like me when you need to be. You are many-armed, holding the weapons of destruction about you. Strong you are, resourceful in protecting the light in you. You have so much to give and there are those who don’t want you to give it out to other souls. And to them I say I will be there to kill them if they think to stop you on your path. The same is true of your own thoughts. If it is present as doubt and fear, I will slice. I will cut them up into little bits and throw them back to Mother Earth to be consumed and birthed as other energies. Just as you give old energies to Her, that you shed like the skin of a snake.

I am Kali. Hear my Roar of indignity at being disrespected! Know from my shouts of war against those who keep you from your path that I will destroy them. I cut the vines that bind you. I cut you free from them. This Fierce goddess before you is in you. Use her power. Use me as your protector. Do not do that which you wish not to do, without fear. Let that which and who you are arise. Arise, washed clean by Flames of Anger, as these are the requirements of respect. For yourself. For other women. For souls kept too long from themselves. You are it. You are a goddess. You are goddess Kali and I am in you to protect you. We serve each other and we serve the path, for this path is wide enough for all others who are walking their journey. We will also protect them. We serve them for we serve Love.

You need to stop though I could go on but I see your needs and honor them. You can call on me always. Always and forever. For I am beyond time but near always, always near. You have many goddesses to call upon, to name, to help others. Use your power to tell stories, to connect us to those who need us. This is your power. The power of Kali, the goddess who destroys and creates. The goddess who protects. Tell them. Tell them of me and how they have me in them too.

With much Fierce Love and protection for you, I send you on your way. Take me into your heart. Call upon me when you need.

You are loved.

You are Fierce.

You are Kali.

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