Black Madonna Dimensions

Black Madonna as they call me. We Grandmothers sitting around the fire. You saw me rise, float above the fire and you first thought – magic. But I am really showing you how the dimensions work. At least to some degree since your mind has to catch up with your heart.

You saw me rise into the air so you could see me even though I sat on the opposite side of Brother Fire. Then you were told by me that I still sat on the other side in my flesh form. Me, as Black Madonna. But what you saw was my other dimension. It was another dimension of me.

It occurs to you that the images painted by Buddhists of White Umbrella [translated name of Tibetan goddess or being], and of so many others – Kali for example – that depicted infinite images behind the first one, that those were depictions of multiple, infinite dimensions. The artist saw how the dimensions were possible to exist but difficult to put into two dimensional image. So too are the sculptor’s work that shows Kali, Vajrayogini, Dakinis, Buddhas, and others as having multiple arms and sometimes legs. These are all part of the manifestations of being, or souls in other dimensions.

The language to express this infinity may have changed over time but the truth is always the same. The dimensions are vibrations. I, Black Madonna, have many vibrations just as you do. You will discover them because now you have been given knowledge of them. Actually, you weren’t given knowledge because you have known all along. As a soul, you know all because you are of the Consciousness of All Souls. It is that you are recalling or uncovering your knowledge. Knowledge is vibration too. All is vibration. Energy. Light, all points toward Love. Black Madonna is a good image for you because you see love between mother and child and this is like what we have for you.

But your imagination took you even further and with a little help from us, you saw, you uncovered the links between dimensions and the paintings. You also connect the image of Indra’s Net with infinite dimensions and now the connection to vibration. Vibration is not a singular occurrence. It is an infinite, unbroken energetic pattern. It is one long string of an infinite guitar that vibrates. Vibrations happen all around you but in your density, you tune out certain ones because it is too much at times to take into your dense body.

You need to focus on the vibration – the vibration – that creates this density, so you can be here on Mother Earth to learn what you came to learn. But you are also learning what is outside of Mother Earth and also what IS Mother Earth – vibrations of energy of Love. Love is energy. There are times when you get “goose bumps” and these are times when the vibrations around you come into your awareness. Because of the your cultural programming, most of the time you ignore your own senses – the body – skin – but also your other “bodies.” Bodies described in many ancient sciences and knowledge as your light body, your etheric body and so on. These are vibrations and while you are in dense body-time as a human, these vibrations are easier to think of as “bodies.” However, they are vibrational energy that is the All all around you. You are having some difficulty taking this in but let go of trying to control it and just let us speak to you of it.

Black Madonna is symbolic for you but it is what we shared with you in your imagination because we needed to connect something you “see” in your mind with what we are explaining. Dimensions are vibrations. Vibrations of energy. Energy of Love. Love is All. Love is Consciousness of All Souls.

We are showing you in your imagination what artists have been depicting when they saw the same, the many bodies of White Umbrella, the multiple arms and legs of spirits and souls in Tibetan art. That’s not the only location where artists awakened to their understanding but you get the point. There is a connection between these depictions which could not occur in any other way and the infinite vibration of the infinite energy of Love.

Even the word “infinite” is too difficult for you to grasp because of the density of your Earth existence right now. You glimpse it when you think of Indra’s Net and you think about fractals and you picture in your mind that you are a reflection of all other jewels. And earlier you had an image of Mother Earth as round, a sphere and that other planets are spheres and as we will mention and you will find out, many spheres exist elsewhere in your density, your dimensional space. You wondered about why the Earth and other planets and the moon were round given that in the vacuum of space, just about any shape might work and while your scientists have an explanation, we will tell you that your thoughts, your imagination is right, that you are occupying, you are living on that Nodule of Love.

That image of the love-fixing nodule is that which you send out from your heart to all you love – close to you and far away. Planets, including Mother Earth, are Nodules of Love! And the infinite number of galaxies with their infinite number of stars with infinite planets – these are the Nodules of Love! And now you see how it is Indra’s Net too. The density of energy in all “places.” Language is difficult here because it breaks down as we talk about infinite and finite and density and energy. But keep thinking on this.

Your dimension is an energy, a vibration, and it reflects all other vibrations. That is Indra’s Net. Neither male nor female, both and neither. Vibrations that are not your vibration. Your vibration is at a certain density. There are other vibrations that have other characteristics that are not tangible in the way you think of them but they are “real.” They exist because vibration is the energy of the Universe with a capital “U.” It is an infinite variety of vibration. Not distinct or separate from one vibration to the next but one that “touches” another, like a radio frequency that is translated into sound for you. Turn the dial and it goes from a very low pitch (translate: energy/vibration) to a high pitch. The dial is not distinguishing different pitches, it just goes in a long sound that changes low to high. Analog. It is analog and not digital. Digital takes several pictures of sound and makes a composite that is broadcast. Analog is one long and infinite “sound.”

This is the way of energy, of vibration, of Love. It is all and everywhere and infinite, to give you some words to use. But these words are not quite up to the task of showing and explaining the infinite, the Energy of Love. Lao-Tzu called it the Tao, others call it god the unknowable one. Science tries to find the Tao but it can never be discovered through density, through those means. Only through imagination and connection with the energy of Love. Felt, not described nor describable.

You must go now because of obligations. We will be here waiting for you. We will keep explaining to you what it is you seek to understand. Keep letting it flow to you. You cannot grasp it all right now nor right away but be happy in that you can understand some, and when you release this dense body and come home, it will all be clear! You’ll be so happy, you can’t believe it now but you will. So keep listening and trying to best explain what we give you. We love you and wait for your return for more.

We love you!

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