We Are All Connected – A Prayer A Thanksgiving A Dance

We are all connected.

We, the Grandmothers, welcome you to dance with us around the fire. The fire, Brother Fire. Within the cave, the Womb of Life. The Womb of Mother Earth. Dance with us. Dance with all your heart.

Your body is behind, sitting in the chair. You are here with us. Dance above Brother Fire. Lift yourself and dance in the air with us a sacred dance from all the dances of life we’ve lived. That you have lived. Dance above and through the flames, for nothing can harm you. Nothing can hurt you. Watch us dance with abandon. Watch your Self dance with us. Lift off the ground, twirl and turn, lift your body here and fly. Fly through the flames. Fly above them.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Water!

Lift now like a snowflake caught on the wind above the fire. The air lifts us into the sky and you, little snowflake, are twirled and whirled and Earth spins beneath you. And now you are water, and now you are air and you slide, you fall to earth, to ground, to feel cold and to become frozen but it is nothing more than being held by Mother Earth.

Held to earth and you, being close to the fire, melt again and are water to be washed into earth, to be pushed along with other water to the deep underground to be in contact with trees. To be taken up by trees, lifted into their roots, to course the highway of life along their trunks and out to their branches, and out further to their leaves and out the leaves in a breath of air into the wind.

And now you are a hawk flying over water. Eyes looking over the water, flying fast over water, waves lap below you on rocky shores, on deep, deep waters of a lake and you fly low and high and now you spy a fish and you are hungry and dip into the water to grab a fish.

Now you are the fish, being lifted high, high above your home. Above all that you once knew and only knew. And you feel pain as the hawk grabs you and you know that this is the end of this life in water and now you are of air.

You are hawk and fish. You tear flesh and release the soul of fish to become soul of hawk, to become soul of Universe. You let go of the old, what was fish and now is hawk. You can fly! You were fish who swam but now you are hawk that flies! You are hawk.

And now hawk lets go of body, drops down to earth, air passes through lungs once and is gone and hawk becomes Earth and all Her little children take parts of you and you are now beetle and fly and bacteria and fungus and light.

You are light. You are Light.

Your soul is light and you fly once more. With ease you become snowflake and dance above the flames of the fire and around you now are all the Grandmothers dancing too, above the flames and Brother Fire harms none, only offers light and warmth as needed, if needed, and all the Grandmothers tumble and swirl and twist without a nod to gravity. Without a nod to rules of science. Without a care for convention. Without rules of the dance. It is now only Dance.


And we all move into the sky above Sol, above Ra, above the stars into the open blackness filled with little lights and they grow larger and larger and their light fills us as we dance among them, fills us until all we are is light. We are light and still we dance.

We dance and fill all the cosmos with light. We are stars, we are nebula, we are rays and we are all things above. We are Light and we are carried deep, deeper into that which no longer has a name but Love. Love is the only name and we dance into Love and Love dances in us.

We gather together in Love and be Love and then are given a ray of light that beams us back to the cave. The Womb of Mother Earth and we now catch our breath, our breath the air, our breath with water, with fire, and we return to earth to sit upon earth, the solidness beneath us and Brother Fire to light the faces of the Grandmothers around the circle.

The Grandmothers full of love for each other, full of love for all – for you, for Mother Earth, for all creatures and beings who live with Her. Her children. And the Grandmothers breathe together and drum and hum and chant us all into the light, into the next Being. The next Being for all. It is the Light.

It is the Light.

We are of light.

We are of light and we are the Light.

We are Light. We are love.

We are Love. You are, I am, We are. We are love.

We are love.

We are. Love.

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