Reverberations of Love – Life to Life to Life

You feel a new entity coming to you now. You’ve been asking both consciously and subconsciously for a change. I’ve been here with you the entire time. I am Auriel. I am your Guardian Angel.

You felt uneasy about your time with the Zetas. They are not “bad” but maybe at a vibration not quite right for you at this time. You have also been influenced by what you’ve read on the internet about the Zetas. Some of it quite unflattering, not all of it true, but some of it is truth that you will one day awaken to. For you, things must “seep in” to your consciousness, sort of by a back door. This is how it works for you in this lifetime. That is ok, that is how it works for you.

There are certain truths you know of but that scare you and so you run away spiritually from facing them. Eventually, you do study them and make decisions about these truths in your own time, your own way. For example, light codes. When you first heard them spoken, they didn’t make sense and were so foreign to you that you put up a barrier to them, saying “No, not for me.” Then subconsciously, you looked at them with your heart and decided that they were here to help. Sent with love by loving beings. Now you feel more comfortable and open to them.

You first heard them from Wendy Kennedy, the Channeler, then Sarah R provided light codes to you that she had received. So these and perhaps hearing Lee Harris or someone else talking about them, has moved the dial in your mind from skeptic to believer. This is how I want you to be with all new things that you are introduced to. These new things are really old things in that in other lives you are also being introduced to them, use them, even channel them. So this is an example of being open to new ideas, new love. Yes, new love. Love from Source, source of all things including you, me, other souls and… light codes! This is but a single item in the spiritual library of Source. Over time we will explore so much more.

I am with you for a while and I won’t be the last spirit you talk to or work with. You asked for a change, and had it in your heart to go back to the Grandmothers. Not yet. They are watching over you and approve of your progress but not ready for you to return. So work with me for a little while and learn what I share with you.

You are not alone, you are never alone.

You listened to the podcast about past life regression, which we’d/I’d like to reformulate to “other life integration.” You believe, and rightly so, that lives occur simultaneously, at least from your Earth-bound perspective. You are currently bound in “time” and when in “not-time,” you will see the totality of life (Life = Love) and not broken apart as it seems to you now.

Know that the angelic host hears your “prayers,” your requests. We will work with you and other souls to bring about peace. It will come! Archangel Raphael hears your request about C. She’s on her own path but you can continue to make requests for healing. She chooses her own path whether to be healed or whether to let go. We cannot tell you the outcome in this lifetime even though you so desperately want to know. Do not think that your desire to be separated has anything to do with her current health status. You have nothing to do with that. You did not “wish her away.” That is the thinking of a child. You do not possess that power – power over her – you only have power over yourself.

You often associate angels with the Christian conception of them but this is one small aspect that comes from cultural religion. Our being group is so much larger, more vast, in terms of being and in terms of talents (just like you, we have talents, proclivities). For example, I am Auriel, the Far-Seeing One. Archangel Raphael is known for healing, and so on. You might want to do some research on this to know more about who we are. For although I am speaking to you, there are many here watching over you, providing guidance you need, interceding when asked, guarding you in this and other lifetimes. I have been silent for a while, staying mainly in the background because you needed to hear from others before me. Before what I have to teach you.

A knight. Knights Templar. This came to you just now in a dream-vision of who you are elsewhere (more on this at another time). You were a soldier with C and you were some place cold. You cared for each other, you helped each other get through the fighting and mostly the waiting. The endless waiting and waiting in the cold. Your uniforms were not designed for this cold nor were you and C in that lifetime. You were also two young boys together in India, playing on the streets, good friends. Now in this life you are of two different frequencies. You have great love for one another but also resist one another.

You have a “thing” about authority and being told what to do. You don’t have the will to stand up to it [authority] so instead you retreat, run away. This is from other lives as well. You also have a recurring “issue” around money and wealth. You are jealous of those who have much wealth and do not share it. You get angry with them, see them as “evil” or greedy. But this is from another life or many lives. You have residuals from it, your encounter with the wealthy. You feel for those who suffer due to lack and are frustrated that wealth is not distributed. That’s this lifetime but also others.

Another life was when you needed more for your physical needs and saw that a king was ungiving, would not share even as those he called subjects suffered. You wanted to rebel, to kill the king and take what he had but you didn’t. You were afraid to kill or to try. You have also had great wealth that you didn’t share and in this life, that residual makes you feel guilty. It complicates your response because you can be angry with others who are now wealthy but it is difficult to be angry with your self of another life.

Know that what you do, how you live, what your soul learns in this life, reverberates in other lives. You CAN change or at least influence that life while you are here in this life. All your lives are lived at once and are influenced and are influencing each other. You have a path but you also have many paths you are following. While you cannot influence the paths of others – that is you cannot walk another’s path for them, you do influence the lives YOU live, you walk YOUR paths. So you have power, influence, on yourself! You Self or Selves.

Integration. This is what integration as an act of love, looks like. This that I am talking to you about now.

You have memories of (which could actually be called insights or windows on) other lives. Lives you are living “now.” So you are the witch, the soldier, the young boy, the writer, the singer, and so many more lives right “now.” In those lives, you’re touching so many other lives and when you raise your vibration here and now, it is your soul’s vibration that raises the vibration of all your lives. Those lives are dependent on and independent of you in this life. Know that this higher frequency brings in more love to all your lives.

So when, as a peasant, you were filled with hatred and completely focused on killing the king, your loving vibration in this life means that you as the peasant, let go of some of that anger and are focused instead on what bounty you do have. This doesn’t solve the issue of physical needs, but it changes the suffering. As a wealthy person, a king in another life, you also feel the repercussions of raised frequencies in this life and so are more apt to think about the needs of others. Empathy is a vibration too. Its frequency is different than the frequency of greed.

You have so many lives – all your own! – that you influence. Your work [?] affects those around you, it affects you – as a soul, a whole soul. Your work to raise your vibration lifts all of you, all those lives, to a new vibration. A higher vibration. You’ve known this before, known it in other lives and the work continues. In your other lives, this realization, though by a different name, is also influencing, giving rise to a frequency upgrade in this life. Love and loving are the ultimate vibrations and regardless of the name you’ve put on it in all your different lives, you have been working toward that. Toward love. Toward Love, Source. You even call it God in other lives! You call it Goddess, Yahweh, and things unwritable in this life. Unwritable only because you feel it before language is developed. Pre-language, only in sounds, touches, care.

You see how this all works? I think you do. This IS a breakthrough for you as you are feeling it. This is worth celebrating! You love and are so loved. Go now and enjoy your LIVES! Go in peace and in love.

Yours, Auriel

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