Give to Receive is a Gift to Yourself

Today we talked briefly about you using your own intuitive insights to write. This is a talent too! Not only listening but listening to your own higher self and all things Source-based. It is all connected, you see? You are Source having an experience of being a separate soul, entity. Source is all, Source is the All. It, we, are all connected. We are all Source having an experience.

Instead of Source, perhaps you want to call it Love. Love, with a capital “L”. It makes it less of a “person” and more of an Everything. Love is everything. And yet, undefinable in language. Language is of a certain density or maybe several densities or dimensions. For you are writing while being in a third dimension density but when you hear light codes, they transcend the language of the density, of the mind in the density, and move to the heart – the “real” mind of the soul. They speak in the tongue of the soul. Activating in your heart (your soul’s mind) that which moves you (as soul) to another density, another dimension. Although you think that it should be spontaneous as so much of your human life is spontaneous, or instantaneous – a much better word, this move of your soul and your heart to a higher frequency, vibration, dimension happens much more slowly. Over a lifetime or over several lifetimes.

You’ve already experienced this in other lifetimes – simultaneous lifetimes (instead of “past” lives) – which is difficult to imagine while you are in this particular density. But once you leave this density, you’ll have a big AHA! moment! It’ll be nice! But until you are actually ready to let go of this human body, learn what you can about separation and integration of your soul and this human experience. Could it be that you were/are here so that Mother Earth can have this experience too? Something to “heart” about (instead of saying think about).

So we wanted to talk about the term “gift,” because you’ve been resistant to it. Largely because of the dominating Christian culture in which you live. The predominate belief is that the Christian version of “god” is “God;” is known as God. Thrown in there is Jesus and the Holy Spirit. (By the way, Jesus the Christ is a job title, not a name. Just like Buddha is a job title not a name, as there are many Buddhas).

To many Christians, the image associated with their God is of human-like male figure who acts in the role of father and lives “above” humans. This served a purpose in early human life but no longer.

It is as if it is stating that when the dominating force of Christianity comes to town, no other conception of Source is allowed. So this idea of a God, as male, as all-powerful and sometimes wrathful and sometimes kind (just like souls having human experiences – “we create god in our own image” is more apt here but getting off track), has the ability to withhold certain things from humans (is this any different from other, possibly earlier gods worshipped by the Greeks and Romans, or by even earlier groups?).

So when this God of Christianity (GoC) wants to show favor to individuals, groups or the whole world, “He” bestows gifts upon the recipient(s). Gifts are withheld when GoC is angry because humans aren’t following the rules as GoC put them down. When GoC is happy, “He” gives gifts like wealth or good harvest, or babies, or love of another souls (mind you, it has to be male/female in some interpretations), and so on. These are gifts because they can be withheld. They are GoC’s to give, or not give.

Now consider your interpretation of “gift” here – because you grew up in this culture dominated by GoC, your mind, based in your culture, goes almost immediately to the image of some all-powerful being bestowing or withholding a gift based on whether you, as a human/as a soul, have been “good.” That is, playing by GoC’s rules. This is all human interpretation of course, which is dominated by or overwhelmed with male energy.

So if you play by GoC’s rules of being good or bad and that gifts from GoC are only bestowed on those who behave; who follow the arbitrary rules set by men/males in ancient times, then the word “gift” becomes very tainted.

The way you see it is that you are Source, you are Love and have all you need because you are in essence, all that is. All That Is. So the idea of some being bestowing or withholding something does not fit with how you view things. You are not “playing God,” you are saying that your soul is Love (Source) – not a male-like figure of supreme authority.

So if your soul is Love and you have everything, what is “gift” in your reality? Gift then becomes something else – an energy of love shared between equals. Equals in the sense that we are all Love, we are Source. We are not separate from Source nor from each other. Equals giving love to one another. Sometimes it is a pure energy that goes from one soul to another, sometimes it is energy that goes from another being, such as a other-dimensional being to a soul having a human experience. There is no “higher than,” no hierarchy in the way or sense that hierarchy is used in this world – that is, to mean power-over or more power than another.

Sometimes the exchange “happens” as mutual exchange. For example, Mother Earth’s child – a fruit tree – gives the gift of a delicious, ripe pear. A soul in human experience, eats the fruit and enjoys the taste of this delicious pear. It makes the soul feel good because the pear if full of energy – Love energy – and the soul, in recognition of this “gift” of energy, thanks Mother Earth. Sometimes, this is at the subconscious level in human terms, and sometimes it is at the conscious level and the human actually verbally or silently thanks Mother Earth for Her sharing of the pear.

But also, Mother Earth gives out pears (pure Love energy) regardless of whether the soul in human clothing acknowledges the delicious gift. She does not expect to have the soul bow down before Her or grovel at Her feet, She gives without expecting gratitude back. Although! She appreciates recognition of the gift. So when you eat a pear; have a drink of water; eat or drink or use any of the elements, remember how Mother Earth gives so freely. Why? Because She love you! Good, bad, indifferent – She Loves YOU!

Outside of your relationship to Mother Earth, there are other souls who give without expecting any thanks or praise. These souls are often coached by their higher selves and by spirit guides to give without expectation of reciprocity. Well, that’s not entirely true. It might be better to say they “delay reciprocity.” For many souls who are giving gifts to others, they know that what goes around comes around, and comes around. Right? It is not necessarily an immediate exchange.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can be transferred and transformed. So one soul saying something loving to another soul, that energy can be transferred to yet another soul, by the receiving soul saying something loving. Does that make sense? For example, Lee says to his husband “You are so beautiful,” and Lee’s husband, Stephen, feels that love energy and is vibrating with it. This energy Stephen gives to his sister, Emily, by saying “Your dessert was very tasty. You put a lot of effort into it, a lot of love.” And Emily, now having received this gift of love, passes it on to her children, saying “I love you” when she kisses them good night. And the energy goes on and on.

That is what a gift is!

So whenever you think about getting a gift, use the idea of energy being passed on to you from Love, the ultimate source (and Source!).

I should say, by the way, that this is also true of other beings in this universe (experiences of Source too!). Spirit guides, angels, dimensional beings – all these beings give Love because they are also of Source. Source is Love. So the words I whisper in your ear are gifts (or a gift) because I love you. As one of your Guides, I want you to know how much I love you. This is energy I give – I gift – to you. Not because of my power to bestow or withhold, but simply because I love you. I love you. You are Source (Love) and I am Source (Love). My energy of Love I pass to you. Another being passes Love to me. I am never without Love. In fact, I have so much, I am oozing Love, I am full of love and it’s leaking out because I’m bursting with this love energy.

Just like for you – the more you “gift” the world with love energy, the more you will receive. But even if there are times when you don’t feel very “gifty,” you are still getting love. Love from me, from others to fill you up. Up and spilling over, more than you could use in any one sitting. Pass that on when you are up to it. Pass on the gift of Love. The gift of Love energy. Not to worry – the more you give, the more you will get back. If you were to see them all, there are so many beings, souls, spirits around you to give you this love energy! And Mother Earth, don’t forget Momma!

My speaking to you is a gift of Love to you. I give it because I love you. A gift requires no work on your part. Just receive it. Just take in the love energy. Let it nourish you, fill you up. Believe me, when you really pay attention to how much love is inside you, you’re going to want to share it with others. And please do so, for the more you give, the more you get. Love yourself and this energy makes you vibrate. You are worthy of gifts just because you are you. Yep, here’s a gift because you are loved. No reciprocity needed, no command to hand it over to someone else in the sense of losing what was given to you. Nope, giving it away increases what you have. Law of the Universe. Give to receive. Give to receive. Love is the way to see your gift to others.

Love is the way. Love is All!

I love you. We love you!

Love, Your Guides

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