Praise to Love for Love is God

The following is a channeled message to those who follow the religion/faith of Christianity. I am not a Christian nor follow any religion. I do believe in Love and that Spirit speaks to others in infinite ways. This message comes from someone on the other side who I do not know but it felt right to present his words to you. May you find something in these words that speaks to you. So may it be and so it is. Aho.

Lovely one, dearest one, you are so loved completely as you are. No need to do anything. No need to prove yourself. You are whole, complete, and loved. This is the truth of who you are – pure love. You are love, made of love, a vibration of love. Love as Source of All that is, and all that you would say is the is-not. All of it.

Praise be! I followed the Christian faith while on earth but here I see how much bigger it is than religion. I hope to help others who are of the Christian faith, open to love undivided between believers and nonbelievers. For I call Love – God – but Love is Love by all and any name and those still on earth, still learning to love and to accept love, must learn to also let others, no matter their faith or not faith, to find love on their own. This is the way of it.

Praise be. This is a prayer and thanks to Love, not just to the standards set by certain men of faith. Praise to Love for Love is God, Source of all things. You, dear one, writing, have some misgivings about sharing this but you have opened yourself to hearing. I tell you I am for the highest good and so believe me when I say I am here to help those in my faith who feel broken and heart-broken and without guidance. We are here! I am here! We are here to help you.

Others in earth school have fashioned love that is in our faith to their own devices. They have listened to darker forces to say there are those who deserve God, who deserve love and those who don’t. They are mislead. They listen to lower beings, lower frequencies. Not the frequency of Love. God is Love, the Source of all things and of things unseen, unheard, unfelt by human hands and eyes and ears. You must open your hearts beyond the faith of your fathers, to a new life of living beings as one – One! We are all One. One of Love and Light.

Dearest ones, you can open yourselves to the beauty of Earth and there find the beauty of love divine. Now is the time to open yourselves, your hearts, to feel love of all, not just those of your faith. Don’t be blind to that greater love. You have it in you, you see? This bigger love? Do not keep it to yourself as an individual or as a faith community but share it now with all others. Do not be afraid of love and also receiving love from others. Others who don’t think or pray or act as you do. All are deserving of love because all are Love. God loves all because all are Love. Light is Source. We are all Light.

Don’t hold back love. Give your heart to others. Give of yourself to others. Know that this love you give returns to you tenfold, a hundredfold, a thousandfold! Once you do it, you will see how it comes back. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait until you’ve passed from this world. Give now to those around you. See no difference in your faith and those of other faiths and those who have no faith. Give love. Give yourself. You are worthy of giving, dear ones, because you are worthy just as you are, for you are pure love. You don’t want to believe it but from here, from this side, I see you all as bright lights. Brighter than the sun and you are this way because you are of God and God is love. Pure love.

So give yourself to others for you give love in this way. Don’t be afraid of what others will say for all desire love. All want to be loved. All are lonely in this way. Feeling that they are without the love they crave. It is ok to share yourself. You will not lose out, you will not lose the love that you are because you are made of love – God’s love, infinite love and abundant love. Never ending love. Give it now. Give your heart for you will be refilled with love from God.

Children of God, listen to these words for they are full of love for you. You of the faith who are weary, give love to end your weariness. This is the way to be replenished. Don’t hold back, for Love is all. God is Love. God is Source. Source of all Love. Give yourself and receive so much back. So much more than you have ever imagined. There is infinite love to be had so start giving away what you have to be filled with love. That is the way it works. That is the way of the universe. Universal Law of Love. You must not see borders or barriers, just give. Give with all your hearts, dearest ones, Loving ones, Loved ones. Give and praise be to God who is love. You will feel the mighty hand of God reach down to you to fill you as needed with Love to give away to others. You will feel Him in your life if you open to love and give love. Do not hesitate, loved ones, dear ones. Do not hesitate to feel more love than you ever have, more will come, more will be yours when you share it with others. Do not proselytize but let all be as they are, as they deserve. Do not judge them. Give them love unconditional. You have this in you to give love.

May God bless you for hearing these words and opening your heart. You are worthy as you are. Give Love away as you are capable and have always been capable of. This is your journey into love as people of faith. Don’t let what they say hold you back. Love all. Love all, all people, all animals, all of Mother Earth. All of all. For it is Love that all things are made. Open your hearts to this knowledge. Open yourselves to this understanding. God is with you as you love others. Do this now for God and do it for yourself as a loving being capable of so much. Do not be afraid. Love is All. Love is All. Believe this, you of faith, believe in Love, believe Love is All.


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