Love Now, Love the Hard and the Easy

This is a channeling from a soul who named himself Earl.

I have felt what you are feeling now. It’s been a long time since I was on Earth but I remember some of it. The hard parts and the easy parts. What I want to say is this: it’s all necessary – the hard and the easy. It’s what you have to learn to be human and soul. When you were a soul, or just soul, it was sort of easy even though we continue to learn here but there are less distractions good and bad as on Earth. It comes much easier here.

This is nothing new what I’m saying because many people speaking with many souls have said the same thing. But in case you need to hear it again – it’s easier here but it’s better to learn while you are on Earth because that’s where the hard lessons are learned. Where you accomplish so much more. So much of what you need to make your soul whole. So don’t think you can just off yourself and just do all your learning here. It doesn’t work quite like that. You’ll want to come back to Earth so you can be whole. So you can be higher in vibration because that higher vibration feels good.

You’ll understand more completely when you’re here but don’t leave too soon and don’t get distracted because you’ll wish you were back on Earth if you miss out on some good, important lessons. Believe me. That’s what happened to me. I was having a hard time and didn’t want to stay there on Earth but now I am here and wish I was there. I wish I could have loved more. Not more people, not like in having a bunch of loves but loved more deeply everyone I met, all who were in my life, but also others who were outside of my life. I love them now but we are so cut off from those in this heaven.

It does me no good just to wish for things and this is my way of making something happen. To reach people I love and people who had never met me, to help them to remember and recognize the love inside them. Love so big it has to be given away. Without judgement. Without bias. For we are all love and loving and loved. That’s just the way it is. I see it now better than any other time. I see love in my life – the one I had – and I have love here. I mean, it’s all love, but looking at the life I had, wow, I could have been more loving. That’s why I wanted to say these things while I had the chance. Thank you, Sue.

This life you have is so precious. Don’t waste it on hate or fear or anything like that. Just let love. Let it be. Let it be love. Could you be, could you be, could you be love? Loved? Bob Marley. I really liked him. So I just want to make sure that all, everybody knows how important it is to love. Just love, don’t get distracted. Just love. Love everybody. Don’t be afraid to love everybody. You know when its right. When it feels right. That’s the way if feels all the time here. Just all love, no hard parts, not for me anyways. I can’t wait to go back because now I know what I’m missing by not loving myself and loving other people as much as I could.

You think it’s hard to love people – others not like you, but it’s not. Just look in your heart. Look at your heart because its wide open for love, to love, to be loved. There’s nothing like it! It feels really good to love and the more you do it, the more you’ll feel it. Feel how good it is. This is the way. The way of learning to be human when you are a soul like us. We are all in this together so it is right to love. It doesn’t hurt to love. Let all other feelings take a back seat. Love drives. Love sits in the front seat, riding shotgun. It’s all good when you let love flow. Just let it flow in and out of you. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that and to give you all big, big hugs from this side because I love you. I love you all, no matter what you think of you. I love you. So I’m gonna go now. Remember I love you!

Your friend, Earl

I asked Earl if he wanted to tell me more about who he was and all he had to give me was that he lived in a yellow house.

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