You Are On Your Path, Dearest One

The following is a message to me after I’d written about love and was having doubt about whether it was coming from my ego/human side or if I was actually channeling loving spirit. They made me stop what I was writing and gave me a good talking to. That is, a talking to in the most loving way that one can be corrected. As I was typing this up, I felt that it was something that many people who are having similar experiences might benefit from because I think we all have doubt when we are just starting to let spirit flow through us. So here it is, just as it was given to me. Thank you, dear Spirit Guides!

Dearest Susan,

You have doubts whether this is coming from you or from spirit. You doubt your ability to hear yet all your life has lead you to this. Remember the statue* of you listening to hear story? That is you holding a hand to your heart and a hand to your ear. That is you now. You didn’t know it then but, Dearest One, you hear me now.
*They are referring to a statue of me sculpted by an artist friend who was creating a circle of statues of all the women in a spirit community we had. She asked each of us to pose for the statue in the way we saw ourselves. I felt myself to be listening to my muses for story as in writing fiction. I didn’t know that story would be the story of my life.

We love you. No matter the darkness you feel around you now. It is not darkness. It is teaching you about light and love. You must go through it and release guilt and release your need to know the outcome. The outcome is always Love. The outcome of all experiences is love. Be it a second, a month, a year, or a lifetime of lessons – it is always about love. Love is all, Dearest Susan. Love is all.

You are on your path, don’t doubt it, let our words flow. Yes, it sounds like you because your soul is coming through too. Your soul that is whole, complete. Just like your Higher Self told you. She is your love. She is you that has no boundaries or barriers to Love. She is you and you can be her. Allow that in yourself. You are pure love.

You have much to offer others to help them but first help yourself. You must help yourself be strong. This is not the only talent you have, that you will use. Allow the talents to appear in their time, to appear naturally when they are needed, dear Susan. You have much to give. Don’t hide it under a bushel. Don’t be afraid to let all of it show. Love is Love. You are love. Let Love show and it will spark fire in others. But you cannot be afraid of it or doubt it. You have doubt. Let GO of that, young lady! You want to have it all laid out before sharing but you don’t have time. The Earth doesn’t have that time. You have to do it now. You feel that urgency.

If you feel you have made a mistake, let it go. Love surrounds all your intentions. Love is with you. We are with you. Dearest One, let Love. Let Love. Let Love be out of you. You are essential to others. To love others and release them from misconceptions of who they are, first you must release misconceptions of who you are. You are perfect. You are a soul and your soul is perfect.

You shine brightly and are brave enough to write this and you can be braver. That is your mission. That is what you set out to do. To love and to help others love. No matter your talents, it comes back to love, so go do that. Go do Love. Go Do Love. A new slogan for you – Go Do Love. “You be You” means You Be Love. Right? Yes. You be Love. You need more of us. You need to grasp that no matter what you do or say about Love, it is right. It is for others to hear. You cannot judge you! Just put it out there. Love will take care of the rest.

When you doubt you are hearing us or any loving soul or spirit, you are depriving yourself as well as others. You are denying your path, your desire before you were born. Don’t deny yourself. You got this and we’ve got you. Dearest One, you are so loved and we are here always, no matter how scared you feel to reveal yourself.

This dark time in your life with Che being sick, you want to know the outcome and your imagine things that may or may not occur, but you don’t need to know the outcome because it is all Love. It is All Love! No matter what. So relax in that. We are always with you so ask us, talk to us, we will answer. Open your heart to hear us. You are blessed, you are given to great light and Love comes through you. Give more and more will be yours. You already know that. Now feel it too.

We love you, feel that, feel Love in you, around you, making up all things.

All is Love, Dearest One, Dearest Susan.

Give yourself to your life. Give yourself to your life.

We love you. Go now in love. Go in peace and calm and knowing you are pure love,

Your Guides

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