All is Love

Love is all there is. Love is everything. Everywhere. All things. All of All. It is you. It is me. It is all of us. Unity. Promise of Unity. We are all one. One. We are all one. You there on Earth as souls of the higher, Highest Good. Us here in this other place. Some of us who were souls, some of us who were from other places – we are all of One. Unity of All. No differences. Just love.

Love all for we are All. Love yourself. Love others. No difference in who you are and who I am. It is all love, you see? All about loving each other. You connect to me in this realm and I connect to you and others, just to talk to you and others about love and life on Earth. No different than if you were here with me in this realm – we would feel love and not have to use words. It would just be love everywhere, all the time. Pure Love. You and I are no different. We want love and love is ours. We are all Love. All Love. All Love.

You are separate from your true nature of love at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you are not of love, from love, and capable of giving love to others. You lost your knowledge of this pure love but we are here to remind you of love that is All That Is. Love is All. All is Love. There’s no other way to say it in words. And don’t get bored by hearing of Love, of saying it over and over. It’s got to sink in, right in to your very being, your core that is love, is All. Repeat that many times. Make it your mantra. Sing it with your heart.

Sing praise to Love. Love is all. Sing all those joyous feelings for Mother Earth, for Sky, for Sun, for Water, for Air, for Space. Yes, it is Indra’s Net of so long ago you see as a vision for yourself and the same as the scientists say is space in between the atoms. The thing that makes space is not space but Love. All exists as love. Not ether nor space. All is Love. I will keep saying it over and over because you need to hear it. To have the lightbulb moment – as you call it – go off in your heart and mind. To grasp this fundamental Truth of All Things. All things, All feelings, All is Love. We are love here where we are and you are Love there. We are all love – bright, shining Love. You need not have any more explanation though some of you will require it. It will be given to you to break through your training. Training away from Love.

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