Mary Magdalene and the Power of Love

The following is what Mary Magdalene spoke to me when I was feeling that I wasn’t in the right line of work. She basically told me that the profession, the job, is not the work. The work is what you set out to do regardless of the circumstances, or outer environment/appearances. Her words to me reinforced for me that no matter what profession or job I am in during this lifetime, my life is as a teacher. That is why she is such a powerful guide for me, for she was a teacher. An apostle to the apostles. I’m not a Christian but I opened my mind and my heart to try to understand a different perspective on the lives of early Christians and upon the person named Jesus. It’s difficult to even write these words without feeling that someone will judge me as just another Christian (if they don’t believe in that religion) or as blasphemous because they were taught only one way and that all others are wrong (if they are of that religion). But as Mary told me, I have the power to stand in my truth, to have help and support when I am in the highest good, and I am always in the highest place of good regardless of outer circumstances. I choose to share her words to me because there may be those of you who also struggle with whether you are in the right profession or job, that the struggles you face where you are may be pointing to needing to be somewhere else, doing some other work. What Mary is saying is that no matter where you are, your work is what you set out to do, it is not in the physical, social, political environment you find yourself in. It is much more eternal than that. For me, that is to be a teacher, a way-show-er. For you, it may be that or it may be something completely different. But whatever it is, you will discover yourself when you go deep, deeper in who you are. Discover yourself. You don’t need to fix you or fix anything about you. Go on an adventure of discovering you. For you are perfect – perfect human, perfect soul. You really are!

These are Mary’s words to me:
I reach out to you to help you see what’s in your heart. Yes, I am Mary. I am that, I am she who works for the highest good, just as you are she. I am here to show you The Way, the way, like a flashlight, a candle in the darkness. You, too, are that flame in the dark to light the way. No matter what profession you take on, you are the candle in the darkness and not darkness as in evil for that doesn’t exist, but darkness in terms of ignorance or unknowing of the truth. You are that as I am and was when I walked my last walk on Earth. I know and knew profound love and no fear. That is my legacy to you – love and no fear. You asked about this work you do. You feel ambivalent for there are human barriers. Barriers you yourself have put in front of you. You see? This is fear. Fear of the unknown, of power you’ve given away, so much power, yet you crave it, which is what scares you. You are afraid but it is because you were taught to be afraid of your own power. But this power is what carries you through this life.

You have many talents and words are one of them. Your imagination, your thoughts gilded by love for others, care for others, is what takes you to a higher level. Don’t be afraid to use this talent. You won’t see the influence, the results, but you can’t hold back. I did not when faced with the teachings I needed to share with the other apostles. Only Phillip and Thomas understood. The others had fear and with that, jealousy, but I loved them and did not fear what I knew was of love so I spoke the words and works shared with me by my love in human flesh, Jesus.

This is the way of it. The way of love to teach, to open the door through honesty and truth of who you are and the discoveries you make about who you are, about yourself. This is the way of love. You are a teacher by your nature, by the ways you’ve walked on other paths. This is your zero-point in this life. Teach others of your love, your life as you learn, for no teacher can do so without also learning. The depths you still need to go – go without fear for you have always been this way. Perfect and powerful. And able to contain power without fault. You are perfect for you are love. Love is power and you can wield that power. The power of Love.

The Dakinis stand nearby as Buddha Tara is here as well. She is here to help you put action into life, into words, into your words. She sits in lotus but is ready to stand to come to your aid in action. She is here with her dakinis – wrathful and loving. Wrathful as a mother is in protecting her child. You are a child of Sophia, of Source, of the Universe, of Yourself. You are a child of Yourself. Let that sink in. You are complete and holy of your self. You are a soul and human overcoming obstacles of your own making. You can do this. You can put the words out there that are needed. That make a difference in how someone sees something because you have light within you that you have the power to bring forth. This is love. Love is light. You are light. You are light! You are love.

Speak now. Speak of love. Be not afraid in this profession and all your life. You will figure it out as you go deeper, but you must let go of fear. Let go of it. Speak love and light and don’t hold back because of old ways. Old ways are dissolving. Time for new ways, new ways of being present for your self, for others. But concentrate first on educating yourself about YOU. You are the beloved first. You are like me, I was the beloved first. Beloved of me, of myself and then through and with my love, Jesus. You have some programming preventing you from grasping that Jesus is not who you have always thought of. Let go of the old ways. Just as you have felt in your heart that the new story of me is the truth. You will see and hear truth of Jesus as a pure soul and as human. Let go of old ways. Let go of them and see the light of truth about yourself and all others including Jesus, including me. Do not let others cover over the truth and go back, backward. Let the new shine in. Let the candle go bright. You are a teacher. You have great imagination. You can do this. You will use talents you didn’t now you had but have always possessed. This is your journey. Be brave in using your power and relying on us for help. There are many of us, remember to call upon us. Use your talents, your abilities to teach, to call up the light we have to share. There are many teachers here. We are all teachers and lovers. Yes, lovers. Lovers of the souls you all are, you as a soul and human. Fully and completely. You just need to discover yourself. To use your power for good for you. The dakinis will show you too! They are full of power. They call to you. Find them in your heart. Fierce and Fiercely loving Mama Bears. You have felt Mama Bear in you from the beginning. These are dakinis in this form and angels of action – warriors of light – do not shy away or fear them. They are you and always have been present in your life. I, too, am present and have angels around me. You are of the Magdalenes. You are of my tribe and also of others, but you are called. You feel the pull of being part of this group, this tribe. Fully human and fully soul. You don’t need to do anything to be yourself! Only discover who you ARE, who you are in this moment! You are fully soul and fully human and only need to uncover it.

So go now and be a teacher. Go without fear to explore who you are and send back from those depths messages that will help others. You cannot judge what will help others but you must know that your dispatches from your journey will help so many others. It is all for the highest good. For love is the rock on which you stand. Rock solid. Your life in this Now has lead you to this, to this peace of understanding. Don’t hold back, teacher! You are already thinking of ways to get out what you are learning and want to share. Your blog, a course, just speaking to others what you are learning of love, of yourself – this is what is important for you. This is what you set out to do. Don’t look at it from a job, a profession perspective. Look at it from a life goal. Look at what you’ve set out to do. This is your rock. This rock upon which you build your house. A house that is warm and welcoming of others. A house that is shelter from the storm. Go now and be the teacher. Use your power for love, to light the world, to open doors and cut pathways for others. We are always here for you. Call upon us. I am Mary the Teacher, the Apostle. The one who loved herself and can show you that way. The Way of Love. The Way I have walked and the path open to you, for it leads you back to your heart and your desire. You are loved. Beloved Susan. Susan the Teacher of Light. Say those words so you feel them. You are a teacher, go now with this love in your heart from us, dearest one. Beloved. You are light, don’t forget, don’t hide. It is safe to speak of love now. Safe to speak of love in your profession, in your work. Love is there. We are there too, to guide and love you and to remind you to love yourself, Perfect One!

We are here. Go now. Love be with you.

Thank you, Mary Magdalene, my teacher.

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