What is Anger?

Anger is like a fog rolling in from outside your conscious perception. You are traveling along the road, your headlights shining the path before you. You start to notice patches of mist rising off the pavement as cool, moist air encounters warm pavement or earth. Then suddenly, you drive into a fog bank, surprised by its sudden appearance. You need to slow down but you convince yourself that it’s temporary and you’ve been on this road before. Secretly, your anxiety rises as you imagine the road is not clear ahead and everything has changed. So either you slow down, recognizing that the fog has changed the appearance of things or barrel ahead, oblivious to your state of being. By slowing down, you get to see that although things first appeared altered, it’s only the fog. And with that realization, you can separate the fog from the landscape with solid ground beneath your wheels and headlights that show the way before you. Soon, you are out of the fog and continuing on your way home.

Really, think about times you get angry. You can sense that your balanced state of mind has some unclear patches at the side. If you continue to travel down that emotional path full speed, the anger begins to change how things appear. You no longer see the event or situation clearly as you may have had you not been angry. But if you catch yourself, you can recognize that your angry state of being is what is causing everything to appear different. Slowing down and recognizing anger allows you to feel grounded and you can more clearly see the situation and the way ahead. The anger lifts and you are on your way.

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