Revolution, Evolution, Break the Chains of Education

Now we must also change education. Break down the cultural programming there. But the focus of the work is slightly different, for in those places where the young are herded into stalls called classrooms, there must be a surge or resurgence of genuine love of all. We/you/all souls are beautiful expressions of love. There can be no separation of who is worthy and who is not, for this damages the heart, the soul. For all are worthy! All are the Beloveds! If this is not addressed then generations more will close their hearts to love, pure love, love that is theirs and always has been. It is time to end the enslavement of the minds and hearts of the young. Freedom from the chains of so-called education will be nothing short of a revolution. In fact, it will be an EVOLUTION!

It cannot be stated enough that the enslavement of the young, of children’s minds, is the enslavement of their hearts where true knowledge and wisdom resides. Without knowledge and wisdom of the heart brought to the center of education, more harm will come to Mother Earth, to Her children – the Children of Gaia – and to all souls. It is the heart that must be at the center of learning. It must be the center from birth to death. For it is the entire life of a human when learning about being human takes place. It doesn’t stop at grade school or high school or college or beyond. It is a soul’s entire life on Earth that is the learning field. This must be spoken in the halls of these buildings where child-souls’ minds are being forced into small thinking. Where thinking in a limited way takes precedence over the heart. This will continue the cycle. It is those brave souls who speak for the liberation of children and adults as souls, as pure love, that will change the tide of destruction and imbalance. And those who are released from their shackles will go on to teach others and break them free of their chains and so on and so on, freeing so many souls to live as souls and humans – All Of One.

We of the Beloved call upon all souls who feel with their hearts that education must change to be heart-centered, to join efforts, speak truths. Speak truths bravely so that souls are freed and from that act, all of life will be free.

This is said with love. Love for all of you. Love for your planet and our planets, our lives are enriched when your souls find new ways to love and Let Love Live! within you. We are all Beloveds. So be brave – those of heart – and know that you are surrounded by love.

With much love to all of you, The Beloveds

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