The Scientific Heart

Those who believe strongly in science are sometimes afraid that by voicing their spiritual beliefs that they will be ostracized from their communities or community. They must wrestle with their own cultural programming that denies the beauty and awe that passes understanding. To utter awe in science could mean ostracism but what is gained – recognition of their own souls as part of their experience – is invaluable to them. It is the treasure they seek in their studies and experimentation. They seek that which is inside them by looking outward and it will be a long time before they find what they are looking for in the outer world.

Some day science may be a path, a portal, to self-discovery but for now, it is buried in the rules of science. Hard and fast rules so they believe. Some will be open for they are curious in what is beyond the beyond in their belief system (science). And they may find their hearts speaking to them as loudly as their minds but in the small, calm voice of the inner self. So many minds of science believed and believe in this inner life that is ruled by the heart and not the mind. More will come to that understanding of themselves in these times. For the energy, the vibration of Mother Earth is one that will call to their hearts yet be kind to their minds. Other energies, other loving ones in many forms will gently lead them to themselves and set them in high places of themselves.

Those of science will soften their hearts and open their minds to possibilities that allow them to explore outside of their own rules and boundaries that so limit science. There are many teachers out there, or here on or near planet Earth, Mother Earth, who are eager to show the way of new science. Breakthroughs will seem like miracles in this Age of Miracles. But miracles are the result of opening hearts to possibilities and discovery. For some, there will be resistance because the rules are comfortable and their world is known to them. They do not wish to go beyond it for they’ve been told scary stories about what lies beyond science. These stories are as damaging as lies about truth and reality, for they squelch any possibility of opening one’s heart to what lies beyond the current limits.

But it is the heart that must be brought back into balance, back into the picture drawn by science. Their own esteemed men of science must speak their truth if science is to move forward. Truths that call for balance, and that balance is brought about by the feminine. Some of this truth will be brought forward by souls in female form who have a hidden balance in themselves but some balance will be brought about by souls wearing male clothing. That is, some feminist men of science will uphold the truths spoken by souls of women who seek to rebalance not only science but the world so that the planet may be cared for and loved as mother, sister, lover. It will take many souls – brave souls – in terms of the scientific community to break through the barriers of social and religious – YES! religious – programming but it can be done and will be done.

It has already begun.

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