From March to May

It’s been about two months I last wrote a post. A good deal has happened in that time in terms of what’s happening in the physical world and what’s occurring on the spiritual plane.

My wife was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). In the last two months, she’s gone through three rounds of chemotherapy, two bone marrow biopsies, and many meetings with specialists and oncologists. And the conclusion is that she’s not a candidate for the only cure Western medicine offers – a bone marrow transplant. She’s a pretty straightforward person, so in the last meeting we had with an oncologist specializing in BMT, she asked – what’s the survival rate look like for someone with this that doesn’t get a transplant?

“Nine to twelve months is the average,” was his answer.

This was a shock to hear. But then, we live in a country that is really afraid of death, so it’s no surprise we weren’t prepared for this prediction. And it is a prediction. It’s an average, it’s not set in stone. It’s not even specifically for her. It’s just what they’ve seen with cases similar to hers. Still a shock. Especially when I had imagined that we’d be traveling around after I retired in seven years.

So we are dealing with the average.

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