Words Like Butterflies

You don’t have to be perfect! You are whole and perfect in your spirit. Your desire – need – for perfection is for human perfection. What you are not seeing is that those who will be sparked by our words, your words, only need one word, one phrase, one thought to get to a feeling level, to spark their hearts. And you won’t know this! And it is good not to know so that you don’t fall into the ego trap of thinking you are responsible. This is important because when you have people respond positively, you feel complimented. When they respond negatively, you feel judged. And then you judge yourself, and it’s a long, deep rabbit hole you go down from there. So like the Buddha, remain neutral but loving. Do not take credit for someone getting a spark, they do it on their own. You are simply the messenger of Source, of light and high frequency. You are Source but you can’t take responsibility or credit, for if people reject your ideas, you will feel very bad about yourself and stop sharing. You’ll stop without knowing others you may have helped. Have faith – that means without the need for proof – that what you share is going to spark someone. There’s more room for positivity in the world than you might guess. And there will always be room for light and love.

So you release the words as if they were butterflies. You care for them for only a little while and then you do not know to where they fly. Some will make it to their destiny. Some will not but you cared for them while they were with you. Release them to find their way to whomever needs them. This is the destiny of words. You are the guardian, the mother while they are with you. But these words need to find those souls who have called to them, who need them to complete an image of their own hearts. And to spark them in order that they may spark others and so on into the infinite universe. You, Galaxian, have the words to carry forward love and light to galaxies and planets and souls you have never met or dreamed of in your life time. Have faith in yourself and be assured that doing this is your destiny.

Go now, Waysinger, Way Shower, Bridge. You are light and you are love!

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