Love Constant as the Ocean

In my thank-you’s, I pour out my love. Love I receive from Source. Energy to keep going even when other vibrations call to me. Let light lead me! I am in deep gratitude…

We hear your words, dearest Susan, and know your love. We love you fully and completely back. You are learning to love yourself and that is good for we know you as whole, complete and full of love. You are learning many lessons in this time. They come fast and furious but because you have committed yourself to learning and to serving, these come only as fast as you are capable of handling them. You work hard at it, always conscious of there being lessons. We remind you that you can also relax and feel joy. Joy at being on Earth.

All of Earth is a wonder, a vibration, that lifts you, but there are places that provide the energy at an even greater level so that you are filled with heart-light at the beauty of it. This is one such place (where you are now). Allow yourself to experience the moment of it. The beauty of life here for this is incomparable. Incomparable to other places – planets, systems. It is a paradise because of the energy contained in the form. You have others visiting from far away and you might not see them because they vibrate at a different frequency but they enjoy the energy of Mother Earth too. For it is all about the energy, the frequency, not the form.

You have lovely friends and the light you share with them increases their love of you but also of the world. You are doing that for them. Never forget what light and love you give others simply by being light, conscious light full of love. As your friend Sarah has channeled for you – feel the sun fill you. Your sun is a way to imagine the Central Sun, which is the heart center of the universe full of light and love. From the Central Sun to your sun to you, love streams forth filling you up and pouring out for others who are thirsty for love and light. This is your work, isn’t it? To spread love or to pour love forth after or when you yourself drink it in? Yes, this is destiny. Love is your destiny. It is what you have chosen and it is good. It is who you are, not just what you do.

So although you had a sad dream of something being stolen from you, do not forget that love can never be taken from you, for it is you. This energy from Source can never be destroyed, it only constantly changes form. The waves on the ocean outside your window now – see how they constantly change and yet they remain the ocean. The ocean never runs out of waves! Energy is always energy. Love is love. Love is love! Constantly changing and remaining constant. All of One. One of All. This is Love.

Go now in peace and with constant love.

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