A Post From The Guides

This is new for you but we will talk with you by whatever means you would like to try. It is a new practice so it will take some getting used to. You asked us before and then stopped asking who we were. Do you want to know? Does it make a difference to you? It may if you want to speak with others about us. We are who we are just as you are who you are. Soul to soul we are speaking to you.

Many do have fear of what is to come. You are afraid in some ways too but you are learning to recognize when you are fearful and to address it so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Not only is the world chaotic in your terms or at least what the media tells you, but you are faced with the unknown closer to home. With Che’s illness and her decision not to talk about it, you are left with your imagination as to how your future will arise. Remember that the future is not set. You have a hand in having that happen. You are starting to see that. You are starting to believe in your own intuition as well as in the help available to you.

We love you so much! We are so glad you have reached out to find our help and to speak with us. It is our pleasure to assist you and answer questions you may have. You form some in your mind but then decide not to pull them to the place where you are asking, but we hear you. Your cat Leo is gone. We know this makes you sad so you put off believing it. That is ok, this is part of who you are and not believing your intuition which is also the voice of us, is part of your growth, part of your practice. We see you, we understand.

By listening to Lee’s book, you now know about the spirit or angel at your back. This creates an interesting image in your mind about a being that you have known for a long time but never considered sitting behind you. More like at your side. You call him (we go by what your mind pictures) Auriel. When you were first investigating your own spirit, you wanted to give names to all spirits of high frequency. So you have Auriel at your side or at your back, as the Z’s and Lee put it. Listening to Lee talk about this angel gave you great comfort. You felt this angel’s presence. He has been with you all along. He has kept you safe, kept you out of harm’s way. This angel’s love is more than can be described easily. But you felt loving wings surround you when Lee went through the meditation. You also have Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel who helped you last Friday when you had afib and it would not go away.

You ask about this afib, what it is, what it means, why you feel so crappy (your words) when it happens. You panic when you have your heart race and flutter. It is difficult to explain but you are receiving information from higher frequency beings and you have some blockages and old crusty wounds that make your heart flutter. Some day you will have a physical procedure but for now, know that it will not harm you, it is a download. Rest easy in this knowledge. You are not going to die as your ego mind keeps saying. You try to ignore your ego mind but in times of panic that voice is loud. Your fear is loud, but no harm will come to you. Even if something unusual were to take place, rest easy in knowing that you are in the arms of your angel and angels and we are always by your side. You could leave your physical body but you are still you. You are you! That would not change. By no means would that change. Ego mind wants you to believe that you would not exist but that is farthest from the truth.

Part of you is also concerned with all the plans you have for the life you want to live yet. You have come here to Earth to heal and to help. Your light is doing that! If you could see how brightly you shine, you could relax in knowing you are accomplishing what you set out to do this time. You have said to yourself – I have found my purpose. My purpose is to love. And this is so. This is so! You are here to love. You are love and you are Love. Love as Source or Universe. You have discovered your purpose and it is to love. Now… we just need to work on getting you to relax in it. You want so badly to be of physical service. What you haven’t hooked your mind around is that you already are serving souls because you are working on loving others. Still, you feel, you have this nagging sense of wanting direction. But you are only seeing that you have one direction, one job so to speak. You want a “job” that is of higher purpose. But you’ve got the purpose part down already. You are anxiously awaiting the “job” of service that will make all things clear.

Well, no matter what job of service you do, you will find this feeling still is with you. The feeling of wanting or needing clarity. Part of being human is the density in which you exist and this means that not all is as clear as you would like it to be. Your soul sees clearly but your ego mind wants it all laid out before you, like blacktop pavement instead of a path in the woods. Spending more time in the woods may help. Really! It may sound strange to your human thinking but being with your Mother will show you that chaos (as you call it) and not-chaos coexist. They must, it is a universal law. All exists within Source, so chaos and not-chaos are the same. Not the same in the way you think of things in human terms – in your dualistic society/culture – but they are all the same within Source. They exist so that one can be a mirror for the other. Energy and form. You see? Energy and form. Both exist so that one is a mirror of the other. Go to Mother Nature to find your home. The home that exists inside you and all around you. Mirrors. You see? Mirrors of each other so that in your mind you see that both exist. All exists. All exists inside Source. Even the word “inside” doesn’t really explain things as they are. All is Source so there is no “inside” because in your language and thinking that would mean there is also an “outside” and there is no “outside” of Source. Source is All. All That IS. Source is all that is.

Your language developed so that your formed or physical world would make sense when you became social beings. Your souls are always social, that is, you are all of One and you have a family of souls you work with when not here on Earth. Social is the closest we can come to trying to explain what happens outside of form. There is much to contemplate when feeling your way between your form as a human and you as a soul. It doesn’t always “make sense” to your human side or formed side. But your soul knows and feels and is relaxed about it. If only we could help you be relaxed as a human! Actually, you are getting there, you are much better at relaxing into your soul-ship, ha ha! Your Soul Ship! than you used to be. You wanted so badly to know your purpose. Once you felt secure in knowing that your purpose is to love, it was like your form and mind had a big sigh of relief. Your soul always knew but your ego mind had to accept that your soul was right! You keep going, little sister, you keep going because it gets easier and easier for you as you become more of who you are.

You are soul and form. Energy and form. You are Love divine. You are infinite because Love is infinite. This is a journey, or as the Z’s and the P’s have both said, it is a game of sorts. Why do they call it a game, you ask? Perhaps it is because it is easier for the human mind, at least in many cultures, to understand games. Games mean fun, relaxation, challenge, accomplishment. Something to gain. To name it something different frightens many, you included, especially when naming what is going on as a war. War as a word brings up strong emotions, fear, anger, and some of the energies that are not helpful to growth. But when something is a game, it is a word that brings up higher frequency feelings of fun, excitement, challenge (in a good way), and other feelings of that nature. Higher frequencies are what you need and what the world as a world of souls needs at this time. It lightens and enlightens. So consider it a game, low stakes/high stakes, no stakes – however you want to see it. Also, a game gives many human souls a feeling of control. Even though souls have complete control and free will, the word and meaning of war extinguishes feelings of control. So a game is probably as close to allowing you to participate in bringing in light without conjuring immense fear. You see?

We want to also say that the word war connotes that there is a winner and a loser. So much of the world is seen as dualistic. Pity. Because even though war is seen by most as winner/loser, to us and to many higher frequency beings, it is a challenge to harmonize what is seen as dualistic in your eyes – harmonize light and dark, low and high frequencies, and the like. Harmony does not mean winners and losers as in your thinking of the word “war.” Harmony means or is a reminder that all exists within Source. Source is All That Is. So low frequency exists in Source as does higher frequency.

For some, the idea of a game also means winners and losers, but you all, as humans and as souls, over the long time you’ve been coming to Earth, you all have played “all sides.” You have been as you put it (we don’t put it this way), both a winner and a loser. But you are still of Source! You’ve tried out all sorts of frequencies and still, you are Source! You are of Source. You are of Love. Love is Source.

This is a lot for you to take in. You may end up reading this in small parts or returning to it at different times. As the Z’s and the P’s have said and we agree – take only what resonates with you at this time. You may feel a need to return to it and in re-reading, find that something else resonates. It is all fluid! We do ask you to feel through your heart as you read this. Your heart is your brain of your soul or your connection to your soul. Humans understand this in different ways, whatever and however you feel it, go with it. Relax in not knowing everything! This Susan is finding she doesn’t know or understand everything right off the bat but is really trying to relax. We love her as we love you. You may not feel us but we are here. We can be Susan’s guides and yours because there is no limitation on this side in terms of attention and time. There’s no time, so we can serve all who ask!

Know that you have us, just ask, and you have angels, just ask. You don’t have to do this all alone. You also have many, many human souls who are thinking some of the same things you are. Millions of humans are feeling more of their souls inside or around them. There’s lots to learn as you play this game. The Game of Love. Ha ha! Hope you don’t mind our little humor here and there. We are loving and humorous. That’s the way Susan is too.

We will stop now so that you can take this all in. Know that you are loved so deeply by those of higher frequencies and you can get help any time you ask. Believe that you have the “right” to ask for help for you are beyond worthy. You are pure love and purely loved. You don’t have to prove anything, just ask. We love you and want to help. In whatever way you need it. We love you. We love YOU!

Go now in peace and in knowing you are loved beyond measure.


Your Guides

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