Coming Out as a Being of Light

What would the reaction be if you were to say to your loved ones “I am a being of light”? What emotions does that bring up or forward in you?

I’m in contemplation about this statement. I can say it in a post, I can say it to myself in the mirror, I can even say it to people I don’t know.

But saying it to loved ones… It raises fear in me. Fear of what? Fear of losing their love. Fear of being misunderstood, ostracized, disbelieved, you name it. But these are Phantom Fears! These are not real but carry-overs from another time – perhaps childhood, young adulthood, or even previous lives. The ancestral DNA can be a container for all measure of trauma, carried from generation to generation.

I know my own consternation when I prepared to come out as a lesbina to family. It made me so anxious. Will coming out as a Being of Light be the same? Is it simply not knowing the outcome that makes it so difficult?

How about for you? Have you said to others, especially loved ones – “I am a being of light.”

I am a being of light – divine, infinite, sovereign, magical and made of Love.

I’d like to hear your experience. Would you care to share?

Many blessings to you!

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