Jump the Fence Beyond Your Five Senses

There are times when I feel quite stuck in routine. Get up early, feed the cats, write in my journal, go to work, come home, cook dinner, walk the dog, watch TV with my wife, get ready for bed, go to bed.


Except that I know change happens all the time, constantly. Each moment birthes a new moment and on and on and on. What I do during those moments changes too. It is only in the review, the birds eye view that I see how habituated my life feels at times.

But of course, this feeling, this habit, is up to me to change.

I am ambivalent about change. HA! I want to acknowledge change as a constant and yet I resist it. But you’ve heard this before, haven’t you? There are scientists who study habit and change, who write books about it, who go on speaking tours. Yet, there are those of us still stuck in the rut we keep making deeper and deeper well after reading or listening to their self-help talk.

Here’s another thing – I know I am changing. I look back on some of my posts, some of my journal writing and am quite surprised how my thinking and feeling has changed in a brief amount of time. Perhaps in my daily routine I haven’t varied much but in my inner world, I am really rocking the boat.

I feel like I’m going from this Hollywood version of spirituality to my own life-sized version of it. I am discovering this new world inside me. I’m discovering that it’s not my brain but my heart that is the center of my being. Sounds a bit schmaltzy, I’m sure, until you have experiences that awaken you to more than just your brain-based life.

It’s in the heart not the head.

I’m fortunate to have been introduced to people who are channeling other beings. If you’ve not heard of channeling or watched YouTube or listened to a podcast, you may have your own version of Hollywood-esque channeling. Seances, ghosts, spirits from beyond, woo-woo, spooky.

But the truth is that if you open your mind to accept that there are things not yet understood by science and you put aside religious barriers to being open to the wider universe, there are beings and energies that we access with senses we have besides the five most-used ones.

I’m talking intuition. I’m talking inner senses.

I’m also talking about jumping the fence to see what’s on the other side of all the prohibitions, rules, laws, conditioning that we are trained into from birth to wherever you are in your life right now. To believe in something beyond the five senses and the proofs of science with its unacknowledged limitations, is to take a leap of faith. We’ve been told that to open our minds to other beings means we could be overtaken by them, used by them. Again, the spooky and scary stuff.

But in my journey of finding out what’s beyond the fence, the wall, the societal barriers, I’ve never found this to be true. Yes, yes, I have limited experience, but I still believe that those rules and false, frightening stories are meant to keep us from exploring our inner worlds and perhaps the worlds well beyond us.

You can approach this from many angles and the only rule is to open to yourself on the inside to discover how you feel. I am more open and practiced now at doing this. I listen to me a bit more than to others and I believe myself. If something doesn’t feel right, I stop and go inside my heart. Is this feeling of fear or fright because it is new or that it doesn’t resonate with me.

To resonate with something is to feel a certain flow happening no matter how scary a new feeling is. This is somewhat difficult to explain. Fortunately, there are many writers and podcasters and YouTubers who speak to this. If you are curious, you can start with Lee Harris. His website, Lee Harris Energy, is one place you can go to ease into discovering your inner world.

That’s not a plug for Lee, it’s just that I’ve been following him for a while and my heart tells me he’s the real deal. Not the only one – but the one that helps me feel the flow. Each person can find that resonate other being or person that can be a big help when you are scared of something new. In the world of spirituality, look for someone who makes sense to you but is also a little out there. This is the stretching of your mind to meet your heart. To go just beyond your current mental boundaries to reach your heart.

Believe in yourself and your ability to feel with your heart what is right for you. What resonates. What feels like a harmony, what opens you, what makes you tingle with new discoveries about you. That opens you to new possibilities beyond daily routine, laws, rules, and barriers. Jump the fence.

There is so much more! So very much more than what we are presented in this society and world.

It’s there for you to explore. Drop the Hollywood version of spirit and go with what your heart tells you. Your mind will always present as being fearful of the new but it is your heart that truly knows. It knows – you know – what is meant to break you out of old habits. To show you that change is happening whether you want it to or not. That you can break routines if you want. Be confident that you have the ability to discern when something feels good, right and when something is not so good. Have faith in yourself that you can turn in another direction, toward that which feels right – resonates – with who you really are.

This is only the beginning.

Something wonderful is about to happen.

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