I Breathe In Love, I Breathe Out Love

I breathe in love I breathe out love. Love is all the matter, the material world but also all that is not matter. But it all matters! In deep gratitude you are today for Mother Earth, for all your guides and spirits. Your tears came from your heart chakra spilling over. Filling up and spilling over like the song in your head right now. Like your mother, you sing your feelings and thoughts. Your gratitude is felt, dear one and your heart is full and it shows to us. This connection is tiring for you but you’ll get used to it. It takes time to build that spiritual muscle, to meditate and go to a different place where you can hear us and commune with us. It is all love here. You get a taste of it and you’re right – wait until you get the freedom to experience it all. You came from here and you’ll come back and we’ll be so glad to have you among us, but right now you must communicate love to all. Don’t feel silly because you talk about love so much. Not enough talk about love and it needs to happen. You and all the others in the Net of Love, Indra’s Net feel for the world. You connect, you care. The lungs, the heart chakra, net web that is holding the world together through change. Change always happens but this is an even more important time to love through the change. You would call it rapid change because you see things through the veil of time but we here on the outside of time just see it as change. Necessary for balance to return and that’s why you are doing it with others. All the physical world is symbolic of us, of the spirit world. In your mind, you pictured how you are connecting with others. One time is was as the threads of a net woven together but you can also think of it as dendrites not touching each other but passing an electrical signal along to one another. Tree roots passing sugar and water along to their neighbors and fungi also in the process. All helping each other. Tribe of Mother Earth and beyond. Endless love time like a billion billion galaxies with billions of stars and billions of planets. That is Indra’s Net too and then on a tiny scale the atoms as you call them are like their own galaxies and solar systems and what you can’t see are the galaxies in the infinite tiny subatomic particles. Indra’s Net! Reflection of all the jewels from infinite small to infinite large huge and you are part of it, part of it from small to large in your body and in your energy, and your spirit is of it. Your soul is infinite and part of it. You breathe in love You breathe out love. Breathe in love. Breathe out love. Let tears fall because they are the flow of the universe, of the material universe and the spiritual Universe Source. This work is tiring but you will build up your soul muscle, your spirit muscle just like physical athletes there. You will build up your endurance for love, for feeling love, and passing on love. You’re doing good! Keep it up. Keep trying to do it, do better. But no matter what, we love you and want to see you grow in your soul. Keep going. You can do it. Have no doubt. No fear. No worries. You felt so much love today. You know it. You know in your soul that L had to be here to help Mother Earth fight off the dangers to her, to Mother Earth, because some souls have lost their way, are worshipping the god of money. Of need? No, of want. Endless hunger for more. Not understanding or maybe understanding some of the cost but addicted to feeling greed, feeling more more more material. This time was meant to help break some of that addiction. You, too, know that feeling and sometimes you fight it, sometimes you give in. You don’t listen to us when you ask. Even when you hear us say differently, you still pursue that, so think of these other souls not as evil. Evil doesn’t exist – made up word – but they are lost in addiction to money, greed, wants not needs. But don’t get angry for you have been there and still go there sometimes so don’t be a hypocrite. Have compassion for them and send energy to turn their heads away from staring at the flame. That’s what L is doing. She’s helping with that. She’s helping other spirits and souls who have chosen to work on that energy. They are working to push thoughts away from destruction of Mother Earth and toward renewal but more people souls have to help. That is why you are here too. To grow, yes, but also to help Mother Earth because she’s also going through changes. We’re all in this together. We are all trying to keep things together through this change. We do it in our way and you do it in your way but we are all doing it. Putting forth love. You feel right now like this is coming from you not from we. We are saying this through you but you are feeling separate. Why? Because you feel preachy when you write this but can’t you hear me talk to you in your head heart? I am here to share and together we are working out the issues that need to be addressed. But you want to go to love. This is love. Love of Mother Earth. You see? Talk of science and talk of love are the same. They fulfill the same purpose, to awaken love in everyone. To awaken it in scientists and in those who don’t believe in science. It is all about love. There can’t be any fights over love. You are getting tired now. Just know that these things are true even if they don’t all make sense right away. These thoughts you write are from higher self and others. We’re all here together. You feel it but for some reason also resist. It’s ok. You are learning bit by bit, you are coming into your own. You are doing good. You are doing well. Don’t be hard on yourself. You may not have a message for others every day. These messages may be for you only. You understand? No matter, they are still about love. Like the love we have for you. Love is everything. We’ll keep saying it and you can keep writing it because it won’t sink in for some the first time you say it so keep saying it. Love love love love love love love. See how does that make you feel? You should feel good because love is in the pen, in the writing, and in the words, and in your heart and in us going to you. Love is everything. You are love and you are loved. Always forever and ever, dear ones, dearest precious one. We love you.

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