Feeling the Need to Control

Don’t try to control what comes to you. Let it flow, remember? Yesterday we talked about let it go, let it flow. Don’t try to interfere, just write. It’ll be ok. You don’t need to control it. Let it flow. You can let your conscious off the hook, let it flow. It’ll be ok even if you don’t understand write – ha ha – right away. Let it come out as you hear it. No need to interpret or come up with other words when we say things. Just let it flow. You need to take a break now because your mind is tired. Take a break, loved one! You deserve it. That’s what love is saying – you deserve it for working on your Self, your soul work. Work it out! Work on it! Build that muscle! Good job! You are great! Ok, we will stop now so your brain and emotions and hand can have a rest.

We love you!

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