Of Many Possible Futures

You have questions about doing this. Trust your confidence that you are hearing me or we and not your own mind. We are one so your mind is also getting messages, translating thought into words and directing your hands and eyes to writing on the page. It is us, us over here and you writing. You are tapping into higher self which is also us. There is no separation except what you make. Keep practicing and the way will become clear, clearer. Keep practicing your faith or belief in what you are getting from us. You keep it up. You have been taught not to believe but you have other proof. Why do you need proof? It comes from your training. But you live two lives in this regard. Need of proof for some reason is equal to the proof always here that we are talking with you, to you and sometimes you choose to listen and sometimes not. Is that why you talk about needing proof? You would otherwise believe the voice in you is telling you the truth, not the reality created by you but the truth of love. You don’t need proof but you want it, otherwise you would follow what we say. It is common for this to happen. So many or everybody wants reassurance that they are not making something up but we are co-creators and so yes, it is coming from you and from us. Together. We have faith in you. Have faith in us.

You feel so much for the world and hurt when you hear of things in the past when other souls, other beings, animals, have been hurt by souls who are human. But the past doesn’t exist in your time, you cannot influence or go back to it. All you can do is choose not to do it in the present, in the now. Each future is a choice of the present. Future does not exist yet, only as a choice of the present. That’s why you cannot predict. We can’t, you can’t, because everyone has free will and each choice in the present moment by moment creates a new future. We can tell you what could happen based on habits you have when making choices but that’s just some lame reassurance to get your mind off of something that doesn’t exist and back to thinking about choices in the present.

You love and care about creatures, other souls around you. You love them and look to future choices when you get them things to make them comfortable, happy. That works for awhile but it is your love, your attention, your energy that lasts for them. The love you give fills them and the world with joy and love. You give something that is pure love when you give them energy. It is a choice you make to give them energy like this but everyone – including you – benefits from love. From what you give others. There’s a reason gifts are called tokens of love. They are just material reminders of love energy. So don’t buy stuff and not put love energy into the gift. That token will leave its energy quite quickly. That’s why homemade gifts are so precious. They carry love energy for so much longer. For a lifetime if the receiver is open to the energy there. But with all the training away from feeling love, the receiver may not know or remember how much love is in a homemade gift. This is sad because this is really where the energy is. Love beams out like rays of light form a gift you’ve put time and energy into.

Do we have a particular message for someone? Yes, you. We are giving this message to you for your own growth. It will be useful to others but first and foremost you must learn from it. Because we love you. We want to see you become whole. Whole Soul. Whole in your soul. We love and believe in you. You are precious to us, to this world. You are needed. You can help others by reminding them how much they are needed. The Earth, Mother Earth, needs them to keep Her alive. Keep all the energy of animals here. Instead of conceit that you are separate from animals, the word must be spread that we’re all in this together. The Earth will be destroyed before spaceships can carry away humans and then where will you be? Not souls as humans any more. But that is one possible future. Future based on choices as a group, as a civilization, but group choices are also individual choices. You make a choice and if it goes against the group will, you join a different group whose choices are in line with yours. No group? Start your own with choices you make. Choices make the future. Choices by humans souls learning to be loving souls. Choices as a group of souls – that could be all humans or a country or something smaller, but you are gregarious and look for groups.

Tribes you are seeking, your Tribe, and now your Tribe must take responsibility. This is how a soul grows up. To be responsible for choices made. To love others, souls as humans, as animals, as Mother Earth. Love is the energy needed and a choice to love means taking responsibility as a soul for love and others. Mother Earth is no different even though so many souls turn their backs to Her. You do too, sometimes. You are learning to not do that, to love Her so much that she becomes your priority over yourself. Your Self. But you only see Self as separate from Her. She is you too! You are Her! The elements of the body you occupy are what comes from Her and will return to Her once you are finished. You rent – no – borrow things from Her and need to be responsible. She loves you and gives you energy. Love energy. You can give back and do be more conscious of doing so, of choices. This is how you direct your energy.

There is no specific message for someone other than you and maybe anyone reading who is open. Open or not, you need – you – need to be responsible with your energy and give love out to others but especially Mother Earth right now. Yes, giving attention to race as you call it, to injustice done by souls against other souls is important, but for you it is also because when souls are not oppressed they can free their love energy for work that needs to be done. They are closest to the pain felt by Mother Earth because She is harmed more in those places where black and brown bodied souls reside. Degradation of Mother Earth is closest to them and adds to their suffering more and more. That is why for you it is important to lift the burden of oppression against those souls occupying black and brown bodies. We are all in this together. We have to help each other. Those souls in black and brown bodies are fighting a lot of oppression of their energy, of their path destroyed by souls blinded by greed. Don’t be one of them, the greedy ones. They have yet to learn we are all the same. They will have to learn and it won’t be soon if they continue with choices they make. But you have a clearer sense now of your choices. You see? You see how your choices to help black and brown bodied souls be free from oppression is going to help everyone? In your mind you have the image, the picture of how many people souls are kept from being president, scientist, loving parent and so on because of the oppression by other greedy souls. You imagine a future when the child becomes the doctor, the scientist who discovers something extremely important for Mother Earth. This is why your involvement is so important. Liberation is theirs to do but you help. All you can offer is help and they as souls choose freedom from oppression and it can happen none too soon because we, Mother Earth, need them too. You are attuned to helping Mother Earth and we need more souls and black and brown bodied souls need freedom so their energies can be helping Mother Earth. There will be no black and brown bodies, no white bodies. No bodies! if there is no Mother Earth. Your number one priority is Mother Earth and you get there by helping others souls be free enough that they can choose to also help. This is Green Tara. This is Quan Yin. This is Mother Mary. This is Mother Teresa. This is the feminine awakening in souls for compassion and passion as action. Free souls use energy to free others to free Mother Earth from the oppression of greedy ones. We are not separate. All one. All ONE. All one. All energy is one. There’s no other way to think about it even though your human experience is trying to tell you differently. We are all one. We are in this together. There’s no separation. We are one. We are one!

You keep working your energy toward being a helper to free other souls so they can free other souls and so on. Mother Earth needs souls to see Her as living, to love Her as much as She loves them. Green Tara comes to the aid of those who call to her and she is righteous. Don’t like that word – righteous – so much because it indicates separation – “I’m better than you” and that is not what we mean. What I mean, you can picture it in our mind but you don’t have the word. She comes to help, she is the one to help when called upon. But she will not stop someone from the choices they make. Just like we won’t, can’t really. For each soul makes their own choices. You make your choices. You have in your mind and now starting to feel it in your heart the choices you feel for others. Others souls who need to have a free and clear way to make their choices about their path about what they set out to do in this lifetime and their way is crammed full of others’ energy from other souls who believe greed is their path.

So keep working on helping lift the blocking energy so other souls have a little space for their own choices and finding their path, and choices to follow their path. Not all souls will do so but if you can step back and say go for it, and know their guides and spirits are always there to help them, to speak with them. Just a little breathing space. You see the symbolism in the death, the transitions of those souls whose human experience meant they couldn’t breathe? You see? Those souls were to show that all souls need breathing room, some space in order to see their path and to follow it as they choose. Everything is symbolic of spirit. You see that over and over again. You see the connection? Don’t be afraid to put this out there for it will make sense to some, maybe not all. It is meant for you and others who choose to hear it. The translation maybe is not all it could be because you are still learning but don’t be afraid because it is out of love that we do this and you do this.

You must go on with your other worldly things now. We will talk later. We love you so much! We love you.

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