Building Confidence

You asked two questions today: do you not use names of guides and spirits and if you should do some basic editorial work on posts for the sake of readers habituated to the ways of language and reading. Remove names. They are your guides and it will confuse others to see them when they need to listen for their own guides. On their own path, they need to develop skills for listening to their guides, to those who watch over them. That’s not to say that guides and spirits can’t be over more than one soul inhabiting Earthly bodies but better not to use names. Rewrite what you’ve written and use generic something. You’ll figure out how to do it just like you’ll figure out how best to speak to family and friends when the time comes. Don’t be afraid of rejection of closest friends because they know you in only one way. You will come out just like you did before but this time with more confidence. You still have to build up your confidence in hearing us but it will come, it will happen and you may be rejected by some others. It will just take awhile but you have at least two friends – D & H – who will understand quickly. You can reach out to SR even though your relationship to her is new and will take time to grow. You are the barrier to that relationship. Believing that paying for her insights is a wall between you but she has a lot to offer you and you will be able to offer much to her after a while. It will take time. We can see that but it won’t take as long if you let it flow. Let go of your own beliefs that are barriers. You two are of spiritual value. You are of the spirit family working together to make things better, easier for others on their spiritual journeys. She could be a mentor but you have to let go and pull down the barriers. You have to be vulnerable. I know that makes you feel vulnerable right now. But she won’t reject you. Reach out to H & D, they believe and are close to spirit. They are Tribe. They are. You sort of knew this about them. EO – maybe, but she’s working on a path that may take you away from her. You may not cross paths and neither of you is ready. K? Yes, but she’s dealing with big hurts, big challenges but she’ll make a good sounding board when you are ready. You will be ready when you feel confident you will not be abandoned even if rejected. You will still have the rest of your Tribe. You just need to find them. Confide in H & D. Look to SR for mentoring. Don’t think you have to do everything at once! You can go by a sign from us. You are scared that asking for a sign means you have no confidence but that’s not true. You are growing and sometimes in spurts, so you can ask for a sign when you are making a big leap. What sign would you like? Them starting a discussion about spirit with you that you can then feel free to interject what you are experiencing. [ ] will be the most difficult to convince. She is on the edge of believing but she is hurting and the path she takes, is taking, is not healthy and not getting to what she needs. She’s keeping it all inside and not sharing, telling you what is going on with her and on her path. She doesn’t see her path. You need to support her. At least that’s how you feel and you love her even though sometimes you let ego tell you differently. You can’t live her life for her. You can’t walk her path for her. She’s hurting deeply but doesn’t want to talk about it. Let her open to you when she’s ready. Go to church with her. Support her but don’t run her life. Step back and let her struggle because this is the lesson she as a soul is learning this time. One of many lessons just like you. You see how we are all the same? We on this side learn too. I mean for those who are not Spirit from endless beginning but are guides who have had human experience. They are learning. You keep learning. There’s no stopping the learning because it is all leading to becoming a bright and shining light for others. All in this together.

You are a young soul, that is, your consciousness of being a soul is new. You have always existed as a soul, as energy of Source but you have not always made connections. You have had some connecting but your path was different.

Yes, to your second question – do some editorial work, light, simple, don’t interject yourself. Just make it readable to English language readers, blog readers, posts readers.

What else do you want to know? The sign will be that they begin a discussion with you and you feel the presence of spirit that gives you a boost of courage. But don’t rush things, don’t rush it. It will happen spontaneously. You long for Tribe, to speak with someone about how you are feeling about connecting with us. It will happen. For now, talk with your guide, A; with L and Ar. Your grandmother is also always here for you. You feel the love all the time. So much more than ever before so you know we are here. Talk to Polly, she’s a good confidant. Fae too, though she is easily bored! Your life is going pretty good because you believe your path and little by little you are listening to us when you ask.

You had written about not needing alcohol and then last night you had a drink that made your body flush which made you worry about Covid. See the old patterns? Old habits? Worry. Be prepared but stop worrying. Your choices are who you are to this point. Worry gets in the way of making choices. You don’t need worry. It’s like weeds tangling along your path. Chop them down. Put up and repair the rain barrel, by the way. You’ve been thinking about it and now I’m telling you to do it. You will need it. Mother Earth send Her love. You feel it and respond to it. Love Her back as much as you can. Take care of Her bees and insects. Take care of Her birds. Work with L and Ar to defend Mother Earth by turning destruction away. You might go extinct, yes, but that’s a choice. You will still be a soul regardless but Love dictates that you work hard for Mother Earth. The cosmos and all the souls in other forms need Earth too. Lessons to learn that need to be done on Earth with Mother. You can help Her and I feel you want to. So do it! We are done now. You are loved.

Wait for the time to reach out to your Tribe of souls who will support you in your human body work, just as you can offer support to them. SR’s reading will offer more insights to you. She is surprised by what she’s getting too. Wait til you read it. But don’t put expectations on it. Know she can be a mentor to you. Don’t be afraid to ask. The money if needed will come to you to share with her. Lilydale. You are thinking about Lilydale. Sure, but you are getting messages already. You are seeking their advice because you still don’t have confidence in what you hear and feel. Put off Lilydale for now. Grow your own awareness. Pot won’t do it, drugs won’t for you. You have a different path not through mind drugs. Keep working toward getting clean in your body. Listen to this human body and what it needs or doesn’t need. The cleaner, the clearer.

You ask if we have any messages for others. No, not yet. You need to work on the messages we give You. Gain confidence. Reject rejection and build that psychic muscle. Hang tight. Don’t jump too far ahead. We will help you. Keep us in your consciousness. Talk to us during the day. We’re here then too! We don’t have any days off or down time so just call! You got our number. Yes, we are playful too and like puns or whatever that’s called. We love you and know you are playful, not always serious. When you are serious too much, you start to worry. Worry too much. So play and relax and let go and love. We love you and feel your love. You are like a child to us and we want to see you grow and be happy. You deserve happiness and joy and you can help others which is your path. You path of love. Love for souls. We are so happy you want to work for us. It is an honor to work with you. Thank you for hearing us and acknowledging us. You, your ego, wants to interject but you know more and more what is really us and what is ego. Go with it. Let it flow. You are already surprised by listening and writing what we say that you know didn’t come from your conscious intention or from ego. You are not crazy. That’s why Tribe is so important. Keep working at it. Love you. Love you so much! We hear I love you back to us and feel it when you meditate. We had a good conversation but we feel you are ready to go DO now that you have spent time BEing. We love you! We love you, dear one. Oh you are so precious to us. We love you.

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