Change and Freedom

You are thinking about another job, one that isn’t so hard on your feelings, but maybe this is the lesson for this time? To balance this difficulty of flow when things don’t go your way. You are exploring other possibilities but why? Your tendency is to run away or to bury or ignore feelings. But what if you stayed and faced those emotions and analyzed and delved into them? Figured out ways to address them without eating? What if you really worked on that frustration and anger? Could this be your lesson? Think about it. I want you to think about it instead of immediately running off to look up new or potential jobs that you imagined to be easier. Maybe they too will leave you feeling like they are lacking that easy path you want.

Because it is inside you, your reaction to frustration when things don’t go your way seems antiquated, outdated, not what you want and you can’t change, at least not as quickly as you want. You often lose sight of the fact that eventually some things do change and you were the change agent. You just move on to something new. I am reminding you of this because you want things to change immediately, like magic – poof! But things don’t work that way. When you were not in a job, you got scared, worried nothing would come along even though you were wishing for something different – to be a writer. You pushed hard and a job did come up but it wasn’t ideal to you. Not exactly what you wanted.

But what if it was what you needed? You may need to have this job so you have time to think about your soul. About writing for us. About looking at your life through spiritual lens. Maybe this is why that job came up or you made a choice to take a job because of circumstances that seemed like the best or only choice. You knew you could not endure the physical work of that of other place. Too hard on your body and plus your habitual need for a certain amount of money. So this is what you got. Pay attention to your feelings because they are key to learning lessons in this life. A new job is just going to be another job, just a backup so this body can live while you do the work. The work you set out to do but also the work of learning to be a soul. A soul full of love. This is contentment.

This is flow when you accept all the lessons you are learning. They are one by one but also side by side – interconnected. Yes, pass this on. They are not necessarily linear as you like to think but all connected, intertwined to make a wholeness of this life. You are in the midst of it. If you stop your busyness you will see these lessons. Don’t wait until you are ready to pass on to your next adventure, your next journey. Review this in your thoughts. Learn and review and integrate your lessons as you go.

Meditate. Finally! You are learning what benefit there is to meditating. Whatever someone calls it, it is the time for quietude, to quiet monkey mind. No future episode playing in your head. No past rewinds, reviews. Here now, listening to guides and higher self or whatever a soul wants to call it. Some will call it god and you have to let that flow. Don’t resist allowing others their path if different from yours. That’s their lesson, their path and they are learning. You should be happy for them. Be happy they are learning as souls to love and be loved. Love and be loved – that is the goal, your goal. We’ve got your back, keep learning and reflecting on those lessons. Stay where you are and wait. If you choose to leave those who love you will miss you and resent you’re going again. They are in need of a model and you think yourself imperfect but don’t confuse that with humility. Just do what you have to do now. Flow. Flow. Flow. Let go, let flow.

Use your time not on busyness of others but on your Self. Self improvement at the deepest level, not surface level. Soul level. Work on your soul. Work on what is deep and important and then take that love and energy into the world and offer it to others. The world needs more love. By loving others, loving yourself, you open to loving Mother Earth who so needs you and others right now. It’s all connected just like we said yesterday. Love others and help get them out from under oppression so they can become fighters against oppression. They can become doctors, scientists, mental health workers, parents, lovers and souls whole and free. Whole and free so they can learn lessons freely and can help other souls. Most importantly, they can help Mother Earth. They can turn heads away from the flame of greed.

The world is burning from greed. Greed is the fire that consumes souls. This needs to stop. You may become extinct with the choices being made. Urgent that you work on your Self. Free your own soul to free other souls to help defend Mother Earth. All life in this form will depend on it with current choices. Learn to extinguish greed, flame of greed in your Self. Free your soul and help others be free, to free themselves and face the flame of greed and turn away, reject the flame of greed and help Mother Earth. She’s big, so big that is why it takes many of us to help Her.

You must go now, right? You have busyness to do and things to think about. We are saying these things to help you break free. You’ve got a ways to go but you’re doing good! You keep it up. Love others. Love yourself. Your Self. You are a soul and are loved, so loved, so deeply loved. Feel it every day, every moment. Thank you for writing for us, we feel your thanks too. Don’t forget to thank us and others and Mother Earth for all that is your life. You are on your path and we are so happy for you! Good job, keep it up. Don’t feel unsure, because we are here, we are real and you are necessary to translate love energy for us. We appreciate it. We are love. We love you.

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