On A Journey

You are going on a journey like Grandmother said. The biggest journey of this lifetime. It is not a test even though you feel like it’s a test. If you are taking a test it is one you give yourself. It’s a big test if you are going with that but we never test you. Why would we? You present yourself with obstacles or better – with the learning you must do for yourself in this lifetime. You set it up for yourself. It’s a journey inside you, your journey, your path, inside your path, like you are paying super-close attention to the intricate pattern of the maze, the labyrinth that is your experience. You are looking at the tiles, the patterns of tiles on the floor of the labyrinth, the cave, and seeing something important about yourself there. All the reading and learning you have done so far about Jung, collective unconscious, the symbols of psychic life are all coming into play. You are facing all the things you need to face that you haven’t previously dealt with and you know something? We’re right here with you. You can be scared if you want but you don’t need to be. We are always here to help you.

What is this journey? This adventure [?] your journey? It’s too big to put into long words on the page. Plus it’s a moving target, as you say, because all the choices you make will influence the outcomes. By the way, you can start this journey but you don’t have to finish it in this lifetime. You’ve actually got a number of journeys you are working on from other times and all of it is ok. Don’t worry and that’s probably your big, big journey right now – to end your worries and rely on us. On us to help you.

For your chakras, your solar plexus has been the chakra most in need of help and attention. It goes in and out of balance regularly. You need to work on getting more and better sleep. This body needs it but you also access more help, more information from us, from other loving spirits when you use your dreams, but you need more and better dreams. So that’s something to work on.

Is this the whole journey, the new one we told you about, that Grandmother told you? Maybe but maybe not. Remember it is about your choices. Your choices to be a responsible soul. Responsible for your Self and eventually responsible for other souls. You keep trying to guess at this journey but why? When Grandmother said you will be going on a big journey maybe in that instant it was already begun. Remember that we are outside of time so your interpretation is just that – an interpretation. Maybe this IS your big journey.

You are wondering what SR will uncover for you. What Spirit will tell her to tell you. There going to be things you already know but need to hear again and maybe some new things which are also old things. Old in the sense that you may not have completely finished a lesson. Remember I said that you’ve got a number of lessons started? What SR accesses will be one of those. It’ll feel familiar and new to you. See? This is an adventure, isn’t it? You are learning about yourself and about your lives, all of them and what you’re up to. All the fire in the flames. You’ll get that later. It’ll all be good.

Remember to practice relaxing your solar plexus. The seat of your soul, your connection to the path you’ve chosen. Keep watch for signs and make conscious, conscientious choices. You are learning to be a responsible soul.

So much feeling goes along with knowledge as you listen to Braiding Sweetgrass. Robin WK has so much to share and you feel it. Keep feeling it, go to it, go to your soul sense and know you don’t have to be of her indigenous tribe to feel the emotions she elicits because they are of home. Home is the longing of all souls no matter present circumstances, or blood ties, or blood lines, past lives, it is all one thing. Home is in you. You return to home by feeling. By feeling your soul. The path is feeling. Feeling in action. But it is also where you rest. Rest in this body and rest your soul. You feel or wonder if you’ll ever be done with learning. Some time you’ll be there. You are actually already there when outside of time. There and still on your way! Hard to explain.

The money thing that’s beeen bothering you – the reason you had acid reflux and can’t sleep. Remember we are here to help. You have to have confidence that by setting and resetting your intention that all will be well. Regardless of outcome. All will be well. Treat all others with respect and love. This is the mini lesson of your lessons. Worry eats at you. Release worry and replace it with intention. Keep at it.

You are also again concerned that this is all just stuff you are telling yourself. Yet when you type it up you feel a difference. You feel that the words are not all yours. So why question it? Time to work on surety that what you experience is us. We are here. Work on making sure you feel sure! Be confident. This is your reality. You want a sign. We gave you a sign when H called and you acknowledged that it was a sign. We give you signs that you miss. You miss them because you have so much worry in you. You really need to work on flow. FLOW! Let go of control once in awhile. No, let go all the time. Free falling. Free fall. It’s fall! See how clever we can be with you. Helping yourself. Fall into fall. Free yourself. Sort of like when you take off and drive somewhere just drive and see where the road takes you. You used to do that quite a bit. Usually it was because you were trying to escape the pressure of your job or relationship but you also felt the energy of opening to adventure. It felt good to do that and so often Ruby was by your side. Ruby is still here by you if you remember her. You still feel her and long to see her. Feeling her is what lasts. But she’s here. You can feel her with you. You thought of her and she appears in your field of energy. L is here too but you are having difficulty feeling her as much and that’s ok. It’ll come to you. Your connection to her.

You’ve got a lot of work to do on yourself before you can help others. Keep at it. Yes, you’ll have a big journey soon. But like we said you may already be on that big journey and are just now getting around to consciously feeling it. The lights at the edge of your vision are us, are spirits around you. Your kitties are also aware of those loving spirits and can sense them. They will remind you regularly how you are surrounded by love. Surrounded by our love but also by love of those around you in carnate life. You’ve got some things you want to do now so we’ll stop for today. Your mom is wondering about you so you should call her. DO but don’t forget to simply BE. Just be and flow. You are on your journey. Stay on your path but also on your journey. Don’t be afraid. We are here, always here for you and love you always forever. Love you. We love you!

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