Grandmother Speaks of Science, Mother Earth and the Wheel of Life

I am Grandmother but not of your bloodline. We’ll get to know each other better over your time. See how you don’t need to worry so much about Covid or your health? You are on your journey and you’ll be writing for a while to come. Keep working on your solar plexus chakra. Your thoughts this morning are a good way of thinking about relationship. Mother Earth. Father Sky. Sister Wind. Sister Water. Brother Science. Brother Fire. Science is in there from your own mind, your imagination, for you wanted to have something to acknowledge science. Brother Science is the little brother who reflects all the rest of the family. For science in your world is the reflection of all of Mother Earth. There are connections, as you are thinking, to the cosmos and we’ll get to that eventually.

You need to get more sleep and more exercise. Your issues with balance have to do with these two things. Your body has to last you a lot longer so take care of it. You’ve been exploring what it means to channel so I hope you feel you’ve gained some insights. I think you have. I think your confidence has been boosted and to have some of the same ideas as what others have, may be your sign. Your sign from us! From the Universe. You were asking / not asking for a sign and when you heard two other souls talk and use language like you, you knew that you were on the right track. Your path is getting clearer, don’t you think?

You felt my presence yesterday more clearly than ever and I am your higher self but also a wise woman speaking to you. If I say from beyond the grave as it came into your mind just now, that’ll scare people souls who have heard that in popular culture. People – I say people to emphasize that part of you stuck in notions of your culture – people are afraid of death and everything surrounding it. All of it. The death of the body, meaning the shell, the husk of elements that go back to Mother Earth which is a gift back to her, especially when the elements are return naturally. But even use of embalming fluid gets transformed by Mother Earth. By her creatures whose job it is to do that work – the bugs, the bacteria, the fungi, the plants, even other molecules. As atoms lose their bonds, they float away or find other atoms.

Sort of like when I talked about finding one’s group or Tribe. If the group you’re in doesn’t fit you, go to another group or start your own. The same happens with atoms. Molecules are like Tribes. They are Tribes! When the life force from the soul leaves with the soul, the Tribes start to change. Change brings on contemplation, for lack of a better word. Contemplative atoms who consider the group, the Tribe they were in and if they need to go elsewhere. They are the elements that go back to or into Mother Earth. Maybe they find a Tribe right away that they want to be part of or maybe they just wait as an element in Mother Earth for the right time.

Elements who are enslaved by souls who are greedy have no choice and still follow their path but it is squeezed in, narrowed by the use of them that is corrupted. It is not good, it makes them unhappy, to not be able to follow their own path. This is a repeated pattern for human bodies and the souls who occupy them. Slavery continues to exist in so many forms. You need to keep working to end slavery of the spirit, of the mind. So even those addicted to greed will see the right flame. What I mean by right flame is that it is not the flame of greed but the bright white light of Source of the Universe. It is a trick of the eye, a trick that no one did. It just was. Greed did it. But greed is not an entity. So it is hard for you to understand and language is inadequate to explain it. It is a force, not an entity. Can you understand it better to think of it as a force? Like gravity is a force in the universe.

Brother Science may help a little here but in the end you have to accept my explanation on faith, what you will one day understand. When science becomes more open to things unexplainable by most methods used, then this sense of forces other than gravity or other ones will make more sense. For now it is ok to just know that there are souls drawn to this force but the force enslaves them. Greed is an addiction, an addictive force. It keeps everyone apart instead of together. We are all in this together but it’s going to take some effort, some time for every soul to see that. Keep working on it so no one, no soul is left behind. See? That was a good slogan and it had some feeling behind it even if it turned into something oppressive for young child souls.

So keep working to help other souls get clear of oppression in the many ways it appears because we need them. We need souls to help Mother Earth. I know I sound like a broken record but you’ve got to say it over and over again. We are in this together. There are none outside of this. You’ve got a ways to go but keep working at it.

You know Ruby loves you so much. She’s here with us, with you, she’s happy and loves others who are also here. Uma is happy and released from the biological oppression of her breeding. You can let go of your guilt for you tried with her. It wasn’t you and all you tried with her. She had happy times with you but also sad ones. You were especially sad. You cried a lot because you were frustrated and also felt guilty but it wasn’t you. She had something in her brain, her synapses weren’t firing right. She felt rage and also fright and her early years weren’t good. Not the time with you, the time before you. You hurt her when you cut her vocal cords but all is forgiven because she’s been liberated from her biology and you learned a lesson about love and guilt. That your love was felt and can still be felt. She is happy and free of the misfiring synapses in her brain because now she is pure light and you can picture her on the farm running free, playing with other dogs – Mocha, Ruby. They are all happy together. As pure light, as pure love, as pure spirit and you can visit any time and see them, sit with them, be with them. Cats, horses, chickens, all are here and the next time you come for tea, you can spend some time with them. Because they feel your love so much and give love back.

Just like your friend L who you feel guilty about thinking you didn’t show her enough love. Not to worry she knows you love her. Your energy speaks to her. She’s where she wants to be and she’s working hard with your big sister Ar in the Arctic to help the souls there survive. It takes a lot of energy to turn away the force of greed. And you read about the souls occupying indigenous bodies who are working to protect their home. Not only their home but the home of all the animal souls and other human bodied souls and the souls of the mountains, rivers, ocean, lakes, even puddles! All the rain is water that is also ocean and lake and stream and iceberg and glacier. All Sister Water, all souls of water returning again and again to nourish others. Sister Wind carries Sister Water with her, helps her go around the world, around Mother Earth.

You are getting tired maybe we should stop. Yes, you want to stop for now. Try to catch up on getting these, my words into a post. They are for you and for anyone open to hearing them. I’ll keep talking to you. You work on staying open, to surrendering to what you hear even if it doesn’t make sense to you as you are writing it. Stop trying to control. You are not making it up but you are using your imagination to see and feel what I speak of. That’s the way you work. Now just open up the rest of the way and our co-creation will be even more beautiful and touch more souls people.

Get enough sleep so you don’t tip over! This will also help you open to me to what I say and your synapses – I like that word – will fire better so our meaning, our work will make more sense to you and to others. I have been speaking from “I” today but it is we over here outside of time that are working together to speak with you. That’s why some times I will say I and other times I will say we but it is all of us, including you! You are a co-creator and you bring your soul to this writing as well. There will be naysayers, true, but you are learning for this lifetime that you can’t please all others even when you offer this from light and love. They have to find their own path so don’t worry about them. Don’t fixate on them speaking about this writing. It is from love that it is given and if it doesn’t work for some, then they can look for what works for them. That’s ok, they will be ok, no need to worry, be concerned for them. They are souls protected by their guardians and they will find that their guides will be, and always have been, there for them. But they are on a different path so let go of needing to make them happy. Reach out to those who have a feeling for or about what you are saying. What WE are saying. What you are writing. It is offered in love. It is brought to them and to you on the carrier wave of light.

Alice says hi! Both Alices are doing ok, are doing well, happy to be free of bodies that broke down and Alice #1 knows she frightened you at the end but she was not prepared to go and your visit to her in the nursing home after her fall made her feel desperate and alone. Her stroke took her voice and she desperately wanted to talk to you to say things to you. To help her get out of there but she sees now that it was ok to let go where she was. That she had so many loving souls waiting for her over here that she was fine. She let go and returned home to her blood family and her soul family where she wanted to be for so long and she’s happy now.

You are thinking of how unresolved your understanding of the Buddhist way of imagining death and rebirth works when you think of spirits, souls who talk to you. Remember that things don’t work here exactly as you experience them there. It may feel like a paradox but the Buddhist way of thinking that the person – not necessarily considered a soul – is going immediately back to the Wheel of Life, of Suffering, but what if that is true AND the fact that the soul remains to learn lessons outside of carnal time? Paradox is difficult to grasp. That two or more things can be true at the same “time” is hard to fathom when you are habituated to linear thought of time but these things are true at the same “time” because there is no time. Fabrication of your mind so you can deal with the density of your experience.

But the Buddhist way of returning to the Wheel of Life and the soul remaining to learn can be true when souls exist outside of time. No barriers like linear thinking, no time and no barriers to energy so a person-soul can return to carnate life – the Wheel in Buddhism – and the soul can stay outside of time and in pure light. You feel like your brain is about the explode but these things are true. It’ll take you a while and maybe more of me explaining and you writing. Because you also need to overcome cultural training that is different than the culture where Buddhism and Buddhist writers reside. You tried to understand and yes, you read that book Preparing to Die way too soon and that put a fear dent in your understanding and maybe resulted in your having a wall around understanding how all these things could be true at the same time.

Be patient with yourself. We will all get there. You will get there. And the good thing is that even if by the time you give up your carnal life, give up this body, and come home to the light, Love will make all confusions clear. So you’ve got some work but don’t give up even when you are at your most frustrated because it’ll all make sense when you come home. When you are with us as a freed soul, as a free spirit of love. See how love is everything? Love is all. You are loved so much dear one, our precious lily of the valley. And know that we love you. We love you so much!

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