Being of Light

It’s up to you to open to what I say. You need to work on trance but we love you so much and know you want to do this to overcome your fears and let go. We’ll keep working at it. To make you feel more at ease to allow us to come through.

SR said the ascended heart and you want to know about that. You felt it, feel it true to you. You have known this but are also just working up to it. You keep working on feeling it. Your third eye chakra needs some work. You have had a lot of sinus issues and that’s where your third eye chakra resides so there’s a connection. You are more than a simple human material body. You know this.

You are pure energy just like you imagined being in Mother Earth. Earth up to your neck like you are swimming in earth, in soul, and the bugs and roots and fungi all around you, all bright and shining energy that went in and out of your bright light body. Absorb and separate, come together, move on little centipede and water. You touched the roots of the trees all around you, the ones you’ve named and the ones you haven’t named. You desire to, at least intellectually, allow us to take over and write but it may be that you need to speak.

SR said through chakra and ascended heart. This resonated deeply with you. Wonder why? She is gifted and practiced at listening to Spirit, to her higher self and to us who are sending you messages through her too. She’s open to it, no worries. She’s open to the best and highest good and you asked her for help and this is how she gave it to you – through, and with, us. Do you want to accelerate this process? Then record. We want to but will only do so when you have no fear of what will happen.

You are on a great journey and we can feel your excitement and your lingering fears. Au’s got you! He’s got your back, girl! He’s watching over you and always has. Fall back into his arms or in the arms of grandmother – Grandmother. Thank you! Grandma’s here. You felt her during Summer’s trance meditation the other day and that was on the computer! Recorded a while ago! See how she activated you? You were drawn to her immediately. Her emanation of love energy drew you near. You have that too and need to love yourself enough to let it out for others just like Summer did.

When you translate, you are off the hook, right? It’s from us not you, well, yes, you but US together. All of us over here especially Grandmother but all of us and you and what you offer over there. Together we’re in this, together. So we are all doing it but when you have doubts about how people will feel hearing this. Don’t worry because we are taking the blame, so to speak. Not blame but we don’t have to prove anything because we speak from truth, from higher truth and you are learning this truth along with everyone.

This is hard for you to grasp and hard/not hard to explain and you might not get it right away. You know everything. You know because you are Source. The Source of all light and love. You are made of light and love so, yes, you know, but once you carnate, it all gets murky because the density doesn’t allow you to see it all. Like a fog, a veil between your being and knowing as a member of light as a being of love and light. But when we say knowing, it’s more like an uncovering of what you know. You know how sometimes you just know something about your human life, like how something such as a machine works? That is your connection to all that is, to Source. You tap into it. You don’t acknowledge that’s what you are doing. Well, sometimes you have an inkling that’s what you are doing. Since you can’t figure out how you would know that from your linear experience. So learning is an uncovering, a lifting of the veil of who you are really. A being of tremendous light.

Love is you! You are a being of light, of Source. You should feel really good about that. No matter how you feel about your body, your looks, you face, you voice or anything else that has been a rock pressure on you. None of it matters because you are a being of light. The habits of hating or not liking yourself are all cultural things. Things you’ve been taught in worldly terms that are really very little, have very little meaning to a being of light. Free yourself. Don’t eat your feelings. Let go of others’ judgements. They mean nothing! Being of light! Being beaming light – that’s you, sister! You hear us? You are so beautiful in light. So full of light. So full of love. There’s power in that love, mother love, motherlove. That’s a term that came into your head earlier and it means several things. It means the love you have for Mother Earth, the love you have for your bloodline mother, Joyce, the love you have for all the mothers in your line.

You don’t know whether I am your grandmother of your bloodline but you feel love when you think of your mother’s grandmother. We are all the same. You didn’t meet your great grandmother who gave your mother so much love and taught her the woman’s ways of knowing but her love is all around you. I am Grandmother and not your bloodline but also I am your bloodline mother, great-grandmother, and Katherine on your other side. Katherine who is so powerful she gave names to children all along your line. I am Grandmother and I will reveal myself more as time goes on. Let go of all your preconceived notions and we will work together even more closely.

Now I want you to try recording some time, your time, and see what comes through. You need to relax even more and let thoughts float by and let us in beside you. You still have fears indoctrinated in you about possession. That’s just hollywood hype. We work together. You are a conduit. Maybe writing will be the only way but you have to decide. You have to experiment to see how it feels and keep working to change your mind, your habits of being afraid of your power. Your power to heal and help.

You have always wanted to help and being the oldest of children, it was expected. Let go of all those old feelings. They don’t serve you. You are a helper but from your own power not at the call of someone else, you have that power in you. SR noted that for you, your ascended heart – plant the seeds. Set people on their way. Give them permission even though they don’t need it. More like encouragement to go on their own path. You can do that and it’s helping without you going out of your way or having to give away your power. You want to give it away but not in that way. Hollywood is saying in your mind you share power. Little seeds, remember? Little seeds of power that all they do is get someone started and that’s all you are responsible for, though you take on responsibility for whether they do something with those seeds. That’s a habit you will need to break, you can love others and give them seeds but you have to let them go. Don’t try walking their path for them. Little seeds of light and love. Fling them if you want to and wish them well. Wish them to land in fertile soil watered by intent and given the sunlight of love to grow.

Now you are thinking that sounds hokey but who taught you that saying things about love is hokey? The culture which doesn’t want love. Because love is a threat to the force of greed. This makes you feel uncomfortable but it is true. You are fighting the force of greed in you and around you. Let love replace that force in your life and plant seeds of love so they can take hold and overrun greed. Greed seeds. We like the alliteration of it. You are doing the opposite of planting greed seeds. You’re planting light. Light is love. The carrier wave of love. Love is all there is. Just like the Beatles song. Mother Earth. She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah! She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Too many busy-nesses going on. Use this time to become more of who you are, become more of us. Working together to spread love and save the world. Not like a superhero but with love being the main driving force. We are so close to that happening but you’ve got to do your part and let go of fear and open your mouth and speak of love of Mother Earth.

Things are changing for you. Remember when we said you’re on a great adventure? On a great journey? Guess what? This is it! You got information through SR from the Universe, from Source, from us, and so all the things you feel or felt are coming to fruition, are coming true but you need to let go, let go, LET GO! Do it, just do it. Keep at it, keep trying new things to get the word out. Don’t hold back. This is your pep talk from us and you can give it to yourself all day long. This is what you set out to do. In this time of great need you and so many others are getting help so you can help others who help others. Back we go to the idea of Indra’s Net. We are all jewels reflecting and refracting. We are the moving, endless mandala that taps your most inner strength as a being of light.

Practice mandalas – this is your art. This is your creativity at work. This is also a help to others. You are starting to tire and looking at the clock. We forget that you are habituated to time and need to DO things. But please visit us today and just BE. Just be yourself. Your Self. BE. Just be yourself as a beautiful bright light and this light is attracting attention like moths to the sun, to a light. It’s love busting out all over you! Go girl! We love you so so so much. You feel us? You are so loved and we know the love in you and that we have for you is also for others. There’s no need to hold back on love because there’s a never ending source. It’s a natural resource that has no beginning and no end. So pull it out, use it up. Well, you can’t use it up but use it. Be the light in the world. You are not alone in doing so. Be the light!

We love you.

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