A Buck Gives Up His Life and We Are Grateful

I gave you a dream and before sleep I shared with you the time the buck gave up his life. I told you that story because I offered you stew, delicious stew with potatoes and carrots and herbs but it also had the meat of the buck that gave his life. At first you did not want to eat it even though your stomach rumbled and the smell was so good you wanted it. But you have vowed not to eat other beings who move on the Earth and that is good for you. But when you are here with me, I tell you that all or any beings who have given flesh have given up their bodies for me, for us. They have gone back to Source and their bodies become our human bodies and we them, and we carry their goodness with us.

So the buck came to me. You saw that it did and you felt me, my knife, and later you went back to feel that knife in your hands and you looked that buck in the eyes and he offered himself to me, to you, to us. You let his blood fall on Mother Earth. You and me. And you thanked him for being willing, for doing so and he fell to the Earth, to return to Mother Earth, his spirit to Her first then to Source. And we felt deep affection for him as we cut him up. That is, we cut open the body no longer holding spirit. But he still lingered nearby and so we thanked him and told him how much we loved him and then he went on his way, running off as a spirit deer back into the woods, back to Mother Earth, back to Big Spirit.

We took a bundle of herbs and sliced open his belly, his middle and put the herbs inside. This was to give him in spirit other spirits to be with him, the spirit of the plants – sage, thyme and other ones whose names you do not know yet. And then we removed his skin and took his flesh. This was for the stew which you ate when with me. You ate once, you understood what was done. You smell the stew now even though you are writing this. Some meat, some flesh we left for the cougar who is always nearby. She is hungry too and has babies. So we gave some to her and we dragged the carcass out into the meadow for the vultures. You have love for vultures though others souls people scorn those birds, calling them ugly and dirty but they are clean! They are necessary! As we all are and yet they don’t like vultures because they fear death and don’t see it as a journey as you are beginning to understand.

The skin of the buck I took a piece of to put in my house. Maybe to use as a tent when I am out, when I go out to gather herbs and roots and plants and bark and I need a covering to sit unde, to let this body cool down or get out of the rain. That the buck gave up life is surprising but not surprising to you. You have read or heard that this was the way of the indigenous ones for a long time. These beliefs that other souls sacrifice for others. But it is more than belief because you see belief as something that is only true for some, only for those who believe it. But it is a truth [for all]. But the buck must give up and come to you unlike the death guns of now.

Hunting is not a way to take flesh, it is not given freely and most hunters do not honor the soul residing in the animal as they see them. These is no separation between souls and when one takes life in that way or in any way where the soul is not ready or willing then it is a harm. It is not right by the Universe. You are now thinking of when you take your elderly or sick cats and dogs to the vet to be euthanized. This is something to think about, to ponder, you say that if these cats and dogs were in the wild they would not have survived to the age they are with you and the medicines you give them would not be available in the wild. But you must think more on this because you do not really know how long a life any soul has. You take them to the vet out of convenience to you.

I know this is hard for you, especially when you don’t want to see them suffer in pain. But pain is nothing compared to separation before a soul is ready to go and you must think on this and feel with you heart what you will do the next time. Don’t take them when they are not ready. Meditate and reach out to their soul. No, Butter was not ready and she fought to stay but she forgives you but she want you to know that you must not do that to other souls. Think long and hard, be in communion with the souls of cats and dogs who live with you. You don’t have to keep them alive artificially but you must not use medicines that take their bodily lives before they are ready. It is important you remember this. You are hoping you remember but I am also telling you what I see in your heart that you have felt this way for a long time. You are learning to pay attention and this is something to remember. Your love will tell you the right time and so will the soul who is hurting in pain and is getting ready for their next journey. The journey of the rainbow bridge to the farm where you visit those waiting for you. So remember this and practice it when the time comes. Like the buck who comes to you, to me, to you, you must with [speak with] your beloveds from your heart and your sense and let them tell you when it is time. Don’t go by what others say, allow them to let you know and they will be blessed and you will be blessed and light will pour in on them and on you.

Yesterday and today I showed you my house, my home. It is made of clay mud and a lovely color of brown and yellow and red. Does it remind you of your own fall season? It is square and you say that you are making this up because you saw a show on tv where you saw ancient houses like this. So what? Can we not be real even if you saw it on tv? You resist your own imagination but everything that ever was is inside you. You carry all of human history inside you. Everyone does but not many acknowledge it. So they leave it up to the diggers, the geologists? No the archeologists and others who find old remains, things of Mother Earth we leave behind that have not decided to go back to Mother Earth yet. Remember I said that atoms contemplate? Well some do not go quickly, some hang around and their timeline is not yours so they may still be thinking about what to do next when they are discovered by the diggers. Just as you discover fossils and delight in them. All is as it was meant to be. But don’t think of this as set in stone. Haha – that’s a joke for you. Fossils are not set in stone! They take that form to be discovered, they are another form of life that is part of knowledge you are learning. They give themselves – as atoms formed as fossils – to educate us, you now as human – to what life was and still is.

There is still the same shape of life now as there was then. Why? Because it is all elements, all elemental. Mother Earth uses elements over and over to form and reform the bodily life of all beings so souls can continue to learn. That is why the ancient piece of coral you found in Lake Huron looks like coral in the sea now. Mother Earth is showing us we are all connected! Bodies of coral then and now. Bodies of humans then and now, of other creatures. Some shapes have changed, yes, but it is all life! All of it. All of you. All of them. Together. Yes, we make up all of life. As souls on Mother Earth, we take on familiar forms because these are the vehicles by which we learning what we set out to learn. You have been other humans, other animals. You have been trees and birds and insects and bacteria and in each life you have learned something new. You can feel these lives but you cannot express them in words. Words have little meaning when you are a bee or bug or bird. They have language and communication and you can hear it but not understand it. That’s ok because when you were those bodies, when you needed to, you could understand. Simple as that! Languages evolve and understanding a language goes along with the body you occupy while you are learning. Lots of learning going on. You are opening yourself to so much. Learning is remembering because you have always known but pushed it aside. That’s ok because you have to make room in your density for more or other information, other learning.

You see though that you are the spider, the goat, the lion, the vulture and because you have been all things, you can go there in your feeling for them. I’d say in your mind but that’s not quite true. You need your mind to help you cut out all other distractions of all around you, of your home. So you can reach into your heart and remember all the other lives and what your experience was. You can do that any time with a little practice and belief. Oh yes! Belief. You have to believe yourself capable and that it is true, that it is real, and your imagination is not to be poo-pooed. It is a real feeling and real in the sense that it is truth.

We are all connected. We are all together. We are all together in this. We are all connected backward and forward and no time and yes time, and carnate and not in bodies and beginningless and endless. You’ll get it. You are working on it now and listening to me and writing this for yourself but for others too. Soon we will move away from the “chores” I set for you and into stories and truths for everyone. The mundane will fall away because you are a sharer of truth, of truths, of how it all works and you are one of so many and you have this feeling that what those others say must be more true than what you say but you must have confidence.

I am here to help you get over yourself. To be a conduit, a guide for others, to show them truths but to step back and let them take their path, to see truth for themselves. It is so big, that all of what all are saying is coming from heart and is coming from Source. We are all working together to do this. Now is the time. You hear it over and over and feel it. You know it is true in your heart. Don’t hold back because someone else says your imagination is not real, is not true. Of course it is true. You are “making it up” because you are a co-creator. There’s nothing set, that is not accessible. There’s nothing set! I’ve said this to you before – choices make the future. Your imagination is what makes the future. Image, imagine, imagination – all of it is in you as a creator. So don’t let others tell you that what you imagine is not real. Reality as you experience it is a “made up” reality. Made up by you and every soul here now and those things you don’t like can be “un-made.” Unmake environmental problems, fill the void of problems with solutions. Unmake hatred replace it with Love, for love is all there is and others push it away or cover it or make it appear as only for a few but love is for everyone and all souls – ALL souls, Mother Earth and Her children. Her creations.

Love is for all and it will be hard for you to love those who hate and are hurtful and can’t see things as you see them but you cannot go their way and also create hate as they do. That is not your way, not what you want to create. You want to use your imagination to love, to love and be loved, and you invite the haters to feel love, feel the love of other souls. Even those they don’t know, to feel love from you. Love that is readily available to everyone. Remember the gratitude I gave the buck? The feeling you felt with me as I felt a fondness, a fondness, a feeling of love for the buck and everything he was. This feeling that you have for the world that is coming in stronger than ever. Strong in your heart and in your conscious. So feel this for all beings and invite them to feel it too. Invite them to replace hate with fondness and love. Big love, small love, Love love love. All are to love. All love and are loved. It doesn’t have to be an edict from other beings in other places, it’s all inside every soul. Souls are pure love. Love in action. Love as consciousness. Love love love.

I feel you getting tired and I know you need a break so let’s stop here and we will continue when you are ready. This is wonderful. This feels good and I feel that it is the same for you. You feel good that we have done this work. Now you need to get it out there for others. the word will spread, those seeking will seek you out. Seekers find what they are looking for. Put out the energy and they will find our writing together and those who are open will feel it and they will open their hearts and use it on their path. You are giving them those love-fixing nodules! They are like plants who just need a little extra boost to get them going. Nodules, clever. Let’s rest for now. You are loved and needed and are doing good. Be brave in what you face inside you. It will not be as bad to come out as you are projecting. You will be fine. You have all of us who love you so much. Have fondness for all as this is a form of love. A tickling of love. Fondness and acceptance. Keep thinking on what this feeling is and what word or words captures what your heart is telling you.

With much love, with fondness for you, we love you!

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