A Basket is More Than Reeds

Today I am making a basket. I have these reeds and I am weaving them in and out of other reeds. Your shoulder and arm twitched in response to my making a basket but also to write. Today I showed you that I can make pots too, but I let the women of the village make them for me as gifts. They are lovingly made as gifts for me as I help them with birth, with bloods, with pains of being human. I hold them when they cry and they sometimes cry over small things. It’s over silly things but that’s not true. It is the soul learning a hard truth, one that makes them let go of something they held as truth but wasn’t; something they held dear. So I make a basket for myself because I like the feel of it, how it comes together. If I want, I can give it away and maybe I’ll give this one away.

[ ] wanted you to know this story of how I saw the women who came to me with their daughters. They would stop by my home and bring in a daughter who was maybe 10 or so and the child would have a gem between her eyes in the place you call the third eye and this one I remember well, and showed you, was of a girl who had a bright and shining light like a diamond there between her eyes and I knew she had a special task to do and the spirit, her soul, was strong and she smiled with such tenderness but power too and then I looked up at her mother and saw she had the bright diamond between her eyes too. And they did not come alone. Behind the mother was her mother, the child’s grandmother and though she was somewhat faded in the shadows, the thing that stood out was the bright light in her forehead, at her third eye. Then I saw all the mothers, grandmothers behind them like a mirror of mirrors and their bodies were mere fuzzy outlines but the bright light stood out and as I watched, those lights floated into the sky to make the stars. The ancestors are the stars.

And now in your time, this also makes sense because you, we, every soul who had a human experience, we are made of stars. We are star seed for we are of this universe. The elements of all other worlds is also of us. We of them. So they are our ancestors. And if their light has come over, across “time” as Brother Science would say, then the light is very old, old enough to be ancestors. You see? It has all meanings both in my human time and in your human time and the light was passed from one soul to another – “passed” is not the right word. Yes, genetically passed but also spirit-born light. Light of a gathered soul family. Shared among them. This is the light I saw in or on that child and her mother and grandmother, all the way back and likely forward too. And her smile said the rest.

That the light was to show that her soul was beyond other souls. Not above, just beyond. Not to say that any soul is greater than another but some learn quickly to listen to their elders and to the ancestors and release themselves to it, to the light. That is what you must learn before I can come into you to speak. But you can speak the truth. Yesterday, you just put it out there with the help of H and D. You said what you wanted, needed to say to C and it was easier than you thought and no bad things – according to your fear – happened. I whispered to you – See? That was easier than you thought, then you made it out to be. One more lesson in letting go letting flow. Surrender.

You read the Rumi Oracle ceremony this morning, last night and it is sinking in that surrender doesn’t mean giving up anything or fearing for your soul. You are allowing your gifts to come out and yes, it may be again all the culture has taught you [fear] but what a freedom! Can you feel it? It should excite you and when you contemplate this, it will come to you how wonderful this is. To be different, to feel different and be glad of it! Happy about it! You’ve waited to be happy about being different and now you can! I am excited for you. We are all so happy you are stepping into who you are. Becoming the light you are. Feeling love for yourself – the basis of love for others. Love for all souls.

I love weaving baskets. They are so pretty and so useful and they remind me of how it is all connected, how it is a weave. These reeds, if just left alone, are not so strong. They fall this way and that and don’t do anything on their own except get in the way. But once they are together in an orchestrated way, a weave, they rely on each other. They become strong together. They have purpose and work together. Live together in the new shape they take on. But to get there they had to change, you see? They couldn’t be just by themselves. They had to be with others. It was only together they could be anything greater and baskets hold heavy things. They hold water and food and rocks and earth and Earth Mother Earth. Whatever is needed, a reed alone could not hold food or water or earth but all the reeds together in a weave can do so. A basket holds. A basket holds.

You think of Indra’s Net as the way you help hold the world together. Well, here’s another way of thinking of Indra’s Net and it is one for those who cannot grasp the image of a net of jewels – a reed alone can do little. Sure, it might be used as a straw to drink but by itself, it has only so much power and even if I gather together many reeds and lay them side by side, I can only use them for small things like rest a pot on them, sit on them when the ground feels cold, but if I move around, the reeds go their own way. If I weave them, ask for their help and cooperation, then I can weave a basket or a mat to sit upon. A basket can do many things. It can because the reeds are not alone and they are not by themselves side by side. They are woven. The weave is strongest. The weave is strength.

It is like Indra’s Net. I can see jewels in the weave but it is not necessary if you are thinking like me in practical terms. Sometimes, you don’t need jewels. Sometimes you need water or food or earth with which to make a garden to plant seeds for another harvest, another generation. I’m a practical woman and so it is a basked I value most. Each to their own when it comes to value. Those who are in that place you see as India now, felt that jewels were of value, at least those words were carried forward, but if you were to ask those in a village who used a net for capturing food, then the jewels might be the fish or other creatures that fed the humans were the most precious. Maybe for the fisher, the light reflected in drops of water on their net were the jewels they saw and a drop of water reflects other drops and the earth, Mother Earth, and each drop refracts the sky, the sun, the light, so while some valued jewels as in crystals like diamonds, a practical soul may – because of their circumstances – value the water in the net – still Indra’s Net in a way – but of value to the hungry person who may have shared food with the ones who saw diamonds and rubies and gems in Indra’s Net. All of it is ok. All the images work. It all depends on where you or any soul is at a given moment, given lifetime. While the fisher might covet or want the diamond, they may see how it is the water that is as precious as a diamond, for a diamond will not quench one’s thirst and if you’ve ever been thirsty, you know how a drink of water is a joy, is life. For me, for you at this moment it is the basket, the woven one who gives life, who is life. And you can picture yourself as a reed, you have value as your Self but wait until you get woven into the whole! A whole basket! That is astounding. That is why you are working on being whole in your soul. You must be the strongest reed you can be so that when you are also part of a basket with all those reeds who are doing the same as you, the basket will hold. The basket will hold food, water, and Mother Earth. You will be part of the weave, the woven basket of love and light to hold the Earth.

You heard the recording from a group called the Z’s or Zees and the Zees said that the next decade will be the focus so the world’s consciousness will awaken and that is what we see too but we would use different words perhaps. And that’s ok to have different words, for certain ways of speaking resonate in you and in others and different words will resonate in all of you who are listening but because of culture or upbringing or exposure of past lives, not every word or utterance will vibrate as loudly as certain other words.

Just like I was saying – Indra’s Net of jewels sang to you but you saw limits in it and my basket woven of reeds sang to you but it may not for others. You have made a basket yourself so your hands and eyes remember the reeds but you have not made a net of jewels. Just like a soul who has never made a basket may not feel the reeds together, may not see how they all must be strong together. That’s ok. There will be other images that ring true for them. They will hear that call in their hearts when the image stirs feeling for them and they answer the call, the longing which cannot be named. They will figure it out just as you are. Think of how long, how many years it took you feeling like what you were trying to grasp was just out of reach and now the feeling is different.

This is what you want to remember when you are talking or working with someone. Nudge them but let their soul figure it out. Offer yourself but let the Universe, let Source, let creative intelligence work through you to reach them. This is how to let ego step back. Let or make ego sit on the sidelines and allow greater things to come through you. Soul to soul through the Universal Energy. That’s Love. Right? That is what Love is. It is all. It is everything. It is all of us. We are love – you, me, the basket, the Net, Mother Earth, water – and we are all in this together. Just like reeds of a basket. We are all together. We are all in this together. We are love.

You are getting tired and need to stop, want to stop and this is good, fine, and we’ll stop for now. I am Grandmother and I love you and I feel your love. Don’t let ego tell you that what we do is important because then it will take over. Just know it as a truth [this idea from Lee Harris and the Zees], as true and allow Source to flow through you for the highest good of you, of all. We should just say for the highest good of all because that includes you! So anyways, this is time to stop and rest. You are blessed. Blessed with our love. Love of all around. You see Grandmother’s life and her lessons and how they are your lessons too. We’ll keep this up until it is time to change it. So for now, we love you. We “wish” you well – that’s a word or term to unpack at another time. We love you and now go about your day and think of us when you can. Love surrounds you. Love is all around you. Love is all. We love you!

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