Using Your Third Eye – Intuition

Listen to me through your third eye, your reception center. Listen to me through the lapis. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen.

You came to visit and asked me what I was doing today and I told you baking biscuits but not biscuits – bread. Bread for the family in our village who are cold. A woman and her daughter who don’t have enough to eat and you wondered how I knew the clay pot would not break on the coals of the fire. How I knew the bread would bake in it, how I knew how to make the bread rise. You have [ ] when it all [ ] all knowledge seems at your fingertips. It is in your phone or on the internet. But back here that was not true of things holding knowledge and certainly not wisdom. It was me and others too who used our intuition, our third eye to feel all of life. To feel what was needed and by when. There was not interference and intuition especially in the women but men too, was strong, very strong. That’s how we came to understand everything of Mother Earth. Fire, cooking, planting, what to eat, what not to eat. It was the “science” of intuition. Lost now except for a few of you who are learning this science again. One day, it will be considered an important science among the sciences when all other knowledge is lost or forgotten. Intuition will be your only way. I say your way because you will be one of the ones – maybe another lifetime, maybe this one. That is why I showed you the bread in the pot today. I did not know through science, through my brain, my intelligence, that this would work. I felt it. A long time ago I felt it and knew to try it, to test it and see what came. But just like other sciences, I did some trial and error because back then like you now, I didn’t listen to my intuition.

You need to heal and balance your third eye. Can you feel how your senses are clogged and need to be cleaned? This is partly your third eye out of balance. You need to clear away the gunk. Gunk for you is the belief that when you feel something, it cannot possibly be true. That all the voices or voice in you – when you encounter something new or unknown – is not telling you the truth when it is. When you know it but feel it is your ego telling you – this is when your third eye will help. Where your intuition speaks and you listen. You will come to know the difference. You must clean and clear the gunk. Get rid of guilt and shame at having this ability. Doubt needs out! Doubt be gone! I say doubt – OUT!

What you feel is more important than all the programming you have received. Programming that fills up your third eye. Really, your sinuses are the outward example of all that gunk. You ego does sometimes try to come in but not always. And the more you listen and pay attention to your intuition, the more you will know the difference. But don’t expect it to be instant. It will happen when it needs to happen. So we bake the bread and it takes a while for it to bake completely. How do we know when it is ready? When it is baked all the way through? We know by our intuition. Just like your mother knows and began to trust her intuition about baking and cooking. That’s when many women first know their connection to universal knowledge and truth. Many are and were programmed just like you, only worse or more, so that what they felt was not real. Here “real” equals true. They were taught not to believe what they felt and to instead believe in the power of the masculine, which has its place but soon took over and put everything out of balance. And still out of balance, which is why you must continue to develop your intuition, your third eye being uncovered, your power centers growing stronger. You will be needed to teach others especially women about their intuition, their third eye, unmasking. You need to work on yourself and speak the truth of it needing to be done on a large scale. Using your intuition, you will figure out when to do that.

Now to my other point – the family to whom this bread will be given. You have not known Hunger. You have known what being hungry feels like. The rumble in your stomach and the blood sugar levels in you dropping but you have never known Hunger with a capital letter. You need to feel your way on this one and give without guilt. Give only from your empathic sense. Feel your way in this one. Give when you know as feeling what is needed. The family, their bodies need to be fed so their minds and their intuition works. They cannot advance as souls too far if they are hungry. Not in this time, not in this place. In other times and places, souls would purposely starve their bodies in order to, as they saw it, to be closer to their god or to Enlightenment. But that is not here and now. Not for the many who know Hunger. Feed them. Feed the bodies of the souls who are here now. This frees them from grounding beyond the need for grounding. It is an imbalance for them and you can help. Figure it out. Your mind is working on it already whether it is to buy food for the pantry or to volunteer to cook and prepare or to do it from here in your home.

You see that I have the way to prepare bread, food, for others here. I listen to my intuition which says what I’m do to, where to go, how to prepare what others need and once their bodies are fed and can function, then they can follow their path. The light that goes into the food helps their souls. That is why you must “pray” over any food you share. You think it sounds hokey but you’ve only been taught that and it is reinforced by your disbelief in christianity, in their god, but his religion is not the only belief system to hold such, even though the egoistic drivers of that religion try to hold souls down with their beliefs. All souls are of the Source. All souls can be grateful for what is shared, what is created. All souls can be thankful to Mother Earth from whom all things on this planet come. She is in turn thankful to the Source, to the stars for She is of the cosmos too and we are of Her.

So the religions of world are just bastions of roles by ruleless rulers who have or had no control over themselves and ego took over. For those who see this bigger picture, who know the feelings they have for others are real, who know, who feel no separation between souls, can reject those rules and be one with all souls. All in Spirit, in Source. All is Love, All is Love, All is Love. It comes on light. Light. Light is not only what you can see or that Brother Science says is out there but it is feeling. It is what you “see” with your third eye. You see? You see. You feel. Light is the carrier of Love. Light comes on the feeling not just the seeing. Seeing is larger than what your eyes and brain take in. It is feeling-seeing the Light and of the Light, the Love as all. How else to explain this – let me consider what else may help.

We have sat together now as the bread baked and I smoked my pipe. Don’t you smoke for your third eye is already clogged. You need to get clear and then if I think you can, I will talk with you about it. Sure, you can do whatever you want but I thought you were making a commitment to listen to me, to listen to your intuition. Do not smoke while in that body. You will and can smoke when you visit me if I am smoking, just like when higher self “allowed” you to eat as many Oreos as you wanted while you had tea. You know your body feels bad if you eat too many Oreos but your visitation body can eat them. You still need to figure out why you want them so much but you can have them. If you want to smoke with me then yes, com into my house and I will fill a pipe for you. I will gladly share with you because this is what this lesson is about – working with intuition. It is about sharing and using intuition to know what souls need – feed their bodies so they can follow their paths or feed their souls the food of knowing and believing and strengthening them to release doubt and fears.

Just like you are learning to do. Learning to put it out there regardless of what other souls, clouded by programming, have to say. You are worthy. Not “worthy” as it implies because that would mean I or other spirits or souls are above you. No, not the word worthy. But you are so loved that whatever you try or do is helped by our love because you are loved so deeply and have these talents or gifts or both to share. Your responsibility, sure, but also just something that we love you for. That we see you go for that. You love others and that makes us happy because you are fulfilling what you set out to do. This is truth. Find a word to replace “worthy.” You are fulfilling your destiny? Not “destiny” either. Something else – maybe just being your truth. Being your truth. Try that on for size! Being your truth. Being love. You are loved.

The bread is baked in the pot I made for the family and I will take it to them. You think on everything we said today and what it means for you as a soul and what it means for other souls. The world needs you so take time to feel that and to contemplate how to deliver that to others. Listen to soul-talk. Listen to what other spirits and guides are saying to you through contact with other souls. You will learn from them too because we are all one. We are all one. We are all Love. We love you and will be here for you. Always. No fear. No doubt. Love is all. We love you!

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