Building An Inner House

When you came to my house today you thought I was killing a chicken by wringing its neck. But I was resetting the spine of this chicken. then you saw that it still lived and I put it outside. You see? There are some things we knew in our time. Your arrogance about being the smartest, beyond those who came before, will not stand if you realize that those who come after you and even you will be asking to see from us the wisdom from intuition. Without relying on books or experts. That is in the time to come. Remember the future is based on the choices of now so when that happens, when the final straw is in place, then you will have an awakening to the wisdom of intuition long suppressed by the programming you and others have received. But that veil is thin and will open soon. How soon? When others take the leap and face their fears just as you are doing. Let go of outerworld beliefs and expectations. Let those go, don’t worry about appearances for they are apparitions only. Appear and apparition have something in common in words, in language. Ephemeral, appear and disappear. Dissolve, float away like clouds in Father Sky. Outer world stuff.

You are working on inner world things right now. Structure. Structure of your house. House of You. You as a spiritual being, as a soul. And your house needs cleaning, needs some tidying up. Look at my house. You admire it. The walls so beautiful and living. The earth of my walls is living. Mother Earth surrounds me. All the elements are here with me – earth, water for drinking and cooking and cleansing this human body, air to carry smoke up and out to Father Sky and fire. The fire you see here for cooking and keeping warm when needed. It’s all here. Then there are the herbs and plants drying above you. And the clay pots all around containing all manner of things. But when those pots contain things that are outdated, that have lost their spark, I release them back the Mother Earth.

Your house is full of things that have lost spark of life for you. You need to clean house. Your mind has many things you’ve held on to but no longer serve you. Like those things about how you appear to others. The impression you want to make on those others around you. You are by your nature and your sight – inner sight – a positive, upbeat person soul. Your spirit of light shines through. But being positive isn’t always who you are, yet you do not allow that to show. It is appearances not truth. But that is just one example of how you hide your Self. Your true Self. Au protects you so you can become more your Self. I’m not saying become so vulnerable that those who desire to take advantage of you can easily do so. I’m saying to be more authentic, to use your term. To be the full soul you are. To allow emotions to run through you and not held back. For holding back is what is stopping you from being more of the soul you are. Being unafraid to share your light. To take – no, not a good word – to use the power of light and love to help move souls persons along toward a new consciousness.

Your voice, throat hurt some this morning after you did some humming. That’s because you are exercising a part of you that you haven’t really used. But like an athlete, you need to keep it up so you can hum and sing the new world into being. You are a voice with other voices and you are all needed to lift the vibration to the next level. You felt the vibration in your chest. What you would call your high heart, now that you know that term. You are singing the world anew. A new world of consciousness. Humming golden light into the world. But it will take some practice getting your vocal chords to that place.

Feel the trees beneath your feet. They are there to help you. The trees or their spirits still live in the wood and along with so much else in your house, you are surrounded by living spirit, all the elementals and the House of You. The house inside you. What do you want it to be? Do you want it to be like mine? The earth walls are so cool and yet warm to the touch. You like to put your hands upon these walls because they feel alive to you. You are touching earth. Earth, the elemental being of Mother Earth. They are rough with sand mixed into clay and other things and they pulsate under your touch.

What is your house? Your inner house? What is the structure you are building? Are you gutting the old one? Clearing out and refreshing or starting new? What is your house? You gravitate toward the clay, the earth, the sand that are my walls. That feels good to you. You like the colors of clay and sand, of earth, dark earth, light sand. Those colors resonate with you. Choose a room and use those colors. Think of Laura and how she used color and sparkle in her room.

You are thinking again of moving back upstairs to the other room you feel is your room. Maybe and maybe it is a distraction. Think more on that. Do you want that as an office or as a comfortable place to go when you need alone time? You need to get balanced and think/feel your way through. You are rebuilding your inner house. Do you need to have the symbolism of it in your outer house? These are questions you need to answer. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to get your house in order to combat the chaos in you and around you that causes fear. You want to not have fear and doubt and you are going about it like this. That is neither right nor wrong for each takes her own path. And yours seems to wobble a little, going from side to side of the path. That’s ok, that’s bound to happen when you’re moving forward.

Today you are extra tired because you stayed up later than you wanted to, to watch that show with Che that then gave you bad dreams. Not all your dreams last night were what you call bad. You are also working things out through your dreams. But we’ll talk about that some other time. You want to go now. You want to take care of your body and to take care of Polly and to take care of work. Call upon us today when you feel the need. You can complete the work you need to do. So let that worry go like a cloud out of the sky. All will be well. Release your solar plexus chakra muscle and let it flow. Follow your own expectations not those of others.

Let the story of this spring unfold in your narrative and let others help you as needed. We are always here for you. There to help. There are spirits here that are very good at putting things into words so call upon them to help you. They are there willing to help! You have so many rooting for you to ascend. You can do it! You are loved. I know you are feeling that we overuse this but we offer love in so many ways and you just have to open yourself to seeing it. It’s not blaise or boring if you realize how much love is poured into everything and you will never be refused love from us. Never. For we are made of love and made to love. That is who we are and no matter your frame of mind we still love you. We love you with the beating heart of the Universe. With all the love that is Source. Grandmother loves you. You feel it even when you feel she’s being harsh with you. You want that but don’t want it. It’ll take time for it to sink in how important it is she interact with you in this way. That she teach you in this way. It is all out of love for you. Completely out of love for who you are as a soul and what you offer life around you. So tonight get some rest for we have much to say to you tomorrow. We love you so much! We are always with you. We love you!

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