Today you asked for help with discernment using your third eye. Your intuition. Would you believe me if I said you are already using it? You just don’t always like what your intuition and higher self are saying. This is out of habit and self-sabotage. You ask about how to get yourself to stop eating when you are not hungry. The thing is, you are hungry but not for physical food. You want nourishment of energy you desire even though you don’t own up to it. You desire to feed your soul. To choose food, spiritual food, that fills you with energy and not spiritual junk food. Junk food is that which you eat out of habit. Habit because when you feel a certain way, a certain emotion, you want to cover it up or fill an empty place with physical food and usually it is food that carries some kind of energy that at other times could be good for you.

For example, you “crave” carbohydrates and your body needs these but you sometimes try to use the energy of carbs to fill an emptiness coming from your soul reaching out for something. Not your body needing it. Or you stuff down anger instead of naming it. These are all things you’ve heard before and know in your mind. This is what’s going on when you ask for help discerning what is spirit and what is ego. You already possess that knowledge and skill. Maybe it’s not well-developed yet. Yet! But it will come in time.

You are discovering something else too. That when you are anxious for something to happen on a spiritual level, you may be mistaking it for spirit when it is ego. Ego wants it to happen immediately but spirit always works on a perfect synchronicity with all things. The perfect mandala of spirit, of life. So even though you want to be able to reach people souls, to reach them with these messages, or with messages meant specifically for them, you still have a lot of work to do. But not forced, conscious work. You actually need to work by NOT working at it.

See the paradox that the Buddhists speak of is so true in many ways. You are closest in thinking in Buddhist ways because of study you have done but that’s only part of the picture. All religions, when they show their spiritual side instead of their ritual side, have this in common. The so-called mysticism of all world-based religions see paradox or have paradox. But even the word paradox is limited. It is mystery, it is higher-than, it is just out of reach, like the golden ring on the carousel – you can see it as you go round and round but you can’t grasp it. Just out of reach. Buddhists say you can get closer through meditation, that it is the Way, or is that Taoism? But all religions have something similar. It is the difference between the free light, free energy of spirit versus the density of form on Earth.

You ask is there a continuum of density. Do angels or guides experience a different density than does Source or different than souls that take human form? Yes and no. It would be difficult for you to grasp it right now but we can come back to explore this. You are a good student and when you relax and un-work, your soul, spirit opens to knowledge and eventually so does your mind and then you figure out how to translate it into words. But for this you are still working hard trying to figure it out instead of unworking. So master unworking first and then it will become clear or clearer to you. We speak to you all the time and sometimes you listen and sometimes you don’t. That’s ok because we are here to help you but not to walk your path for you or to lead you. You lead yourself. You walk your path. This is how you grow.

Mysteries about your own spirit or about Spirit with a capital S are answered by you unworking and believing in what you hear from us. It is frustrating, we know, to try to translate feeling in you to language to understanding. But all you can do is write it as best you can. You don’t know what can trigger growth in another soul. What activates other souls may be different than what activates you. That is why some souls must have a shock to awaken to themselves and other souls need not have a shock. For you, you didn’t need a shock to step onto your path but you may get something in the future if your higher self sees a need for you to move more quickly or for a certain synchronicity to happen.

You’re thinking about this – wasn’t losing your job twice a shock? It was but not in a way that other souls experience it. Like the loss of a close loved one or hitting bottom from an addiction or something even more profound. For you, job loss was in a way devastating but it didn’t serve to awaken you like dipping you in freezing water or a slap on the face might. Both of which would be too violent for you because of where you are as a soul. But did those losses awaken in you something spiritual? This is something you could explore more if you wanted to – why are you now seeing your soul through new eyes? You job loss happened more than a year ago, so why didn’t your awakening happen in that time?

Maybe it did and your yearning to know more and your synchronicity with SR and the Soul Path group was all a part of it. And or maybe you just needed some other kind of awakening. You longed your whole life for purpose and meaning and explored much. But now is when all that yearning and all the spirits around you met you on your path and finally you can see it as your path. Not everything is clear ahead but remember that clarity of the future is not what you seek and cannot ever really know. You seek to understand you – your soul – now right now and to connect with Spirit, with Source, with guides and angels and loving spirits. This is in the now not some future time. Maybe that’s all you needed for awakening and awakening is life, the lotus unfolding petal by petal.

You live in a place where you don’t see lotus in the wild but if you imagine the water lilies you have seen, imagine how they open, they unfold their petals to open themselves to the world, then you have some idea of the lotus. That vulnerability is also something to admire and work on in yourself. Not vulnerability in the sense of being taken advantage of but vulnerable in the sense of allowing all possibilities to see you as you see them. To see it all unfold and to participate by flow, by unworking instead of working at it. Trust is key. Trust is key. Remember finding the turkey feather when you followed what I said to do? Where to go? It didn’t really matter that you went to that park or whether you brought Polly along. What mattered is that you listened with your heart and conquered that doubt and fear in you and the sign I gave for facing that doubt was the turkey feather.

I told you there was something for you in the park in the woods. You felt what I said. You intuited it. You let doubt fade away and you opened yourself to possibility to see without expectation. Your skill still needs some work but you did it! You listened with your heart and followed through. Now we can keep working on that. I know I said unworking and that’s what we’ll do but we keep working in the sense that we keep moving forward on the path, lesson by lesson. So while you feel great urgency to use this skill, you still need to practice and to unwork at it. To allow yourself, your Self, to absorb your new ability, your new understanding.

Another metaphoric (?) way of thinking about it is when you look up at the night sky at the stars and you catch out of the corner of your eye the star grouping called the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, and when you try to look straight on, they are more difficult to see but when you look out of the corner of your eye, indirectly, you see them. So too with spiritual lessons. Looking straight on is like working but side glancing, looking from the side of your eye, is like unworking. Ego does play some part of course because ego, for you, wants to work instead of unwork. Here we come back to Buddhism again. This time Zen Buddhism. Zen is the reachable unreachable knowing unknowing. The more you try to grasp it the less you will grasp it. Zen and Taoism may be good for you to read now, to grasp ungrasp, to see how experienced practitioners say they do it. Maybe something for you there. Check it out. But also use your heart not just your thinking mind, use your heart-mind.

Your heart is where the most learning takes place for your soul. Your mind helps because it’s like a librarian. It is your librarian as you organize feeling into thought. Thought into action? Hmm, yes, thought into action. Action as in how you take what your soul learns and now “knows” because you learned it through your heart and put it into a language. That is, takes it from energy, pure energy, and translates it into a density, a dense form that your mind can grasp at some level and can use it to inform action. Your mind works with your brain, you head-mind and heart-mind work together and so when mind works with brain, the brain gets the learning from soul and the translation and interpretation from mind (head-mind) so that action in the physical world can take place because the brain orchestrates the body and the body is action in the world.

Words written, words spoken, touch by hugging and so on, feeding food to others, feeding one’s body, sharing, giving, keeping from harm, encouraging, coaching, offering to help – all theses things are thoughts in action, mind to brain, spirit to mind to brain. There’s a train of thought. A train of thought! See how clever and spot-on that phrase is? We must train our thoughts – another play on words. Train our thoughts but not train our feelings or what comes from our soul and from Spirit.

Right now you are hoping that this all makes sense. I’ll remind you that you don’t walk others’ paths, so you don’t know what will be the spark for them. Keep writing and doing your unwork. This is trust and a move away from doubt. This move away from doubt is your work. Your work that you can only do by unwork. Look at the night sky, not directly, but by your side glance. Just as you see playful spirits all around you by seeing them out of the corner of your eye, but not directly on. Straight on equals work; side-eye equals unwork. The funny thing is you want to work at unwork!

That is coming from your upbringing and your culture in your formative years and from past life experiences that have occurred up to this time. Work ethic is a term that looms large in your life. Your parents worked hard to give you a very good life. Their unwork was the love you received form them. That love is so strong and is what carries you further than the work of physical life. But I don’t want to diminish that either, for without sacrifice of their own desires, your parents could not have given you the encouragement you needed to succeed so you could go to college and to continue to learn on an intellectual level. By going to college, your world opened even more and you opened your thinking and believing and dreaming to a world much larger than what you would have experienced otherwise. Of course, if you had not gone to college, you would have still discovered your path, just that it would have given you knowledge and experience in a different way.

If you had not gone to college, you would never have discovered the treasure in the basement of the library. The books that were gems and gold to your mind and spirit. To awaken to theosophy, to Madame Blavatsky, to reincarnation, to esoteric ideas of healing and healers and so many other things. That was an awakening for you, the first of the petals of your opening as a lotus flower and even though you see your progress as slow, it has been at the pace it needed to be in order for you to be where in time and space you are now. You are seeing more of the puzzle pieces of your journey. I know you point out the mixed metaphor there. The side paths have illuminated more of your main path. All of it enriching you.

Maybe those times when you are thinking, remembering, when you weren’t connected to spirit – maybe those were fallow times. Times when you were allowing spirit to rest in you. Not consciously allowing it but at some level of spirit you were allowing yourself to be fallow so that, like a field of Mother Earth, you could grow in fertility. In fertile thought so that here you are in this time and space, writing these words based on our connection to you. It is coming from us and coming from you. Had you not had those college experiences and the reading you’ve done since then and the meditations and the fallow times, you would not be able to allow yourself to translate from spirit to density, from spirit to language, language to action. Writing. You would, or maybe would not, have been open to listening to us and so this writing which is for you and others who may be open to it, may never have happened.

We use the word “may” because we can only speak to now, for the future happened based on choices you made so the probable futures will remain unknown and, really, speculating on them has little value. The only value they have, that speculation has, is to bolster the wonder, the awe that is contained in your soul as you reflect on all that happened in your life to bring you to this point. The synchronicities, the chance meetings, either of souls carnate with you or those souls who left behind traces of spirit that you found in writing, in the books you’ve read and will read. Those authors are still around even though you also believe that they’ve gone on to other lives as souls having a human experience.

You want to also believe that those souls may be having experiences on or in other worlds and dimensions and that is true too. But everyone really likes Mother Earth and the human experience. I know it is difficult to grasp how a soul would want to experience suffering, but remember that all experiences are part of learning. Suffering may be a way for a soul to build empathy. Empathy is a Love emotion and it carries Love to the next and the next and the next life experience whether that is on Mother Earth or elsewhere. To have empathy allows a soul to help others.

Imagine a soul with human experience and a sense of empathy built on human experience being a guide to someone on another planet. Just as some imagine guides for Mother Earth-based souls may come from other places like the Pleiades – imagine that this Earth empathy is useful to souls on other planets. See how those souls struggling to understand their purpose, their path and getting help from some soul who was here. Wouldn’t that be useful?

You can see a movie in your mind where souls inhabiting bodies on Planet X that circles around Xenon Star are looking for help from other beings and a “human” guide – one saying they are from Mother Earth, Planet Earth, that orbits Sol our star. Saying that their experience has given them some insights to share with the Planet X’ers who are seeking. Seeking their paths. Wouldn’t that make sense? Couldn’t that also happen? We are all in this together. Source is outside of density, or our galaxy, our known universe. It is the Tao and so “we” as in all souls everywhere, can have an experience of getting help from guides from any other place. And some will think of place as some other dimension and some will think of place as another aspect of themselves. Self or soul, another aspect of soul.

Maybe any number of souls who have had a human experience recently and have gone on, left this planet, maybe they are now guides for others whether here on this planet or for souls on other planets. It is all possible! And probable. Why wouldn’t it be possible? You are imagining it, so it can happen. Maybe you experience it or maybe you are helping make it happen.

You are getting tired, your eyes are tired this morning. We’ve talked about a lot of things, about possibilities and what you are capable of. This is all good. This is soul talk. Soul talk as Lee Harris has said. See how being exposed to what is allowed to come through from Spirit has helped you? Synchronicity! So when we have soul talk, you unwork for the most part. It takes you awhile to warm up but you can always go back at some point and collect all the parts that others might want to read in a more condensed form. Edit, because some things are just things between you and me. But that’s for some other time.

You have been good about listening. See how practice helps? You feel good about today and what you were able to write while listening to us. You weren’t comfortable with it all and that’s something we know you’ve been contemplating – about how much of your own troubles and concerns you should put out into your writing, even the things that make you ashamed. But it is all part of your growth and you do not know what help other souls. So trust that all of it is for growth – yours and others’ – and helps you to conquer ego and to remain humble. Humility is helpful to you and to others. The fact that you are so “human” and apt to make “human” mistakes will help others. You have fear but you are protected by Love, by Au, by the angelic host. We all love you so very much and hope you feel you are growing because you are. Keep unworking at it! We love you. We love all of you. All of you. All of you. We love you!

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