Sacred Feminine Call To Action

Today there are two stories to share. One is the story of L, the other is the story of me making an effigy of the mother. Mother birthing a new world into being.

Laura’s story. You asked to speak with L. You felt a tinge of missing her and so she came to speak with you. You asked her what she was doing, after getting ample hugs as you and she always shared when she was in body, in person. As you have said, known, from before, she is working with Ar in protecting the wild. This now the wild of what you name Alaska and she asked you to pull the golden light that fills your heart and is pooled around you feet, pull the light up and out, sending it to the protectors of Mother Earth there in Alaska and the Bering Sea. Light to go to the shamans and witches and light workers and heart warriors, to send that energy of love so they may work with it to bring, conjure up, protection for the wilds, the wild ones.

And she said that she and Ar are letting loose arrows of compassion, letting them loose into the hearts of men and women working on the ships bringing metal and works of destruction to the Refuge. To fill them with heartsong of wonder at the beauty of the place. To turn them away from destruction and to turn their hearts toward beauty which is an expression of love. And so you used the golden light of your heart and the green light of your heart chakra and sent energy to the light workers, to the shamans and witches, to the Sisters of Keepers of Sacred Waters and to Brothers there as well.

You pictured the seas, the water off the coast, as dragging the ships backward to keep them from coming to the coast, to the land where they would set up their machines of destruction. You gave your energy to the shamans who work the elements so that the elements of metal and fire and wood would not cooperate with the human souls who want to use their energy to destroy other souls – the mountains and rivers and bear and eagle and deer and beaver and birds. They work with the energy you send and their own energy and with Mother Earth and they turn away the ones who came to destroy by making the elements impossible to work with.

And for those souls who do make it through, L and Ar shoot arrows of compassion into their hearts and arrows of wonderment into their eyes so that they may see anew the life of Mother Earth and all Her children and so they [these souls] leave to seek work in other ways, tending to Mother Earth, making Her strong instead of taking Her energy. There is a place for destruction. That is why there is Kali and Pele and Baba Yaga and others. But like the story of the Wendigo [of the Algonquin-speaking First Nation People] as told by Robin Wall Kimmerer, if the Wendigo is loosed upon the Land of the North, it will never be satisfied until all is destroyed and eaten by that monster. This must not happen. Light workers and heart warriors must give energy to the people souls of Alaska trying to protect the land, protecting Mother Earth. Let this be and it is so! So be it and it is so!

The other story I share today is of your visit to my home. You found me making a clay figure. At first you thought I was making a pot to put herbs in but not today. Today I make a clay effigy or figure of the sacred woman, Earth Mother, Mother Earth, The One Who Will Birthe a New World, as She Herself is birthed into new consciousness.

Mother Earth is changing and is gaining a new consciousness of Herself and Her power. What does this mean for souls in human form? For souls of other beings? This will unfold as things will. Choices made are the future. Mother Earth will choose a certain path or paths and beings will see a new Earth arise and along with it, a new world. In my speaking with you, the Earth, Mother Earth, as a loving, breathing being is different in language terms from world. “World” for me means the culture of human-based souls.

A new world will emerge where souls will awaken in their human forms to see, to realize all the relationships they have and how precious those relations are. How long will it take? As long as is needed. Mother Earth and all beings, all souls together decide that timing. So work with Her and with other souls to bring about Mother’s new energy. Help birthe the new world into being. The energy is already present but dormant on the material side. It is present on the spiritual side. It needs to be birthed. You and all other souls who see this must become the midwives of this birth. That is why bringing about birthing goddesses and figures of the Sacred Feminine are so important now. Now! Let all the souls who are light workers, heart warriors, shamans, wicca, witches whether in male or female bodies come together. Let in the Sacred Light, the Sacred Feminine, The Yin, The Female Energy, The Compassionate Ones. Let loose Green Tara, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Pele, Kali, Lilith, Artemis, and all the goddess energies held back for so long. Let loose the energies of the souls who speak the feminine all over Mother Earth. Those in human form. Those in animal form. Those who are the trees, mountains, rivers, Pachamama, Chumaluma, Calisto, Pacifica, all the goddesses who hold power and energy. You have missed naming them as you once did, but you will. Let their energy run through you now. Tee energy of mother protection, Mother Bear protecting her young, Mother Moose, Mother cat. All mothers in many forms. That Yin energy to awaken passion. Passion for protecting what is beautiful and ugly, real and of this world, and passion to protect Mother Earth.

This is the work of this time. You feel my energy running through you and this is as it should be. For you are a sworn worker of light and there is warrior in you to defend through the pen what is right. Which is the defense of Mother. She protects you. You protect her from more harm. You stand guard as She birthes Herself into new consciousness. You stand witness. You stand as midwife to a new age of light. The new era is coming to the world. The Era of Light and we are also here to help. To help light workers and shaman and truth tellers and witches and warriors defending the heart and soul of life of Mother Earth. We are here to work with you. To unite with you to protect Her, to be with Her. Watch as She birthes Herself.

Watch as you birthe yourself too. You, too, are entering a new age of You. You. Your Self are being born anew. Not as the overused term christians use of “born again.” No, you are a soul about to make a leap into a new world of your making. But not of yours alone. For you are not alone ever! All the souls now working and those now awakening are all in this together. We are all in this together and we will help Mother Earth bring about Her birth and we will birthe ourselves and be one with Mother and with other souls. This is your work.

Feel the clay in your hands. Work the Sacred Feminine into the earth of the clay. Feel how it is cool to the touch but the warmth in your hands is the warmth of Brother Fire who is here too. Work the clay and see it as a metaphor for working energy into the world, as it is needed. You are so needed. And as Lee Harris said, you are needed and now is your time. Let those be words that ring in your ears and heart. Let it ring loudly so those asleep, those amnesia-wracked, can hear it as the waking bell, a call to action, a call to put forth energy as never before. There will be hard times to come but if those who understand the need, the choices we all make will shift the future toward light.

And Mother Earth having gone through the pain of birth will bring about a new Self and Mother. And we Her children will benefit from our new relationship with Her. Beauty will reign. Beauty not as defined by any one person soul or any group but beauty as in wonder and awe at what life is and with this the knowing of Love. That Love is the generator of all of life. All this is possible and it is up to you as light worker to make it probable. Join with others working in light and love to make choices which make the future of light and love probable. Birthe the new era of light of love. You can do this.

Never give up the energy that feeds the move toward love. Even when barriers are presented by those who are still sleepwalking, who are greedy, who are lost to their own compassionate selves, do not let these things depress you or keep you from being brave. You are a soul of pure love. Source runs through you and is you. So no matter what you are told or believe about yourself, let that moment of doubt and fear dissipate like fog in sunshine, fog or mist in sunshine. Let it go. Let it return as energy to Mother Earth who will transform it into energy for positive growth. Let go of all your doubts and fears. Let them go and work now for all souls and for Mother. Do not leave Earth regretting not having done something for Mother Earth.

We could continue but you are tired. In your mind’s eye I see you making a clay figure of Mother birthing Herself and you as midwife. You may want to get clay to make a figure. I’m not pressing you on this like I did going to the woods. But you like to work with your hands when feeling this way so you may want to work the clay. Your choice, you decide. It may feel good to express your energy in this way. Contemplate it . All will be for good no matter your choice. This will come up again because this energy for awakening the Sacred Feminine must happen over and over like contractions of birth. You are a part of it so you will write more about this. We will work with you to bring about that which needs to be spoken and heard. There are many on the cusp of activation of their souls and of finding their paths so it is important to get this out there and to be more active in publicizing it. You’ll figure it out. Know that it is needed and you are the one to do it. So be it and so it is!

You are loved so much. We love you! We love love love you! Aho.

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