Shedding Old Skin Like a Snake

Manushka Babushka. This is my name or the name you want to use. You are remembering when you were at Ellis Island with your mama and papa and Che. You put the scarf on your head as you sat there in the empty hall and imagined the lives who went through the place, through Ellis Island, and so you brought forth Babushka. You brought her forth and your papa recorded it and you just said what came to you out of the blue, as you would say.

Babushka told you of coming to America with her sister and how they came through Ellis Island. You remember that feeling now. Now you think of it as channeling. Your family found it funny but maybe also a little scary that you slipped into character so quietly and easily. But now looking back, you see that you were sensitive enough to pick up on one of the many souls, traces of spirit, of those who came through Ellis Island. You pick up on energies fairly quickly and though you push away impressions you get, you are sensitive to them. Perhaps that is why SR picked up that you needed flower energy to help you not be oversensitive. To allow energy to come to you, to inform you but not to overwhelm you.

It is a talent or a gift or whatever you want to call it. It is where your soul is in development right now. You are awakening to your talents. Your talents are what are helping you in this lifetime. They grow stronger the more you acknowledge having them and do less pushing away. You push them away because you absorb them but then don’t know what to do with that energy. This is also what lies behind what you call loyalty. You are like a dog soul who picks up on energy and holds onto it. You pick up on other souls’ energies and hold on. Even though that energy is not yours. You are sensitive to energies.

Just before you went into meditation, you envisioned the love of your cat, Fae, sitting on your shoulder and then in your lap. You floated off into thinking about others as you talked to yourself about Mother. Your mother and her energy, other people souls in your life and their energies. Whether they were sad, afraid, angry or other. You pick up on energy. So take the flower essence and allow your sensitivity to come back into a range you can handle and what we mean by handle is that you feel it and let it pass on. Feel it and release it back to Mother Earth.

Each meditation you do, you wipe old energy off of all your chakras, releasing old energies that have clung to you, whether yours or someone else’s, some other soul’s energy. Do that more often during the day too because you absorb too much of other souls’ energies and you need to be clear about your own and to practice using your talents to do the work you set out to do.

Let energy you’ve absorbed in the past, let it go right now. Close your eyes and imagine shedding it like old dead skin off this body falling back to Mother Earth. Ask Her to take it and transform it into something positive, something useful for others or for Herself. You can and should do this on a regular basis.

Don’t forget your Homework. You made a list of things we want you to do – clean, clear, repair, pray to or over this space, this house that you are settling into as a home. You have been fighting it since you came to live here but part of that was fighting off being engulfed or swept up in C’s energy. You feel still engulfed at times but you are stepping out of that role and into your Self. Your soul is shining and the old energies, like old skin, are slipping off, like shedding old skin. The image of a snake shedding comes to you and so now you can see how the times when you’ve found old snake skins, you felt the need to connect your Self to shed old energy. Growing little by little, slowly.

But now “time” is sped up. You see how time is just a construction of your cultural mind, the group mind, and has no real meaning outside of the world you’ve created with all other souls on Mother Earth. You are thinking about how it is said that Mother Earth is billions of years old and you cannot fathom that as time. But you’ve always had in your thinking, perhaps from your reading, but either way, an activation of how time is relative to where a soul is. Mother Earth lives in earth- or planetary-time. Maybe She doesn’t feel “old.” Maybe billions of years to Her are as ten years feels to you. Just as ten minutes feels to a Mayfly that lives for only a day. For that insect soul, a day IS a lifetime. For you, maybe 80, 90, or 100 years is a lifetime. So a day to Mother Earth is so small just as ten minutes to you is so small in comparison to the life of a Mayfly, yet it means so much to that Mayfly. You see?

Time itself is irrelevant. Intention or intentionality is what is needed as a focus. Mother Earth in Her lifetime is focusing on raising Her vibration. She is going through Her own labor or crisis [or dark night of the soul] to break free of the old and to go forward in the new. You happen to have the same going on for you, coinciding – Co-Inside-ing – with Mother Earth. The crossroads you are at are the crossroads for yourself and Mother Earth and so many other souls. She offers you energy and you gift it back to Her.

That is why any action taken by souls whether for Mother Earth – addressed as action to stop human-created climate change – or for recognition of black- and brown-bodied souls as whole and equal – none of it will occur without recognition of love of soul, of the changes happening at the spiritual level.

You wonder how to convey this? How to convey it to those at work? This is lacking. Too many souls at the job you do are somnambulatory. They are asleep. Even though they express interest and desire in doing justice for Mother Earth and for black and brown-bodied people or for indigenous native people souls. For others. For without connection to Love and Love shining through them, no changes will happen. That is not your job.

All around you people souls ar awakening but they go on the anger they feel. That is not to say anger is wrong. It is a feeling one would have upon awakening to an unequal culture. But it must be more than anger. Anger as an emotion is fire-based. The elemental fire is lit inside the soul, feeling hot and hotter but the body cannot contain that forever. Fire burns and consumes. The body cannot hold it and it ignites anger in other souls, that is true, it is action but it cannot be sustained. All action must come from Love. Love of other souls because souls are all one. Your soul, my soul, that person soul – all souls all one. Love is key.

Love is not fire alone but also all the other elementals. It is water – fluid, flowing, able to fit in the nooks and crannies of culture. Love is earth – grounded and grounding. Fire, as electricity, seeks ground. Fire seeks Earth. To live, Earth seeks to grow plants and other things so Earth seeks Water. Water seeks Air. Air is necessary for all bodies of souls but also necessary for Fire and Water and Earth. Air as wind carries Water, who nourishes Earth, who gathers Fire and Fire needs Air. Air needs Earth to recycle used Air and replenish it for another cycle. All the elements work together.

Just as Love binds all the elements and then some. No element exists without Love. Love is the animating force of the universe and of the Universe. It is the Universe or Source or whatever any soul wants to name it. Love is all. That is why all action for Mother Earth, for black and brown-bodied souls must recognize Love, the unifying force of all things. The unifying force of the universe Universe. Love is all.

This is why at the job this movement will never take off until there is love, Love, love as the basis, until then it will only be on the surface. Transformation in terms of awakening the soul will be deep and at the job you are at right now, no souls want to show their love for other souls. You are asking yourself whether this is your task to accomplish. Whether speaking up for Love is what you need to do. Wait for a sign from us. You are still too sensitive to others to do that task right away even though you feel it. But it must be at a time when it is useful to other souls and you do not take credit for it.

That is another issue you are working on – to allow Love, Source, and other guides or Ascended Masters or any other spirit. But then again, you are just becoming cognizant of how fear holds you back and now you are thinking that whenever you bring up the ego, you are speaking of your fear.

Ego is a tool. It does not hold you back. Fear holds you back. All the anger, the experiences you’ve had, all the rejections, all the anger thrown your way by other souls, has stayed with you over lifetimes and you are not yet clear of those energies. But you will get there. Keep thinking about Love. Keep finding that feeling of Love deep in you and put thinking and feeling together so you may see the crossroads and take the step to speaking about Love.

You really really want to put it out to the group that love is the basis, the core, the center of the work you do together. You just want to put it out there! Go ahead. Go do it and know we have your back. That is, we are here if rejection happens. For this, too, may be ego. Ego. No, again, we are seeing you blame ego for things when it is fear – a feeling inside you that may be saying go for it – go say things about Love, and when you are rejected, retreat. But then again, who knows, you do not, who knows what activates other souls? To speak of Love. This is your quandary.

Ponder this today. Look, too, for some soul to talk to about this. H and D? SR? Maybe this is what you can speak with SR about. Think and feel and meditate today when you can, so that it comes to you. The answer or AN answer comes to you. We say wait for more insight. Wait for your soul to strengthen muscles of Love. Everything in the right time.

You must stop now. We feel your gratitude. We love you. Love you so much and now it is time for you to leave the cave, the council of grandmothers. Feel each of us standing behind you, touching you on the shoulders, head and back as a blessing upon you. We give to you our energy to grow and learn. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for loving Mother Earth and loving yourself. You’ve got some work to do still but each day you make progress. You are loved. You are Love. Pure light. Pure light. You are a soul of pure light and love.

We love you!

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