Love, Light, Love Light

Child of the Grandmothers! Child of the Universe!

Clean, drink tea, use flower vibrations, crystal vibrations, and rest. As you do these things check in with us and look for more guidance. Yes, Fae’s fur is giving you [allergy] problems. You are afraid she might need to not live with you. Give up your fear and concentrate on doing what we’ve told you. There is no reason to be afraid. Follow what we say. Not only what you’ve written so far but later when you check in with us, follow our advice, our consultation then too.

Physically, you are working on learning about vibrational energy. You have a sensitivity for it and like any skill, you must practice. So begin your lessons now. We are here. Look at all of us – we are all healers! We might have come from different cultures in our earth times but we are healers all of us.

Use filter mask when doing things like changing the cat box. You need to have healthy lungs for the work ahead of you. These are all things we want you to concentrate on because you need to have healthy lungs for the future work you will do. You need to breathe so you can sleep. You need to rest in order to do the work. These are all things you can do for your physical presence on Mother Earth.

Things have gotten out of whack for you, for everyone, for Mother Earth, so it is time in your life to set things right. It may go slower than you expect but remember you are working on Mother Earth’s time not your human time, so keep that in mind. That is also good for others to know and think about as well. Especially those young ones who, like you when you were their age, wanted everything to happen immediately.

Yes, “time” as a vibration, is speeding up as the world changes. Change is a move of vibration, the tuning up of Mother Earth and all Her children. You and all those souls aware are helping this happen. A tuning up so that there is greater harmony. Harmony doesn’t mean a single note but many notes which compliment each other. An infinite number of vibrations that compliment each other. That resonate. But, you ask, what about other vibrations, other chords which do not resonate at the same frequency and therefore are out of harmony?

None are out of harmony. It is just that those that are out of sync are simply not aware of their own vibration. You are thinking in terms of sound. Sound as a physical manifestation. We are talking about vibration at the spiritual level. This is slightly different. Just as you picture light in your mind when we speak of light – Light as Love – it is not only light in the spectrum of sight but light as a component or element or base of spirit.

Light is the carrier wave of Love and that is in spirit terms. But you cannot see Love, as Love is only what you imagine it to be – which is also real – but your sight is limited. Light is so much more than the visible spectrum. You are thinking of Light as energy, as vibration. Vibration beyond physical human body sight. That is why those people souls who do not have human sight with eyes can still “see” Light [with a capital L] or feel Love Lightinsight inside. Love as the ultimate vibration. All other vibrations attune to Love. But that attunement is limitless. Which may be difficult to fathom right now. Love is the ultimate vibration and all harmony falls into line with Love.

So while your mind goes toward what you know and perceive with human body senses, harmony is not limited to these alone, as a way of explaining the bigger Universe. You cannot touch Love, grab hold of it, keep it in a jar, sell it, etc. You can do those things as a result of the presence of Love but not Love itself.

Love is everywhere! Love is in all things – physical things – and, and, and Love is the vibration, the energy, the Harmony of the Universe. It is Source. It is all. Love is all. Not tangible from a human standpoint and yet ever-present. Omni-everywhere. Is that a word? Just to put a little levity into the moment! Omnipresent. That is why some souls have named it God, some Yahweh, some Allah, some the Tao, the Center, the Core, the Universe, the Source – these are a little more tangible in that many souls can imagine these things. You cannot grasp it, possess it, only the vibration in your body tells you of Love.

And your physical body is not the only body I am describing here – your light body, your chakra body, your energy body, your etheric body – just as your physical body is one layer of who you are as a soul, your other “bodies” are also present and if only you weren’t trained or programmed to not believe in them, your would easily acknowledge their existence as well as the physical body you sit in right now. You have to unlearn that programming and relearn your many layers of being. Of being a soul.

Sort of like a biological cell – there are layers between the inner and outer worlds of a cell, right? Cell walls and other layers define the inner and outer. But the explanation of a soul’s layers are sort of the opposite. Perhaps density is a way of thinking of it. The densest part is on the inside layer, the human body layer, then the other layers are outside of that. That’s one way of thinking of it but just a way. For it may be that none of the “layers” can ever be explained in terms of how physical life appears. Maybe there are no layers or that there are only layers when a soul thinks of them as layers. Perhaps the different “bodies” of a soul are simply constructs that a soul selects in order to understand Self and that there is no set way of thinking of the soul, of the light body, of the etheric body, of the love body.

Crazy? You feel a little crazy trying to put all this together. Maybe you are taking too much of it in and the harmony of your thinking has not yet settled. Perhaps this is a good place to stop. To allow your mind, brain-mind and heart-mind to contemplate this. All of this. We are here to help you, to sooth you as you work hard to find, to grasp, meaning in these words. Remember that language is limited but Love is not.

So putting the two together is not always easy. Love is always easy but language is limited so give yourself a break too, and ground yourself after you read this, then take another go, a whack at it and then ground yourself again. Come back to it at many times in your life in order to feel it. Don’t grasp it, or grasp at it, as if to snatch it. Allow Love to seep into your soul bones like a bath of warm, just-right water. Settle into the “not-knowing” as much as the knowing. As long as you try to put words to it, you will still have not captured it. Believe it!

Sit in awe of the knowing-not knowing of it. Knowing as Love, but Love as not completely definable. Laugh too! Laugh at the awe, awesomeness of this! Love is awesome! Awe-some! Love is all. Love is everywhere and everything. We send our love to you there in your world. Know how much we love you. We love you so much!

We love you.

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