Labels, Time, Energy

You can label us anyway you like for the labels are for you and not necessary for us. We are all energy and light and love. Our vibrations help us to help you so if the vibration of a label helps you, then use it but remember your cultural tendency is to put us or anything or any soul into a box that has specific characteristics assigned to it. It does not allow for the liberation of souls or spirits and limits Source as an expression in you. So use labels if it helps you – Souls as Earthly, Souls as spirits, and Elementals, Angels, guide,s Ascendants, celestials, terrestrials, or dimensionals. Sure, use labels and think of them in different ways at different times when you have different needs but don’t put limits on them. Especially when you are experiencing the limits or density of Earth school

If you assign the help you can receive to only certain entities of light and love, you don’t get the full benefit of what all these entities can do. For example, an Angel may know and be helpful with being on Mother Earth. It may be an angel who watches over animals or a particular animal or animals, but if you only reach out to souls who have had an Earth School experience, you limit the help you receive or are open to.

Yes, being open to is a good way to put it. We want to also comment on your thoughts about the term learning or the concept of learning. Because of your programming and ways you have been taught by your culture, you see learning is something that is soul has never possessed before. But this is not true for all souls, as beings of light, and children were part of a source know all before learning is done. Learning as a soul in Earth School is discovery or uncovery. It is uncovering the buried treasure of wisdom in one’s Self as a soul.

This is why meditation is really important – it allows you to let go of cultural ideas and pick up a “soul shovel” and start digging into knowing yourself as you. Once you knew yourself, your soul, when you were outside of this dense body, and you released all of the programs that kept you from remembering. Oh, there’s another good word – learning is uncovery – remembering. As discovery yes, you feel that you are learning new things but there are Timeless things, not even old things, but truth of the Universe, of Source, of love. Always about love – Love with a capital L. Just like in Earth School, your attention wanders at times and at other times you are fascinated, drawn in and you lose track of time.

Think about that phrase “lose track of time” – is it linear, and time is the opposite of open, free, liberated. It also means the opposite of multidimensional. Even that word – dimensional – puts limits on the true nature of what your experience will be when out of this density. A dimension gives the impression of separation – one dimension separate from another dimension, which is not exactly how it works or is.

The terms energy, vibration, oscillation – these are terms to work with for a while. There are a number of souls who have written or are writing about this as well so you may want to reach out to them through Indra’s Net, read their written thoughts in books, to see what uncovery you can do.

A dimension is a vibration of energy. Energy is love. So when we say “a being of the Ninth Dimension” such as the Ninth Dimension Pleiadians, we are saying beings or energy that vibrates at a certain frequency that we label or someone labels as the Ninth Dimension. But that’s one of those labels that, again, can be limiting and this is not to say limiting is “bad” because to your mind, you must put some limits on things so you can comprehend the world and beyond. To your heart and to your soul – your heart brain or heart mind – there is no limit but a feeling, a comprehension of energetic vibration.

What’s a good analogy? In your world, your density, you hear sound but you don’t see sound waves. You might see an artist’s rendition of a sound wave but you don’t see it. In addition to hearing a sound, you feel it. You feel it with other earth senses, such as the pressure gradients, pressure changes against your skin or other deep sensors that indicate pressure, such as nerves that telegraph pressure to your brain, your body-brain. This is also how and why those who do not have the sense of hearing can still feel sound and can experience music by touching a surface where an orchestra is performing because the pressures of different sounds on the material such as wood, metal, or stone changes their nature and that can be felt on the skin or on the nerves.

Okay, so, if we take this idea and go beyond the density of this Earth, vibrations of energy are alike sounds, beings are energy at different vibration levels or frequencies. If you want, consider the label of Ninth Dimension. It is at a certain frequency or vibration. Is it static, set apart from a certain frequency or vibration.

The hard part for you is that you are conditioned to think of these frequencies on a linear continuum but it is not linear and not a continuum. Each frequency is “in touch” with all other frequencies. This is where language starts to break down especially since almost all language is based on some measure of time and space or Time-Space. It is difficult to explain. Even the word is in “it is difficult” is time-based for what is outside of is? Not is. But what is not is?

Energy is neither created nor destroyed as Brother Science would say. So if “is” means existence in your density, your dimension, then when is no longer exists, does that mean not-is is present? Then where is that energy of is. The frequency of is/not-is modulates but is never gone – energy is neither created nor destroyed, right? Is and not-is are the same. They are not even two sides of a coin. They are the same. The Tao.

We can see you are nearing the peak of your ability to explain this right now, to explain to your Self or to any soul reading it. So let us begin another time to uncover this language. Language may be limited and so what you or any soul may need to is time to transcend language and feel the energy through other means such as in meditation when you can let go of language and simply feel without explanation or as you would say, you “experience” what we have been talking about.

We say stay tuned! More to come!

We hope you like our little bit of humor. We can inject more of it when you’re comfortable with it. With us and our humor. It is your humor too, Susan, because you hook into our humor.

Check for Facebook groups. See what other souls are doing and reading and talking about. Make some connections with like-minded souls. You can consider asking if anyone has a question that you can bring to us. We may be able to use your talents to help other souls. This is what you’ve been waiting for, so, why not try it? If it doesn’t work, do not be discouraged. It just means you need more experience, more letting go of your ego and uncovering you as connected soul. To Indra’s Net, and to all the helpers – regardless of the label you put on them – yes, you will need to use language to translate but you can do it! You’ll figure it out. We love you and the work you are doing to be Love. Love In Action.

Keep up the good work, loved one!

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