A Mandala of Grandmothers

We remind you of many things today.

One: clean your room, the “spare,” as you call it. The one that was once your office. It needs to have an energy shift and you need to do it. Arrange it for peace, for art, for comfort, for all things that make you think of us or of spirit in general.

Two: there is a lot of fear and doubt in the air. When you were in the grocery store you saw so many people, you wondered if maybe they were preparing for Thanksgiving. But that is nearly three weeks away in your time. What is more likely is that people have fear for tomorrow – Election Day. Some things will happen that sets off a new cycle of learning and change for many.

You are reminded, and must continue to contemplate, that their fear and doubt does not belong to you. You do not own nor can you keep in you, their fear and doubt. Do not fear any change even unto death. Now you think “even unto death” is fear-invoking for many, but it is language that is heard because it is much like how they have grown up with the Christian belief system. And that maybe one thing that changes – their belief in only one set of perceptions, ideas.

We cannot say for sure for it is all based on choices made by each soul and by the Collective Consciousness. On the eve of so many political conclaves, many souls as people have felt fear and doubt. But the world as a density has continued fairly much the same. So why think this particular political situation changes things dramatically? There will still be prejudice and hatred. There will still be love and kindness. There may be changes in spiritual terms that coincide timewise with political, social, and cultural states of your place but these spiritual changes occur all the time in soul time. It may be that more souls feel those more subtle spiritual changes because of the intensity of the density – the fear and doubt that increase when something changes on the physical or Earthly plane.

Fear feeds some body, some thing. But love feeds as well and there are many times, many points of light, in your history and now where Love grows brighter and brighter. It will not happen tomorrow. But it will happen soon. Take this example – when the massive death occurred on 9/11, there was fear and from that fear, sprang great hatred. After that event, there also sprang love and forgiveness and kindness and togetherness. But the love, etc. came through more subtly at first. It was gentle as love is in such situations. Many souls moved off Earth but this is only one event. War is another where many souls leave. But also many still here become aware of their spiritual life. Of being souls not just bodies. The subtle change is how Love works.

Another thing we want to bring into your mind is your time with the grandmothers today. You came with your book as always, your book of blank pages, ready to write what we say to you for you, for others. When you visit us, your book is so large in your hands, to us it means how open you are to taking in and taking down what we have to say, what we share.

While you were here, you saw all of us around the circle of the fire that made the cave warm and you felt comfortable and safe. You saw us perform another sitting dance where we used our hands and arms to form mandalas, crossing palms, crossing hands and from above you saw us in the mandalas we formed. Some of this reminded you of synchronized swimmers as you watched from high above.

These are mandalas we want you to create in your density. These are portals and they need to go out to others. Remember we said to clean your house? Prepare a space for you to make art, make mandalas? Make mandalas for family and friends and others. Rocks, yes, use the rock people, paint mandalas on their backs and bellies and send them out into the world as emissaries of spirit, as “Portal Porters” helping others find a way into themselves. To unlock doors, step across thresholds, Chop away overgrown vines and bushes and plants that have fed on fear and doubt.

Whatever their path, the mandalas can provide a door, a portal for souls to their own path in the world of spirit. This is important for you to do. You’ve been very lacks in doing creative work and you feel it. You feel sad and cut off when you do not do your art, your creative Ventures and Adventures. Stay in tune with creation. It will help you and others with acts of creation.

Creation can be in balance with destruction but the energy must be cultivated, it must be encouraged in everyone, so that the connection to the great Creator – Mother Earth – is felt more strongly. This is your contribution. Dream mandalas, use what we show you to create these and get them out there. Don’t wait for some culturally programmed time, do it and distribute. Those portals will find their way to the souls who need them and they will offer themselves up. If that soul is not ready, then the mandala will suggest to that soul that it be passed on to someone else, do not put it away on some shelf to be forgotten. You must also tell those to whom you give a portal mandala that it is okay if they want to pass it on. This way the portal will go to the soul who needs this type of portal.

We will work through you to bless the materials and the portals. Bless them is a way of saying imbue them with energy and at frequencies that resonate with different souls. Have no doubt that they will get to the souls who need them and will work with them to bring about the changes, the rebalancing toward Love that is needed.

Rock people are here to help! They are overjoyed that you will be painting their backs and bellies. Treat them as the beings they are – good elementals – children of Mother Earth, like you! They are joyous beings imbued with love, full of love, and working to share love. They are good allies for you and for those who receive them.

This also happened when you saw the Council of Grandmothers – you looked around the fire and saw us as we wanted to be seen by you. Some wore the clothes of their most recent or favorite time, some wore no clothes. Of the ones with clothes, there was a grandmother in a kimono, her white, white hair flowing back from her, and another grandmother in a cowboy hat and chaps and a vest much like the US West of a time ago. But remember that “cowboys” were also gauchos of South America. And so many others.

And while you looked around the fire as you sat with us, you saw how your body was a body of light and looking around, you saw the light bodies of all the grandmothers and the light around the circle grew brighter and brighter and the circle expanded so that each grandmother’s light body was in contact, in union, with all other grandmothers and this made a ring of golden-white light that fused together into a ring that lifted off the floor of the cave. A ring to remind you of our connections of all that we are together, that we are one and endless light. For a ring has no beginning and no end.

A golden-white ring and you could sense each grandmother there although you could not “see” her as her light body was one with all others light bodies. At some point the grandmothers all returned to their projected shapes and ways for you. But then they also showed you as they stood to dance around the fire, that they lifted off the floor of the cave, they no longer were held down by the concept of gravity which you have used with them when visiting. They danced and moved in the cave and moved further and further away from each other. Expanding into the world.

Expanding to take their places on Earth and in their “time,” but also to remind you that they are available no matter where they presented themselves to others, when they presented to others. They floated away and you pulled back too and up, up, up and saw how they moved to different places around Earth and time. And you felt for a moment your freedom. Freedom from your density, from your assumptions about how thing work, like gravity, like atmosphere, like relationships of all things to other things.

This is your first glimpse of how you can and will travel in the future. As exciting as that is, do not push it. Allow it to happen naturally, as you say, and to BE it and not to analyze it. Just be it and your travels will happen. This is part of you path but you have to develop skill to do it but part of skill is to BE instead of trying to DO. Let it happen.

Work on your space, cleaning little by little so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Today also work on letting other souls’ feelings blow through you and not stopping in you. This is for your health and necessary to strengthen you for your work.

You are a terrific soul! You feel joy and so do we. We are so happy you are leaving fear and doubt behind and embracing who you are – a loving, courageous soul with no doubts. True, those doubts try to sneak in, but look how far you’ve come! That’s because you are choosing love and belief in us, in yourself over all other feelings.

Balance is coming back to the world and we are so glad you want to be part of the creation, the act of rebalance, of the new Earth, of Mother Earth’s next move for Herself. Come along for the ride! It’s going to be fun and exciting as the this birth takes place.

You are a darling to us. You are a ray of Sol Sol. You are precious. We are joy, pure joy with how and who you are. You are light and you are of Love. We love you so much and feel your love and gratitude. Know we are always here for you – whatever you are feeling – we are here. Call on us. We bring joy – pockets full of joy (if we had pockets). Haha, a little joke for you.

We love you so much. We love you, darling child of Mother. We love you. We love you. We love you!

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