Energetic Spheres and Light Codes

Another reminder of getting your house in order, to clean and clear. But also today is a reminder that there is Art waiting to happen. You can hear the rock people giggling as they wait for you to paint mandalas on their tummies and backs. Serious but whimsical time right now for you. There’s a time of being and a time of doing. BE and DO.

Serious and light-hearted for the Universe is like that and we remind you that your dedication to the soul path you are on is serious though there is also Joy. And joy sparks happiness and happiness sparks light-heartedness and that is spoken as whimsy and laughter and playfulness. What is play if not the creative force within All Souls that mirrors or is a conduit for Source, for the Universe, for the Consciousness of All Souls?

All these things are true because they are all one. As we are all one. That is why you can be serious and playful. Creation and destruction are one even if in your density you see them as opposites. Balance is not two opposites sitting in different baskets on a scale. Balance is the completion of all. So all is brought into conjunction.

In Earth terms male and female are not opposites but all of one. You have within you female and male aspects. Elements or energies. Energy is probably a better word for it. In your world for a long time, these energies materialized, manifested as bodies with two distinct sets of features but truth is is that this outward appearance of bodies is a manifestation of belief about separation. Not the other way around.

Your cultural programming, which is beginning to break down, believes in male and female energies as manifested in Earthly bodies, as being separate. But each female or male has all energies. There is no division or separation. You are only programmed to believe in the division and therefore express it as separation!

Getting back to the truth that this programming is breaking down – the increasing awareness of no separation, especially around sex, is coming about in souls. Some are brave and are willing to express their feelings within themselves about this, some choose to try to express it through manipulation of the body. All these ways – which show that the underlying energies are all there – are coming into the Collective Consciousness. You have felt awareness and are comfortable with this shift in energy and expression of energies, for a long time, for this lifetime. You have felt excitement even at the thought of freedom from convention and expression of Soul Self.

Many explain this as a continuum of male-female but it is more dimensional than that, it is multi-dimensional to give it a name used by many. A continuum connotes a line – linear thinking – while a sphere connotes a wholeness, a completion. The sphere, as you are learning, is not a circle nor a disc but contains infinite connections and this is, at minimum, three-dimensional from your standard. But as you learn (or uncover more of your knowledge) about energy, you will begin to see how even the image of a sphere can be limiting. But a sphere is much better than a continuum! It at least moves you beyond linear or two-dimensional thinking and understanding.

Light codes. Light codes are an example of extra-dimensional energy. So a sphere is or can be considered three-dimensional in your language, but Light Codes reveal the additional dimensions. See, now you are amazed that you and we have come back to Light Codes that you rejected previously! All things happen in their time. You weren’t ready for that before.

So now, Light Codes – if you take a sphere that breaks away from 2D think and conceptualizing, you can hold that image in your mind’s eye. Reaching out with your heart, you know that the best-known sphere – Mother Earth – is much more than a shape. She is a living entity. She has many spheres around Her. You see? From Brother Science, we know that one of Mother Earth’s spheres – bodies – is what science calls Her atmosphere. She has several layers Brother Science tells us. And outside of the atmospheres is Her magnetic sphere or layer of protection that keeps harmful particles and rays from getting to Her other spheres, the physical sphere of Her body.

Science has yet to discover Her other spheres. They will one day! But the point is that there’s more to Mother Earth than simply a sphere of carbon and other elements bobbing along in space. How does this relate to Light Codes? Those Codes are like the additional spheres in our example of Mother Earth. As dense bodies encapsulating our souls, we set ourselves to believe Mother Earth is only a dense material planet.

We need to believe in material density so we add to that particles, molecules, and atoms that make up Her atmospheres. Of course it all starts to break down when we get to magnetism and that just proves the point. Light codes are heard as physical sound waves to our density, our human bodies, but they also carry energy that we cannot hear with human body ears. If this were not so, then those who have no human hearing would benefit. But they do benefit because Light Codes carry energy that goes beyond human body perception.

Energy embedded in the Code affects our soul’s different spheres. We have multiple layers or “bodies” that come along with these dance human bodies. The etheric body, the light body, the emotion body, and so on. The physical body is what we have generally been programmed to believe is the only body we possess because it is perceivable. Our senses know our dense, material bodies through touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight. But then what to make of emotions? Feelings? They cannot be perceived with the five senses. But we still have emotion. Emotion is a sphere. Since we are souls occupying these bodies, as souls, we have connections to all that is not dense. Light bodies, etheric bodies (all spheres if you want to keep with that metaphor) are also present. All part of the whole that makes up you as a soul in a human body.

Each body or sphere is not discrete nor is it a continuum, it is a sphere. A body with bodies. Another way to think about it is how the systems of your body work together. Your circulatory system is not separate from your digestive system nor your skeletal system. All systems function together. So it is with your other bodies – your dense Earth body does not function without your emotion body nor your light body, because you are all of a whole. You as a soul of a whole. Outside of your soul as a whole is you as a soul part of the larger soul energy of Source. Think Indra’s Net here – reflection of the individual part and the whole – the whole reflects the part that reflects the whole.

We started out talking about being and doing and now to get back to that point. For you, practice the integration of these energy of BE and DO. Being is an energy. Doing is an energy. They are the same energy. Although your programming teaches you differently. You will practice your own Light Codes (whether generated by you as soul and coming from Source, or offered to you from beings of other dimensions). Unseen “information” is energy that activates and ignites and inspires you. Your soul. You as a soul in a dense body. A remembering of energy. Of united energy. Of energy that was really never separated – only perception of separation. Your practicing Being and Doing will help you unite in your mind and heart the energy of being and doing. Outward manifestation and action will occur when you use your soul talents to create – art, mandalas, and so on. At the same time, acknowledge and work with the energy of other beings such as rock people. This is why getting a move on to bring the mandalas to rock people and rock people to souls in human bodies, is a way to walk your path.

You are a soul deeply connected to Mother Earth but within that, to earth as an element. The Elementals will work with you and for now at the center of that focus will be rock people and mandalas coming together to help other souls, to help energy find a way under the blankets of sleepy souls and gently breathe an awakening breath into them. You do some of this energy work but you don’t do it alone – Mother Earth, the Elementals, Angels, Spirits, other spheres (which you call kingdoms) of energy all come to play, all come into play. We are all energy. We are all one. All One.

We are energy. Love is the label for this energy. Love yourself, love rock people, love the Elementals who are the paint and brush and pencil and water and so many other things. They are all energy and you could work the energy for yourself as soul for other souls. Bringing together all these parts into a whole, for that is what they are – Whole.

Keep meditating on this. Keep creating. Keep working on being and doing as the same thing. This is what you need at this point, this “time” to further yourself, your soul along your path. We do this, we explain this because of our love for you. For we are excited that you want to use energy to help others and to help yourself. You keep practicing. Know that we are always here should there come a time when you turn away from us for a while. We are still here and when you return we will give you much love as we always do. Everlasting Love, for we are love, we are love.

We are all love. We love you!

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